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We'll struggle if we can't get off to a good start; FACE OFF.

Byline: Greg Owen

I'LL start this week's article the same way we've been starting our games recently, poorly. To fall behind 4-0 to a team like Cardiff two games in a row, shows us that we need to do something about the way we start games.

We're finishing games strongly but to expect to win games from coming from behind is just unrealistic. We'll struggle to put any kind of winning run together if we can't address this matter.

Cardiff's rink is potentially the hardest to take points away from and we're yet this season to put in a solid 60-minute effort there. I will say that some rather suspect officiating didn't help matters in Cardiff but it wasn't the reason we lost.

A 4-0 first-period deficit lost the game.

On a more positive note, we won the second and third periods, showing that we're more than capable of winning those games, if we can eliminate the slow starts.

Sunday was much of the same. I think we had a little disappointment hangover from Saturday's result, knowing that we had let ourselves down, and it carried into our performance, perhaps feeling a little sorry for ourselves, I don't know.

It was a case of 'is this really happeing again'. Teams like Cardiff, and any other for that matter, don't show pity. They just keep going and if the can see some vunerability, they will exploit it. Hence the second 4-0 scoreline. But, although we lost that game, we showed ouselves what character there is withing our team.

We just regrouped, and came right back at them managing to cut the deficit to one goal going into the third.

The period break proved to be a little momentum killer as we failed to re-instate the pressure we had at the end of the second period.

Then, the worst thing happened when you're depserately trying to tie a game up - they scored. It really does take the wind out of the sails.

We tried to get hat game back, but a last minute goal to still have another to get was just too late. Had we had another five minutes perhaps we could have done it. Disappointing. No points all weekend and now we have had to wait a week to redeem ourselves. See you at the Skydome.
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Title Annotation:Sport
Publication:Coventry Evening Telegraph (England)
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Date:Nov 26, 2011
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