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Way forward or on the road to disaster?

The moves revealed yesterday were welcomed by some drugs groups but other campaigners fear they will make things worse for addicts and youngsters

Roger Howard - DrugScope

WE broadly welcome the conclusions of the Home Affairs Select Committee.

Although it may not be everything we called for, it is a balanced and

well-evidenced report which presents pragmatic solutions to current problems.

We hope the Government will implement its recommendations and

begin the long overdue modernisation of drugs policy and law.

Gaille McCann - Mothers Against Drugs

This shift to a soft approach will make things worse. We pay our national insurance so the NHS can treats cancer, not to give addicts heroin.

One thing's for sure, the 'shooting galleries' won't be near these MPs, they will be where addicts are, feeding more abuse.

Ecstasy is too dangerous to reclassify and cannabis is a gateway to harder drugs.

Alasdair Ramsay - Scotland Against Drugs

THERE is a growing body of evidence about the extremely damaging long-term effects of taking Ecstasy. I don't think that it would be the right message to send out to reclassify Ecstasy and I don't think the Government will accept it.

I don't agree with reclassifying cannabis because it is a gateway drug.

To declassify these drugs would be a dangerous route to go down.

Heroin prescription in a limited and carefully monitored form may be a necessary evil because some people will always be addicts.

But legalised 'shooting galleries' would be impossible to do. Nobody would accept having it in their own backyard and the public reaction would be furious.

Kevin Williamson - Scottish Socialist Party

FOR three years, the SSP has advocated the legalisation of cannabis and prescription of heroin on the NHS as part of a treatment programme.

We were attacked by those who peddled the "just say no" line.

This policy was a total failure and we have seen thousands of young Scots criminalised and killed.

Now we see a shift towards decriminalising cannabis in England and prescription of heroin.

We welcome these shifts but believe that in Scotland we should be more radical and legalise cannabis and prescribe heroin on the NHS.
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Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:May 22, 2002
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