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Convergence Study of Variational Space-Time Coupled Least-Squares Frameworks in Simulation of Wave Propagation in Viscoelastic Medium. Saffarian, M. A.; Ahmadi, A. R.; Bagheripour, M. H. Sep 13, 2022 8333
Anti-Plane Wave Propagation in the Functionally Graded Hybrid Structure under an External Impulsive Force: A Green's Function Approach. Bharti, Uma; Vaishnav, Pramod Kumar Report Sep 9, 2022 5390
Prediction Method of Electromagnetic Wave Propagation on High Sea State Based on P-M Wave Spectrum. Li, Lihua; Xiu, Menglei; Feng, Shimin Sep 8, 2022 5341
Electromagnetic Wave Propagation through Stratified Lossy Conductive Media. Smolyaninov, Igor I.; Kozyrev, Alexander B. Report Sep 1, 2022 4300
Focusing of the Electromagnetic Field in Several Given Areas of Space. Iuzvik, Denis; Stepanov, Maksim Report Sep 1, 2022 4406
Study on Bond Defect Detection in Grouted Rock Bolt Systems under Pullout Loads. Yu, Shuisheng; Niu, Leilei; Chen, Jin; Wang, Yawei; Yang, Honghao Report Aug 31, 2022 6116
Energy Conversion Methods through Waves. Aug 15, 2022 599
Laser Short-Pulse Effect on Thermodiffusion Waves of Fractional Heat Order for Excited Nonlocal Semiconductor. Almoneef, Areej A.; El-Sapa, Shreen; Lotfy, Kh.; El-Bary, A.; Saeed, Abdulkafi M. Aug 12, 2022 5575
The Value of Shear Wave Elastography and Velocity Standard Deviation Value in the Differentiation of Subacute Thyroiditis and Chronic Autoimmune Thyroiditis. Sanli, Deniz Esin Tekcan; Yildirim, Duzgun Aug 1, 2022 3870
Symmetry Classification and Solutions for the Third-Order of Kudryashov-Sinelshchikov Equation. Li, Jina; Hong Li,; Tianhao Li, Report Jul 31, 2022 2306
Blasting for Fracturing and Improving the Permeability of Deep, Soft, Outburst Prone Coal Seams Using Blasthole and Relief Hole Drilled into the Underlying Stratum: Optimal Hole Distance. Zhang, Jianyu; Zhao, Xingguo; Fu, Shigui; Qiao, Guodong; Zhang, Xin; Yang, Shuai Jul 22, 2022 5563
Experimental Study on Seepage Characteristics of Coal Containing Gas and Water. Ma, Shuyin; Zhang, Qinghua; Xue, Sheng Jul 20, 2022 5582
Ultrasonic Time-Frequency Response Characteristics for Damage Evolution of Back-Filling Concrete under Staged Loading Conditions. Gao, Xicai; Zhang, Xichen; Zhao, Cheng; Xia, Huan; Liu, Shuai; Ma, Tengfei; Yin, Jianhui Jul 14, 2022 5762
Central Aortic Pressure and Arterial Stiffness in Parkinson's Disease: A Comparative Study. Balal, Mehmet; Demirkiran, Meltem; Paydas, Saime Jul 12, 2022 5693
Take a walk on the South-side. Jul 1, 2022 395
The Propagation of Thermoelastic Waves in Different Anisotropic Media Using Matricant Method. Ispulov, Nurlybek A.; Zhumabekov, Almar Zh.; Qadir, Abdul; Kurmanov, Almas A.; Sarymova, Sholpan N.; Jul 1, 2022 3718
The Effects of Temperature and Impact Velocity on the Shock Wave Response of Pore-Embedded Metallic Glasses. Patra, Indrajit; Abdulhadi, Ahmed M.; Fahim, Fatima Safaa; Bashar, Bashar S.; Alawsi, Taif; Salmani, Jun 30, 2022 4752
Fujitsu, NTT DOCOMO and NTT to start joint trials towards practical applications for 6G. Jun 7, 2022 401
Influence of Propagation Distance on Characteristic Parameters of Acoustic Emission Signals in Concrete Materials Based on Low-Frequency Sensor. Liu, Fen; Guo, Rui; Lin, Xiujuan; Zhang, Xiaofang; Huang, Shifeng; Yang, Feng; Cheng, Xin Jun 6, 2022 7271
