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We've had to suffer derelict death trap house for six years.

Byline: Sandish Shoker

We've had to suffer derelict death trap house for years RESIDENTS living close to a derelict house in Coventry say they are still waiting for the council to take action - six years on. The property in Tay Road, Radford, has been empty for six years and neighbours say it has become a regular target for vandals and arsonists. Last year the council served a notice which urged the owner to demolish or refurbish it. But proceedings fell through and residents say they are still waiting for something to be done. Frank Murray, 67, of nearby Warden Road, Radford, said: "Last year it seemed things were starting to get moving and at last someone was going to do something. "But we have heard nothing from the council. It needs to be knocked down or made safe because it is a total waste of space. It is still an eyesore and a death trap for anyone that goes there. And the house attracts undesirables at night who leave bottles, cans and other rubbish around." In February last year the Telegraph spoke to residents who were calling on the council to take action. It is thought the owners of the property ran out of money during the building work and never finished. In June last year the council served a notice on the owners to demolish or refurbish it but they failed to comply and the matter was taken to court. However, proceedings were delayed by the defendant and evidence could not be heard because one of the witnesses was no longer working for the council. A new notice has now been served and will take effect from July 15 with two months to comply. MP Geoffrey Robinson (Lab, Coventry North West) said: "Residents who have to look at this eyesore day in day out are rightfully angry with the council for failing them, and it's all due to the legal services being ill-prepared. I hate to think how much money the council has spent on the case, only to have got nowhere." Phillip Judge-Porter, of Warden Road, said: "Nothing seems to be happening. House prices are being affected because of the derelict eyesore at the bottom of our garden. "Surely the council has powers to take over the building and do something useful with it." A spokesman for Coventry City Council said: "The council has a policy of bringing empty homes into use or ensuring they are kept in a state of repair. "We are disappointed the Tay Road property remains in the condition it does. We have every sympathy with the residents of Tay Road and will continue trying to resolve the issue." By Sandish Shoker NEWS REPORTER FURY: Max Banholzer, Rose Judge-Porter, Frank Murray, Avril Heyes and Adrian Clarke SIX
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Coventry Evening Telegraph (England)
Date:Jul 7, 2011
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