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Wax on organic apples: a Grower responds.

This is a response from an organic shipper to a customer concerned about wax on organic apples:

SuperFreshGrowers (Domex) has several third party auditing programs in place at all Domex warehouses, which assures that their products have been produced, handled and shipped to the highest possible food safety standards. Domex also has EuroGAP third party auditing at specific orchard sites to help insure safe and sustainable agriculture deliveries to Europe.

All apples have an inherent wax barrier called cuticular wax which prevents moisture loss, enhances firmness retention and decreases the apples' respiration rate. This cuticular wax production is higher in some varieties, such as red delicious, Granny Smith and Jonagold. Cuticular wax is also more prominent on apples of higher maturity. Although this wax is extremely beneficial, it can give a slight cloudiness to the finish of the apple and an oily feel to the skin. This is Mother Nature working; organic apples are not treated with wax.

Organic citrus fruits are treated with a coating of a combination of organic carnauba and organic beeswax. This is to help preserve the skin and keep the fruit from losing moisture. Unlike the petroleum products that are used on non-organic apples and citrus the carnauba/beeswax coating washes off the fruit with little effort.

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Date:May 1, 2008
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