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We're a family of fools; Happy birthday to mum and 2 boys all born on April 1; EXCLUSIVE.


NO, it's not an April Fool's Day joke - this mum and two sons are ALL celebrating their birthdays today.

Tina Williams beat eye-popping odds of 48million-to-one when she had her boys, Daniel and Joe Reynolds, two years apart on her own special day, April 1. "When I tell people that it's all of our birthdays they don't believe it," she said. "It is really hard to persuade them it's for real and not an April Fool's prank."

Catering assistant Tina, 55 today, was born ten weeks early back in 1963.

She said: "Growing up, I had all the usual jokes about being born on April Fool's Day. One thing I remember is I'd have flour put inside my birthday cards. I thought it was funny."

First son Daniel, 23 today, also works in catering and was another early baby, arriving two weeks before he was due.

"I had a sixth sense he'd be born on my birthday," said Tina. "He arrived at 7.30am. The hospital did a cake for us."

But Tina, of Irlam, Greater Manchester, was staggered when she fell pregnant with engineer Joe, now 21 - and discovered his due date was April 1. "I thought 'Oh my God, I can't believe this.' I guessed he'd probably be born a day or so either side of his due date.

"But I went into labour on the day itself and Joe arrived at about 10.30am. The staff in the hospital just laughed. They couldn't believe it."

Tina, a single mum since her boys were little, loves sharing their birthday date. "I think it's nice that Daniel and Joe were born on the same day. They are CLOSE Daniel close in age and it has brought them even closer together," she said.

The trio plan to mark their many happy returns today with a pub meal.

As for all those April Fools gags, Tina admitted: "At my age I'm getting a little Young and Joe bit sick of it. But the lads aren't really bothered. It's more their mates who rib them. "I do sometimes try to play an April Fool's prank on them before 12 o'clock, but I never get away with it."


CLOSE Young Daniel and Joe

3 OF A KIND Joe, left, Tina and Daniel love sharing their special day

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Publication:Sunday Mirror (London, England)
Date:Apr 1, 2018
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