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We are in safe hands now with McIntyre.

Byline: Rachel Corsie SCOTLAND'S CAPTAIN SPEAKS OUT Moreen Simpson Column

THE SFA have appointed a new head of Girls' & Women's football, after the position had been left vacant since Donald Gillies left back in 2019.

The role was thought to be no longer necessary, however after a review of the association I am extremely glad to see the position has been considered vital to the ongoing success of the game.

Currently there has been an evident lack of advocacy for the women's game amongst the board and senior management within the association and this particular appointment will hopefully help to bring the start of some change to that.

Fiona McIntyre will take on the role and she comes with substantial experience in the domestic game in Scotland.

Previously, she worked for Scottish Women's Football as chief executive officer, however her new role will be considered a significant increase in responsibility that will extend to strategising all areas of the women's game.

There are parts of the role that will be unenviable, as the inherent challenges continue in gaining greater resources and respect. The progress and expectation of which will fall on her head.

Furthermore, there has been some attention of late surrounding the detrimental damage to the domestic game as football has been indefinitely paused. It is expected there will be some loss in momentum and funds, and dealing with that will be an important early task.

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Author:Rachel Corsie SCOTLAND'S CAPTAIN SPEAKS OUT Moreen Simpson Column
Publication:Evening Express (Aberdeen,Scotland)
Date:Feb 20, 2021
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