Prediction of Shear Wave Velocity Based on a Hybrid Network of Two-Dimensional Convolutional Neural Network and Gated Recurrent Unit. Chen, Tengfei; Gao, Gang; Wang, Peng; Zhao, Bin; Li, Yonggen; Gui, Zhixian Jun 2, 2022 6322
Refraction may redirect waves from multiple directions into a harbour: a case study in the Gulf of Riga, eastern Baltic Sea. Männikus, Rain; Soomere, Tarmo; Najafzadeh, Fatemeh Case study Jun 1, 2022 3695
Hostile elements involved in recent wave of hate propagation in country, says ex-ambassador. May 24, 2022 365
Relativistic Wave Propagation in Anisotropic Two-Component Magnetohydrodynamics Plasmas. Kassaw, Temesgen; Woldemhret, Gebretsadkan May 19, 2022 6305
Optimal Arrangement of Structural Sensors in Landfill Based on Stress Wave Detection Technology. Xie, Xiankun; Xia, Xiong; Gao, Zhaoguo May 18, 2022 5811
A Study on Integrity Testing for Platform-Pile Systems considering Wave Propagation. Fu, Minghui; Lin, Meihong May 16, 2022 9581
Experimental Study on Physical Characteristics of Deep Rocks at Different Depths in Songliao Basin. Yang, Mingqing; He, Zhiqiang; Li, Cong; Yang, Bengao; Liu, Guikang; Fu, Chenghang; Wang, Tianyu Report May 12, 2022 6687
Numerical Study of Wave Dynamics over Island Reefs Based on Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics Method. Wang, Degang; Li, Siheng; Sun, Li; Zhang, Zhenke; Huang, Panyang Report May 5, 2022 8340
Seismic Sequence Effects on Buried Pipelines Crossing Nonuniform Sites with Ground Settlement by Dynamic Centrifuge Test. Zhang, Hongtao; Zhao, Yufei; Gao, Mingxu Apr 20, 2022 6981
Damage Characteristic of Thermal Shock on the Physical and Dynamic Compressive Properties of Granite. Shu, Ronghua; Huang, Lijinhong; Zhi, Xueyi; Han, Zhenyu; Lai, Yuzhang; Li, Huizhen; Wang, Chun Apr 19, 2022 7197
Assessment of Stromal Elastin Fibers in Breast Cancer and Fibroadenomas: Is There a Correlation With Ultrasound Elastography Findings? Toprak, Nursen; Aras, Ibrahim; Toktas, Osman; Yokus, Adem; Gunduz, Ali Mahir Report Apr 1, 2022 4557
TE-Wave Propagation over an Impedance-Matched RHM to LHM Transition in a Hollow Waveguide. Rana, Balwan; Svendsen, Brage B.; Dalarsson, Mariana Report Apr 1, 2022 4453
Facile Synthesis of Semifluoroalkyl Triazole Derivatives for the Separation of Oil and Water. Cao, Ban-Peng; Huang, Gang-Ren; Tao, Xue-Ping; Okamoto, Hiroaki; Xiao, Qiang Mar 28, 2022 2450
A Numerical Study on the Blast Wave Distribution and Propagation Characteristics of Cylindrical Explosive in Motion. Chen, Haojie; Yin, Jianping; Li, Xudong; Yang, Dong; Lu, Wenjie Report Mar 22, 2022 2889
Numerical Study on Electromagnetic Coupled Heat Transfer and Ultrasonic Propagation in GIS Busbar Chamber. Si, Wen-Rong; Fu, Chen-Zhao; Hu, Zheng-Yong; Wang, Bo; Yang, Jian Report Mar 10, 2022 7993
The effects of water acidity and engineering properties on rock durability /Efectos de la acidez del agua y las propiedades ingenieriles en la durabilidad de la roca. Khajevand, Reza; Fereidooni, Davood Mar 1, 2022 8818
A Defect Localization Approach Based on Improved Areal Coordinates and Machine Learning. Pang, Dandan; Jiang, Yongqing; Cao, Yukang; Li, Baozhu Feb 12, 2022 6144
