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Deserving of ongoing recommendation for any interested in positive life changes is Gisi Stupp's Ancient Feng Shui's Ultimate Secrets For Home And Office (192-9841124 $24.95), a guide which blends feng shui home and office arrangements with insights on systems and personal aspects for maximum well-being. Author Stupp operates Feng Shui services in California: she's been consulting on the topic for years and here offers in-depth blueprints, diagrams, charts as well as theory and insights: everything needed for an applied understanding rather than just overviews. Thomas Lyons' Modern Day Mystic: A Psychic & Spiritual Journey Through A Not Quite Ordinary Life (19-29841140, $23.95) provides a memoir one who has spent his life interacting with psychics, healers, gurus and mediums to understand their views. Host of Psychic & Spirit Radio Show, Thomas Lyons has worked with the best and worst, experienced group chanting and initiations, and provides an insider's set of viewpoints hard to find elsewhere--all couched in the very involving style of a memoir.
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Title Annotation:Ancient Feng Shui's Ultimate Secrets for Home and Office; Modern Day Mystic: A Psychic and Spiritual Journey Through a Not Quite Ordinary Life
Publication:The Bookwatch
Article Type:Book review
Date:Jan 1, 2006
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