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We've got car creep's number.. INVESTIGATE.

Byline: Penman; Sommerlad

ARROGANT Peter Swatton claims he's one of Britain's top players when it comes to personalised car number plates.

Mainly he's good at getting personalised County Court Judgments.

We've heard from one of his latest victims, who bought a plate from Swatton's in January 2007. It took nine months, but eventually the plate arrived. He went on to buy two more personal plates for a total of pounds 6,750 in July last year.

"In March this year I finally received a certificate for one plate, with no mention of the other," he told us.

"I have made over 200 attempts to contact him. When I spoke to him last year he kept mentioning his terms and conditions which state that he can keep the money until the plate is ready - but that could go on indefinitely." So he sued Swatton for pounds 3,050, joining the long list of people who've taken the 53-year-old from Titchfield, Hants, to court.

He also operates as Berlinetta and, and has 31 outstanding judgments against him, worth more than pounds 90,000.

The largest is for pounds 8,509 and another is almost five years old.

We first came across this walking disaster following a string of complaints in 2004. The first thing he said when we turned up at his house was: "Are you bailiffs?"

But when we tried contacting him again this week the gate to his detached house was padlocked and our phone calls and emails were ignored.

If you want a personal plate, buy one through a member of the Retail Motor Industry's Cherished Numbers Dealers Association (

Swatton, funnily enough, is not a member.


GOT FORM Swatton in 2004
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Aug 20, 2009
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