Dynamic Effective Properties of Lead-Reinforced Epoxy Resin Composites with Differential Method. Zhu, Haitao; Wan, Yongping Feb 12, 2022 5845
The Exact Solutions of the Conformable Time-Fractional Modified Nonlinear Schrödinger Equation by the Trial Equation Method and Modified Trial Equation Method. Aderyani, Safoura Rezaei; Saadati, Reza; Vahidi, Javad; Allahviranloo, Tofigh Feb 1, 2022 3238
Redefining of the Radar Cross Section and the Antenna Gain to Make Them Suitable for Surface Wave Propagation. Herbette, Quentin; Darces, Muriel; Bourey, Nicolas; Saillant, Stephane; Jangal, Florent; Helier, Mar Report Feb 1, 2022 6562
Research on the Propagation Law of Stress Wave in Rock Mass Supported by Bolt under Dynamic Load. Chen, Feng; Wang, Xue-bin; Wang, Jun-guang Jan 25, 2022 4592
Experimental Study on the Property Degradation and Failure Mechanism of Weakly Cemented Sandstone under Dry-Wet Cycles. Song, Zhaoyang; Sun, Lihui; Cheng, Shouye; Liu, Zhiqiang; Tan, Jie; Ning, Fangbo Jan 18, 2022 10487
Wave Propagations in Nonlinear Low-Pass Electrical Transmission Lines through Optical Fiber Medium. Zulfiqar, Aniqa; Ahmad, Jamshad; Rani, Attia; Ul Hassan, Qazi Mahmood Jan 5, 2022 4142
Relationship between Insulin Secretion and Arterial Stiffness in Essential Hypertension. Sun, Yancui; Zhu, Yanqiu; Zhang, Lu; Lu, Yan; Liu, Yan; Zhang, Ying; Song, Wei Dec 24, 2021 4679
Stress Wave Propagation and Energy Absorption Properties of Heterogeneous Lattice Materials under Impact Load. Zhao, Cun; Zhang, Meng; Li, Guoxi; Wang, Dong Dec 23, 2021 8180
Liquefaction Evaluation Based on Shear Wave Velocity Using Random Forest. Liu, Lu; Zhang, Shushan; Yao, Xiaofei; Gao, Hongmei; Wang, Zhihua; Shen, Zhifu Dec 8, 2021 6555
Seismic site classification of the Costa Rican Strong-Motion Network based on [V.sub.S30] measurements and site fundamental period/Clasificacion de sitio de la Red de Acelerografos de Costa Rica basada en mediciones de [V.sub.S30] y en el periodo fundamental. Pinzon, Luis A.; Leiva, Diego A. Hidalgo; Moya-Fernandez, Aaron; Schmidt-Diaz, Victor; Pujades, Luis Dec 1, 2021 3916
Exponential Stability of Laminated Beam with Constant Delay Feedback. Mpungu, Kassimu; Apalara, Tijani A. Dec 1, 2021 4192
On the Analytical and Numerical Solutions of the One-Dimensional Nonlinear Schrodinger Equation. Farag, Neveen G. A.; Eltanboly, Ahmed H.; EL-Azab, M. S.; Obayya, S. S. A. Nov 3, 2021 6630
A Study on LoRa Signal Propagation Models in Urban Environments for Large-Scale Networks Deployment. Petrariu, Adrian Ioan; Mutescu, Partemie-Marian; Coca, Eugen; Lavric, Alexandru Report Nov 1, 2021 5644
DEEP TROUBLE; Study shows Scottish beauty spots that may be underwater by 2050 due to climate change. SEAN MURPHY Oct 29, 2021 635
An Unconditionally Stable Positivity-Preserving Scheme for the One-Dimensional Fisher-Kolmogorov-Petrovsky-Piskunov Equation. Kim, Sangkwon; Lee, Chaeyoung; Lee, Hyun Geun; Kim, Hyundong; Kwak, Soobin; Hwang, Youngjin; Kang, S Report Oct 19, 2021 4436
Analytical Solutions of Seismic-Generated Internal Tsunamis. Liu, Chi-Min Report Oct 6, 2021 5264
An Information-Theoretical Approach to Analyzing Magnetosphere-Ionosphere Coupling Processes in Hybrid Simulations. Sep 22, 2021 192
