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We can leave without deal.

AMBER Rudd says Parliament will "not allow a no-deal Brexit" and yet that is precisely what Theresa May's Withdrawal Agreement is. 90% of the British people rightly understand that the "deal" included a free and fair trade agreement with the EU.

But that is not what the Prime Minister has achieved. Indeed, despite our agreeing to pay PS39bn there is absolutely no commitment to such a deal.

Ironically it is precisely the ruinous "exit deal" which the PM has agreed which is not necessary. We can leave without it.

Plus the Prime Minister repeatedly claims that trade deals can be done with other nations under her Withdrawal Agreement. The deals can be negotiated but they cannot be implemented - until the UK leaves for which there is no definite date.

We remain inside the customs union and single market regulations so no country or block can even negotiate new tariffs for trade deals with us until we leave - which requires the EU's permission!

No democrat or defender of the British constitution could ever vote for Mrs May's Withdrawal Deal.


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Title Annotation:Opinion
Publication:The Journal (Newcastle, England)
Date:Dec 7, 2018
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