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We're disgusted by council negligence I AM another victim of Birmingham City Council negligence. After 45 years of living with my husband in our council house, there have never been any largescale home improvements made to our home.

The house is tired, old and has a lot of issues. My husband is 76, I am 72 and we both have disabilities. The problems in our house are affecting our health and wellbeing. Even though the building is council property, we have maintained it to the best of our abilities ourselves, but now our abilities are limited and the issues are too big for us to sort ourselves.

We met with a member of the council and it was agreed that our porch needed renovating. When they came to see our house it was clear they were surprised it had been left for so long without any renovations and we were under the impression that these were all urgent improvements that needed to be made for our health.

Unfortunately, the response of the council demonstrated something very different.

They initially sent people to come to look at the extent of the damage to the rotting porch and to take measurements at the beginning of May 2017.

These people told us the porch would be replaced within six weeks, however we did not hear from the council for five weeks. I decided to contact them to tell them we'd be going on holiday so they couldn't contact us while we were away. They then said that they didn't have any measurements, even though I was witness to the measurements being taken in May. But we agreed that they would have to come again at the start of July to retake them. They were taken and we were then told it would be replaced within four weeks.

The agreed date to replace the porch was August 24.

This was then postponed by phone call until September 25. Surprisingly, they arrived on the new agreed date. They unloaded everything and it was looking promising, but realised they had forgotten the roof. It is now January 13 and they clearly haven't found the roof yet.

Our porch has still not been touched. Their excuse is that they are still haggling the price for a roof.

I have told them I don't want a gold porch roof, I just want my porch replaced and finished!

I see through the media continuously how incompetent the council is and I am disgusted. I and my husband are now victims of their negligence. We have lived in this house for 45 years and we just want to enjoy our home at this age.

Mrs Price, by email

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Publication:Birmingham Mail (England)
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Date:Jan 18, 2018
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