Space and Leaky Wave Radiation from Highly Lossy Biological Cylindrical Human-Limps Models. Mitsalas, Xenofon M.; Kaifas, Theodoros N.; Kyriacou, George A. Report Sep 1, 2021 13855
Reliable Nonuniform Discretization Algorithm for Fast and Accurate Hybrid Mode Analysis of Multilayered Planar Transmission Lines. Khodja, Abdelhamid; Yagoub, Mustapha C.E.; Touhami, Rachida Report Sep 1, 2021 8559
A Comparative Soil Liquefaction Analysis with a MATLAB[R] based Algorithm: soiLique/Analisis comparativo de licuacion del suelo con un algoritmo basado en Matlab[R]: soiLique. Bekin, Ekrem; Ozcep, Ferhat Sep 1, 2021 11045
Using a 3D Metamaterial to Enhance the Surface Wave Propagation for High Frequency Over-the-Horizon Radars: From Simulation to Outdoor Measurements. Herbette, Quentin; Bourey, Nicolas; Menelle, Michel; Darces, Muriel; Saillant, Stephane; Chatelon, Y Report Sep 1, 2021 4462
Studying Disturbance Wave Velocity and Wall Shear Stress of Vertical Upward Annular Flow in Narrow Rectangular Channel. Liu, Antai; Yan, Changqi; Zhu, Fuqiang; Gu, Haifeng; Gong, Suijun Report Aug 30, 2021 4239
A Damage Detection Method Using Neural Network Optimized by Multiple Particle Collision Algorithm. Farias, Sergio V.; Saotome, Osamu; Campos Velho, Haroldo F.; Shiguemori, Elcio H. Aug 6, 2021 7439
Shock Wave Propagation Characteristics of Cylindrical Charge and Its Aspect Ratio Effects on the Damage of RC Slabs. Zhao, Xiaohua; Wang, Gaohui; Fang, Hongyuan; Fan, Yong; Du, Xueming Jul 30, 2021 7492
The Effect of Piezoelectric Fiber Rosette Configurations on Lamb Wave Direction Detection for Damage Localization. Jiang, Shuai; Shen, Yiping; Wang, Songlai; Peng, Yanfeng; Liu, Yi Jul 28, 2021 5662
Regarding New Traveling Wave Solutions for the Mathematical Model Arising in Telecommunications. Baskonus, Haci Mehmet; Guirao, Juan Luis García; Kumar, Ajay; Vidal Causanilles, Fernando S.; Bermud Jul 14, 2021 3869
Radio-Propagation Measurement Based on a Low-Cost Software Defined Radio. Perotoni, Marcelo B.; Silva, Felipe A.A.; Vieira, Marcos S. Report Jul 1, 2021 3821
Study on Broken Floor Rock Mass by Mining Underground Pressure. Sun, Ming; Guo, Chen; Zheng, Wenxiang; Duan, Huiqiang Jun 27, 2021 4409
Intelligent Prediction Model of the Triaxial Compressive Strength of Rock Subjected to Freeze-Thaw Cycles Based on a Genetic Algorithm and Artificial Neural Network. Xiong, Xin; Gao, Feng; Zhou, Keping; Gao, Yuxu; Yang, Chun Jun 17, 2021 8333
Numerical Analysis of the Hydraulic Fracturing of Pressure Tunnel Lining Based on the 2P-IKSPH Method. Yu, Shuyang; Ren, Xuhua; Wang, Haijun; Zhang, Jixun; Sun, Zhaohua Report Jun 15, 2021 5656
Let's wave goodbye to global warming peril. CRAIG MUNRO Jun 8, 2021 375
Waving goodbye to global warming. CRAIG MUNRO Jun 8, 2021 354
Characterization on the correlation between SPT-N and small strain shear modulus [G.sub.max] of Jiangsu silts of China/Caracterizacion de la correlacion entre los valores N del Ensayo de Penetracion Estandar y el modulo cortante a pequenas deformaciones [G.sub.max] en sedimentos de Jiangsu, China. Chu, Ya; Liu, Songyu; Cai, Guojun Jun 1, 2021 7027
Design and Implementation of an Integrated Switched-Oscillator Impulse Generator. Mohammadzamani, Samira; Kordi, Behzad Report Jun 1, 2021 3080
Wave Propagation in Electric Periodic Structure in Space with Modulation in Time (2D + 1). Salazar-Arrieta, J.J.; Halevi, P. Report Jun 1, 2021 6395
