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We've had enough of fighting abroad.


I FIND myself in disagreement with the view that we must put forces on the ground in Iraq. All that is required is the proper arming of the Iraqi army and militia, of which there are more than enough in numbers, with enough weapons and ammunition to defend themselves.

Surely, rather than occupying Iraq once again, it would be more effective for Nato to provide air cover and special forces to guide their precision bombing operations together with a much better equipped Iraqi force.

Our battered forces, both Britain's and those of our Nato allies, have had enough in the past decade of fighting in one God forsaken place after another to be asked to go into the living hell that is Iraq, and probably Syria through the back door.

David Winterbottom Oldham, Gtr Manchester

IT is generally accepted that the American and British invasion of Iraq led to the crisis now faced by the Iraqi government.

In my view America and ourselves owe the Iraqis our help.

Bombing will not solve the problem - ground forces are the only answer, despite the dangers.

This should be followed by a sensible withdrawal of troops and a commitment to helping build a stable future for that country.

Bill Beard Birmingham

I AM all in favour of dropping food aid to those thousands of refugees displaced by the conflict in Iraq but any further involvement must be properly debated and Parliament must give its consent before any action takes place.

We know from previous military interventions in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya that these have not been an outstanding success, to say the least.

Valerie Crews Beckenham, South London

I ASSUME Tony Blair still has the brief of peace envoy to the Middle East. If so, where is his plan to stop the advance of IS and bring peace to the #mess he helped to create in Iraq? Where is his plan to bring peace to Gaza?

It appears as though all this egocentric, irrelevant ex-politician is capable of doing with any impunity is to smile and count his vast wealth.

Steve Parker, Liverpool

THERE is no need for the Government to fill our heads with lies or spin over Iraq this time around. IS need stopping and they need stopping now - that's why I would back any military involvement.

The British electorate are intelligent enough people to know when it's time to act, although Tony Blair took us for fools last time when there was no reason for intervention, but this time action is the only recourse.

Ashley Smith, March, Cambs

WHAT an emotional picture of a young Iraqi boy who seems to be #praying, as we all are, for an end to the evils of war (Mirror, August 12). It is always the innocents who suffer - it's so sad.

Irene Mitchell, Keighley, West Yorks

IRAQ has plenty of wealthy Arab countries around it which are a lot richer than Britain.

Why do none of these wealthy states ever offer to help their neighbours, who - let's face it - have a lot more in common with the Iraqis than we do?

Barry Davis, via Facebook

HOW sad to see that young British Muslims are being enticed to fight with IS. They're clearly lacking moral values if they're attracted by the thought they can cut prisoners' heads off. The truth is, if they face a real army, they'll be the ones slaughtered.

Dick Rooker, Dudley, West Mids


As Britain and the US supply Iraq's Kurds with ammunition to fight rebel group Islamic State, David Cameron is facing pressure from some Tories for Britain to take military action. You have mixed views...
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Title Annotation:Features; Opinion Column
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
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Date:Aug 15, 2014
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