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We back choc tactics; your letters.


I FULLY agree with Brian Reade regarding the boycott of Cadbury in protest against Kraft moving production from Bristol to Poland after vowing to keep the factory open (Mirror, Jan 6).

They have just abandoned the established workforce in this country, which is the biggest market for Cadbury's products, in favour of cheap Eastern European labour.

A boycott would also focus the minds of other companies thinking of discarding their workforce

J Randall, Bexley, Kent

THANK you to Brian Reade for highlighting how stupid we are for putting up with companies like Cadbury who are closing our manufacturing industry and sending work abroad.

I won't be buying their chocolates anymore but should I also be refusing to use water, electric and gas? It is despicable that this alarming trend for throwing our workers on the scrapheap is on the increase. Let's get a proper debate going.

Bob Hogarth Washington, Tyne and Wear

I'D like to thank Brian Reade for his article about the closing of Cadbury's factory near Bristol.

Cadbury is a national treasure and I'm glad someone else feels as I do about the manufacturing of their products being moved to Poland. I gave up buying Cadbury's products in protest after hearing about the Kraft take-over last year.

Former Cadbury boss Roger Carr does not deserve his knighthood after pledging to keep the plant open then throwing 400 workers on the dole. I stand alongside Brian Reade in urging everyone to boycott Cadbury's chocolate.

Mo Kirchin, Hertford

I FIRMLY agree with Brian Reade who has suggested boycotting Cadbury's products but I would extend it to anything made by Kraft. Not only did they lie to the British workers, but other products taken over by foreign companies have resulted in recipe changes and inferior products,

Don Stewart Hillingdon, Gtr London

I'D like to congratulate Brian Reade on his excellent column regarding Cadbury's and Twinings's betrayal of their British workforce and I intend to join the boycott.

Sadly, nowadays too many firms are prepared to sack their loyal British workers and move abroad.

G Potter, Manchester

IN calling for readers to give up eating Cadbury's chocolate, I wonder if Brian Reade realises there are 500 plus workers at Bournville in Birmingham afraid of losing their jobs too. Far better, if everyone avoided eating all Kraft products except for Cadbury's. That could bring them down and Cadbury could be sold back to British investors.

Pam Smith, Birmingham

The BIG Issue

MIRROR columnist Brian Reade has called on readers to boycott all Cadbury's chocolate in protest at the new American owners Kraft moving production from the plant at Somerdale, Bristol to Poland with the loss of 400 jobs. You back the idea of a boycott and are angered by companies who discard their British workforce for cheap foreign labour...
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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
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Date:Jan 11, 2011
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