A V[sub.s]-Based Logistic Regression Method for Liquefaction Evaluation. Yao, Xiaofei; Liu, Lu; Wang, Zhihua; Shen, Zhifu; Gao, Hongmei May 30, 2021 7239
Airport needs PS4m of work to protect it from coastal erosion. May 20, 2021 377
Evaluation of Hydrodynamic Pressure Distribution in Reservoir of Concrete Gravity Dam under Vertical Vibration Using an Analytical Solution. Pasbani Khiavi, Majid; Sari, Ali Report May 7, 2021 5469
A Path Loss Model for Link Budget Analysis of Indoor Visible Light Communications. Miramirkhani, Farshad Report May 1, 2021 3853
Research on Fast Algorithm of Radio Wave Propagation in Low-Lossy Obstacles Environment. Li, An-qi; Yin, Cheng-you; Zhang, Qian-qian; Gan, Yong-ji Apr 20, 2021 6786
Pure Traveling Wave Solutions for Three Nonlinear Fractional Models. Li, Qinjun; Soybas, Danyal; Ilhan, Onur Alp; Singh, Gurpreet; Manafian, Jalil Apr 10, 2021 6006
Beneficial Effect of Statin Therapy on Arterial Stiffness. Alidadi, Mona; Montecucco, Fabrizio; Jamialahmadi, Tannaz; Al-Rasadi, Khalid; Johnston, Thomas P.; S Report Mar 31, 2021 13717
Diffraction Radiation Generated by a Density-Modulated Electron Beam Flying over the Periodic Boundary of the Medium Section. II. Impact of True Eigen Waves. Sirenko, Yuriy; Sautbekov, Seil; Yashina, Nataliya; Sirenko, Kostyantyn Report Mar 1, 2021 4357
Evaluation of common carotid artery in type 1 diabetes mellitus patients through speckle tracking carotid strain ultrasonography. Cerit, Mahi Nur; Sendur, Halit Nahit; Bolayir, Basak; Cerit, Ethem Turgay; Cindil, Emetullah; Akturk Report Mar 1, 2021 7644
Polarimetric Parameters of Scattered Electromagnetic Waves in the Conductive Magnetized Plasma. Jandieri, George V.; Ishimaru, Akira Report Mar 1, 2021 4106
Vibration Characteristics of Subway Tunnel Structure in Viscous Soil Medium. Ren, Dawei; Shao, Shengjun; Cao, Xiaoshan; Hu, Yifeng Feb 8, 2021 6014
Near-Field Focused Reflectarray Antenna and Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces: The Potential of Wave Propagation Control for Smart Radio Environment. Elshennawy, Wael Report Feb 1, 2021 6438
Study of the Propagation Characteristics of Terahertz Waves in a Collisional and Inhomogeneous Dusty Plasma with a Ceramic Substrate and Oblique Angle of Incidence. Rao, Qingwen; Xu, Guanjun; Wang, Pengfei; Zheng, Zhengqi Report Jan 29, 2021 4393
Solitary Wave Diffraction with a Single and Two Vertical Circular Cylinders. Hafsia, Zouhair; Nouri, Saliha; Boulaaras, Salah Mahmoud; Allahem, Ali; Alkhalaf, Salem; Vazquez, Al Jan 16, 2021 4119
Beneficial Effect of Statin Therapy on Arterial Stiffness. Alidadi, Mona; Montecucco, Fabrizio; Jamialahmadi, Tannaz; Al-Rasadi, Khalid; Johnston, Thomas P.; S Report Jan 1, 2021 13716
Experimental Research on the Influence of Temperature on the Static Properties of Skarn. Liu, Lei; Meng, Xiang; Qin, Hao; Chang, Zhaozhao Jan 1, 2021 6010
Study on the Effect of High-Temperature Heat Treatment on the Microscopic Pore Structure and Mechanical Properties of Tight Sandstone. Dou, Liangbin; Shu, Guanli; Gao, Hui; Bao, Jinqing; Wang, Rui Report Jan 1, 2021 7515
Dynamic Behavior of Coal Pillar under Different Load Percentage by Numerical Simulation. Dong, Guo-Wei; Liu, Hai-Yang; Zhu, Guang-an Jan 1, 2021 5307
