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We're buggin' out!

Bugs are the latest trend in embellishment, and not just token butterflies. Moths, bees and ants are showing up on high fashion garments, emblazoned on glitzy purses and carved into intricate jewelry. So instead of showcasing our new Irresistible Insects embroidery collection on a gardening apron or picnic blanket, we placed our little bees on a bright pink silk skirt and adorned it with beads. See the results on page 48 and explore the possibilities for this collection further with a cute set of hand towels on page 54.

I love the look of large-scale embroideries. Combining several motifs to create one larger one is a great way to be your own designer without the need to conceptualize, draw, edit and digitize something from scratch. Many design collections offer endless combinations, and the skills needed to execute a large-scale design properly include adequate spacing, color sorting and sequencing. Multiple hoopings are typically necessary, and perfect alignment is a chore. Despite a beautiful end result, there's an easier way. Look for large designs that are already broken into smaller hoop-able sections. After embroidering the sections, piece together the fabric so the end result is a large design without the worry of an off-kilter stitch. Learn more in our Four Corners Convertible Tote on page 38.

Embroidering sheer silky fabric for the first time? Don't do it alone! Turn to page 44 for guidance and find even more tips at We're here to get you through the challenges with fabulous results, without the need for a ton of test stitchouts. Make the glamorous capelet featured on those pages as an added bonus.

Speaking of first-timers, tell your friends that a new season of Absolute Beginner Machine Embroidery will be available soon on our website. After the success of Series 1, a full 26 episodes, we filmed another 26 episodes to compile into Series 2. You'll find great beginner information as well as a ton of designs and projects to fuel your creativity for quite a while! Flost Sara Gallegos is back to help get you super comfortable with your embroidery machine and learn all i it can do.

Enjoy the issue and happy spring!

Ellen March

Content Director

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Title Annotation:a note from the editor
Author:March, Ellen
Publication:Creative Machine Embroidery
Date:Mar 1, 2017
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