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We're so proud of our caring girl.

THE parents of victim Tania Nicol paid a poignant tribute yesterday to their "caring, loving and sensitive" daughter.

And Kerry Nicol and Jim Duell urged anyone with information, "however small", to tell the police.

Jim read a statement from the couple at a police press conference. He said: "Tania was a lovely daughter. She was a caring, loving, sensitive girl who would never hurt anyone.

"Unfortunately, drugs took her away into her own secret world - a world neither of us were aware of."

Jim added: "Tania has been taken by someone who needs to be found. We would ask anyone with any information, however small - please tell us, even if they come forward anonymously."

Kerry and Jim released heartrending new photos of Tania.

And they expressed solidarity with the grieving families of the other four murdered vice girls.

Jim said: "For the families who have lost their daughters - they can't take away our memories, they can't take away our love, our fortitude, our courage.

"Grieve for our daughters but not unnecessarily.

"Live your lives through our departed daughters as they would want to see us - getting on with our lives and not going round with our heads bowed down.

"There is a time for sadness and a time for gladness - a gladness that they belonged to us, and gladness that they are now at peace."

Earlier, the uncle of Annette Nicholls remembered her as "a genuinely lovely girl".

Peter Nicholls said: "She heard I had cancer three months ago and came and saw me straight away.

"She was a very caring person, and more concerned about others than herself."

Peter told the killer: "Why can't you stop? You have done enough damage. Please just leave this town alone."


LOVING DAUGHTER: One of the new photos of Tania and, right, Kerry and Jim yesterday' BRUNO VINCENT/GETTY IMAGES
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Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Dec 16, 2006
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