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We could lose our national religion; Letters

I WILL not dignify Kevin Hennessey's inane remarks by commenting on them individually, suffice it to say that he is spouting rubbish like so many remainers.

Instead I would like to ask him a question.

Does he really like the idea that England should be adjudged to be a department of France? That is an EU proposal. It is almost certain that if we stay in that organisation we will also have to accept Schengen with the absolute certainty of a massive increase in unwanted immigrants, all of whom will have different ideals and religions.

Does he really want us to lose Christianity as our national religion? A comment on one of his remarks; all immigrants into this over-crowded country are unwanted unless they bring special skills.

T. Hancock Wyken

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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:Coventry Evening Telegraph (England)
Date:Jun 18, 2016
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