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We can't let Boris destroy us.


So, Boris Johnston is now Prime Minister and he's got down to business by sacking just about everyone and bringing back the most unloyal of the Tory backbenchers.

Good luck to him with dealing with that unruly mob.

The Trumpification of these islands is now complete with BoJo and his team of chancers in office.

Speaking of chancers, does anyone know who the new Scottish Secretary is? I have been involved in politics in Scotland for some time and had to Google him. Another Tory chancer on the make by the sounds of it.

Speaking of which, the previous Scottish Secretary made a fool of himself with his rather embarrassing attempts to retain his position.

He went from a well-publicised quote that Boris Johnston was, "focused on his own self-interest and not on the interests of our country" only to change this last week to "I was willing to work with Boris Johnston."

This was the pathetic way he desperately tried to retain his position.

You have to ask yourself if these people have any moral compass or that nagging wee voice that questions their actions.

Do they have no pride in themselves? Is it really all about the position and their own personal wealth? It has always been my belief that most Conservative parliamentarians are in it for themselves.

This is a belief I have held since I saw the Thatcher government's unrelenting attacks on our community here in Paisley in the 1980s.

But there still is that bit in you that thinks they can't all be bad ... and there must be some good there.

Well that last bit of hope from me regarding Tory politicians left last week as they showed themselves for what they truly are.

Boris and his cronies in Number 10 could have a potentially devastating effect on Scotland.

He said during the leadership campaign that he is leaving the EU on Halloween whether he gets a deal or not.

He sees this as a positive decision on his part but we all know it is the greatest self-harm any nation has committed.

Boris's speech as he entered Downing Street was the most incomprehensible piece of nonsense I have heard in sometime - I've heard quite a lot of that from unionist policitans over the years.

It was as if he got a large group of people and asked them what the most important issues to them where - only to put it all in the speech.

There is no strategy, there are no big ideas, these are the ramblings of a privileged posh boy who has never had to worry about paying his rent or bills.

As bungling Boris bounces towards the hardest of all Brexits we need to look towards Scotland's future.

For too long, our community has been treated like a plaything by the likes of BoJo and his pals.

That needs to stop and we need to ensure that they can never do this to us again.

My motivation over the years has remained the same. That is to create more opportunities for those in Paisley and Scotland.

As I get older I now look at wanting to create this opportunity for my grandchildren and their children.

That will not happen as long as there is still a chance that Westminster will be ruled by these types of people.

If the EU Referendum taught us one thing, it has taught us this. Scotland has different values from those south of the border. We believe in community and supporting them and building communities.

We must take these matters into our own hands and build that better future for Scotland.

Has there ever been a better positive argument for Independence than Boris Johnston being in charge at Westminster? There hasn't and it is time for us to act. We need to act fast so that Boris and his gang of unruly posh boys and girls don't attempt to destroy the hopes of another generation of young Scots.
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Publication:Paisley Daily Express (Paisley, Scotland)
Geographic Code:4EUUK
Date:Jul 29, 2019
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