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Waxed fibreboard cuts the cost of transporting meat.

Waxed Fibreboard Cuts the Cost of Transporting Meat

An economic and hygienic answer for carrying meat in bulk has been found by using disposable waxed fibreboard 'bins'. McIntosh Donald of Aberdeen, one of Scotland's largest meat wholesalers, were using open top plastics containers. For obvious reasons-each container cost 300 [pounds] -they were used again and again, with added costs for pressure cleaning, transit back to Aberdeen and storage; and, conscious of the risk from bacteria, any damaged container was automatically replaced.

The waxed bins, called Octobins, so named from their hexagonal shape, are made by Mitchell Packaging Ltd. Each provides 35 cu ft of storage and carries 1800lb of meat. The waterproof material prevents contamination as well as increasing the strength of the fibreboard: waxing adds nearly 50 percent to the strength of the material.

Apart from the question of hygiene, the Octobins make good commercial sense. Each bin costs around 10 [pounds] and is used just once. Previously they were paying about that sum just for the return of a plastics container. And of course, there is no longer the cost for storage and cleaning. Octobins are delivered in knock-down form in 50's and are drawn off as needed. They represent less than one a penny per lb of meat dispatched.

Mitchell not only produce the Octobins but also the special wax impregnated fibreboard from which they are made.

PHOTO : Meat packed in an Octobin - the polyethylene being used as secondary hygiene protection
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Date:Apr 1, 1990
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