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We are focusing on increasing hydrocarbon reserves in Pakistan - Tomasz Nalecz.

Byline: M. Naeem Qureshi

EU: Please share a prelude to your company and yourself

Tomasz Nalecz: I currently live in Islamabad and work at Polish Oil and Gas Company (PGNiG) Pakistan branch as managing director.

The Company's core business includes exploration and production of natural gas and oil and their import, storage, sale and distribution as well as generation of electricity. It is concentrated on exploration projects carried out in Poland and abroad.

EU: How do you elaborate your personal leadership secrets for leading a team?

TN: A leader must know when to be decisive, and when to take a step back. I am confident that I can navigate my team's abilities through establishing trust within my team. I always give my team stretched targets to enable them to perform out of their comfort zones. I believe true leaders are visible and approachable to their teams and bring the best out of their teams.

EU: Where exactly does Pakistan need PGNiG? Any new trends in the oil sector you can see after COVID 19?

TN: Oil market is gaining its momentum back after witnessing a dip in its cycle both after the crash of the oil market and Covid 19 pandemic spread. This feel-good factor seems to have returned and is bringing a lot of competition globally as well. Particularly, in case of Pakistan, we are looking forward to playing our role towards major contributions in the energy sector. Recent speedy developments in CPEC are opening new avenues for investment. We are constantly keeping an eye on these shifting trends and will shape our organizational strategy for widening our portfolio accordingly.

EU: How strictly do you manage risk management and especially how do you prepare your team for this crucial task?

TN: We consider all risk factors internally and externally while devising our business plan or strategy. Furthermore, we maintain our risk registry as well with methodologies to mitigate these risks. Risk management is part of project management in PGNiG and our team easily identifies, quantifies and has the risks under control.

EU: Please enlighten our readers about PGNiG research and development initiative?

TN: As part of PGNiG Group 2017-2022 strategy, the company will spend a significant amount on research, development and innovation. Some of those projects are already under way with focus on building an efficient organizational and management model across the highly complex structure of the PGNiG Group. These projects will include optimization of the Group's operating model and rollout of an efficient management system.

EU: How do you forecast PGNiG business growth in emerging market of Pakistan?

A: In line with Group's strategy, PGNiG Pakistan Branch strives to operate as a project-oriented entity aiming at becoming progressive organization while keeping control of the volatile situation in Pakistan. In near future our focus in upstream business is to increase hydrocarbon reserves in Pakistan. To achieve this we will be devising a very aggressive strategy of acquiring new blocks and licenses in Pakistan. We are looking for opportunities on a government-to-government basis as PGNiG is a state-owned company and the government of Pakistan does offer potential blocks for exploration on a G to G basis. PGNiG Pakistan Branch is also looking for growth opportunities to farm with Pakistani state owned companies.

EU: What are the key elements needed to make a successful organization as per your vision?

TN: Strategic planning is the most important element of making a successful organization and this planning should be holistic including all the aspects from people to processes and to product. However, speaking honestly, corporate culture is more important than strategy. Because if organizational culture is not driven by organization values, all strategies would fail. As they say - culture eats strategy for breakfast.

EU: How do you face the challenges and transform them into opportunities?

TN: As I already mentioned we operate in an uncertain world and challenges are not a new thing for companies. I personally take challenges as motivation since these give us a chance to reflect upon whether we need to stick to our basics or need to re-strategize. We periodically run SWOT and PEST analysis to assess internal and external environments. I believe that a great leader faces challenges and navigates the ship, even when the skies darken. i(r)
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Author:M. Naeem Qureshi
Publication:Energy Update
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Date:Aug 31, 2020
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