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We've got the Oxo Factor; Siblings hope to star as TV's famous family.

Byline: Lisa Hutchinson

FUN-loving brother and sister team Gerald and Charlene Nasho are jumping on the gravy train in a bid for TV stardom.

The pair hope to be the next Oxo family to sit around the dinner table to entice the nation's gravy lovers to buy more.

And they are among the last five families, chosen from the scores who entered for the top advert spot.

Today Gerald, 22, and Charlene, 12, are asking the North East to get behind them in the Oxo Factor competition.

Gerald and Charlene, of Burlison Gardens, Gateshead, put a little flair into their entry film by singing the script.

Today Gerald, an optical adviser, said: "We were so excited to hear we are in the top five. Charlene and I decided to do the video for a laugh. We sang to catch the attention of the judges and because it was an Oxo Factor competition.

"Charlene and I laugh at the same things and are good friends, even though we are 10 years apart.

"Our other 16-year-old sister Hazel wasn't feeling too well on the day we made the film and decided not to take part. Now she wishes she had."

Gerald and Charlene also swap costumes on the film to play mum and dad to make the perfect family. And, with a touch of cleaver editing, they are shown putting Oxo to good use.

Charlene, a pupil at Heworth Grange Comprehensive School, said: "We had really good fun making the film and we are so excited that we are in the top five. I really hope we win because it would be brilliant to be in a TV advert."

The public is now being asked to vote to find the new Oxo family to recreate one of television's most famous ads.

The original family, headed by actress Lynda Bellingham, featured in a series of adverts over 16 years before the campaign ended in 1999.

The Oxo Factor called on would-be TV stars to film their own adverts in a bid to win a pounds 10,000 prize.

The Nashos are among the five finalists who will see their videos shown online and on television before the public is asked to vote for their favourite.

Gerald and Charlene's parents, Colin and Rittah, are proud of their offspring.

Colin, 49, a housing support officer, said: "They made the film for fun and have got through to the finals. We can't explain how proud we are of them."

From Saturday, October 24, the public will be able to log onto www.theoxofactor.

com and show support by voting for the Nasho family.

But in the meantime their video can be viewed at

com/watch?v=_XGlBC8vP3c Their advert will also be aired during prime time slots over the coming weeks, including during The X Factor.

See the video at


HOPEFUL Oxo Factor finalist Gerald Nasho, 22, and one of his sisters, Hazel, 16. Inset, Lynda Bellingham and Michael Redfern from the famous Oxo ads.
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Publication:The Journal (Newcastle, England)
Date:Oct 17, 2009
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