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We're number [begin strikethrough]1[end strikethrough]29!

We're Number [begin strikethrough]1[end strikethrough]29!

Rank of Norway on the United Nations Human Development Index (2003)   1
Rank of United States                                                10
Rank of Cuba                                                         52

Rank of Japan in life expectancy at birth in 2003 (82.0 years)        1
Rank of United States (77.4 years)                                   29
Rank of Cuba (77.3 years)                                            30

Rank of Bahrain in share of one-year-olds immunized against measles   1
  in 2003 (100 percent)
Rank of Cuba (and 23 other countries) (99 percent)                    2
Rank of United States (93 percent)                                   70

Rank of United States in per-capita spending on health care in 2002   1
Rank of Switzerland ($3,446/person)                                   2
Rank of Cuba ($236/person)                                           97

Rank of Cuba in spending on public education as share of GDP in       1
  2000-02 (18.7 percent)
Rank of United States (5.7 percent)                                  30

Rank of Russian Federation in value of arms exports, 2004 ($6.2       1
Rank of United States ($5.5 billion)                                  2

SOURCE: United Nations, Human Development Report 2005.

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