Laboratory Investigation on the Stress-Dependent Anisotropic Shear Wave Velocity (Vs) and Coefficient of Lateral Earth Pressure at Rest (K[sub.0]) of Granular Materials. Du, Guangbo; Liu, Nina; Xia, Zhao; Kang, Xin Jan 1, 2021 7130
Evaluation of Hydrodynamic Pressure Distribution in Reservoir of Concrete Gravity Dam under Vertical Vibration Using an Analytical Solution. Pasbani Khiavi, Majid; Sari, Ali Report Jan 1, 2021 5469
An Improved Tunnel-Track Model in Saturated Poroelastic Soils to a Moving Point Load. Fu, Zunan; Xu, Yuanlei; Yuan, Zonghao; Shi, Li; Wang, Guoshuai; Song, Wenbo; Yu, Yanming Jan 1, 2021 4359
Accurate Vortex Beam Mode Measurement Based on Rotational Antenna Method. Nie, Yuming; Ju, Gaohua; Chen, Jiarun; Ma, Lu; Zhao, Yufei Report Jan 1, 2021 3426
Multiband Below-Cutoff Propagation in Rectangular Waveguides Filled with Multilayer Left-/Right-Handed Metamaterials. Weng, Qianru; Lin, Qian; Wu, Haifeng Report Jan 1, 2021 5193
Investigation of the Mechanical and Permeability Evolution Effects of High-Temperature Granite Exposed to a Rapid Cooling Shock with Liquid Nitrogen. Wang, Tianzuo; Wang, Linxiang; Xue, Fei; Xue, Mengya; Xie, Hangcheng; Tang, Ningbo Jan 1, 2021 6730
A New Model for Predicting Flow in Fractured-Vuggy Carbonate Reservoirs under Pseudosteady State Condition. Cao, Nai; Lei, Gang; Su, Yuan; Li, Hong; Zhang, Jiali; Zhang, Ci Jan 1, 2021 8041
Evaluation Method of the Gas Hydrate and Free Gas System and Its Application in the Shenhu Area, South China Sea. Su, Pibo; Li, Tingwei; Liang, Shurong; Liang, Jinqiang; Wang, Xiaoxue; Wan, Xiaoming; Wang, Feifei Jan 1, 2021 5258
Analytical Solutions of Seismic-Generated Internal Tsunamis. Liu, Chi-Min Report Jan 1, 2021 5266
Mechanical Behavior of Frozen Porous Sandstone under Uniaxial Compression. Wang, Hong-Ying; Zhang, Qiang Jan 1, 2021 2993
Prestack Inversion Identification of Dolomite Reservoirs in the Fourth Member of the Sinian Dengying Formation in Moxi Area, Sichuan Basin, SW China. Wu, Yong; Wang, Xuxu; Zhou, Lu; Han, Chongyang; Zhang, Lianjin; Lan, Xuemei; Lu, Peng Jan 1, 2021 6640
Evaluation of Seismic Site Amplification Using 1D Site Response Analyses at Ba Dinh Square Area, Vietnam. Tran, Ngoc-Long; Aaqib, Muhammad; Nguyen, Ba-Phu; Nguyen, Duy-Duan; Tran, Viet-Linh; Nguyen, Van-Qua Jan 1, 2021 5246
Mechanical Properties and Damage Behavior of Rock-Coal-Rock Combined Samples under Coupled Static and Dynamic Loads. Bai, Jinzheng; Dou, Linming; Malkowski, Piotr; Li, Jiazhuo; Zhou, Kunyou; Chai, Yanjiang Jan 1, 2021 7533
Improvement of Automatic Calculation Method of CASE Bearing Capacity. Liu, Guosong; Wang, Junlin Jan 1, 2021 5347
Study on the Retention of Large Mining Height and Small Coal Pillar under Thick and Hard Roof of Bayangaole Coal. Zhao, Shankun; Zuo, Jianping; Liu, Lei; Wu, Kaijun Jan 1, 2021 9852
Investigation on Shear Wave Velocity and Triaxial Mechanical Performance of Tailings Core from Tailings Dam. Luo, Pengfei Jan 1, 2021 2792
Analysis of Mechanical Properties of Sandstone under Freeze-Thaw Cycles Based on Digital Image Correlation (DIC). Quan, Daguo; Lian, Shuailong; Bi, Jing; Wang, Chaolin Jan 1, 2021 7442
Explosion Disaster Distribution Characteristics and Outlet Open-Close Effect of Turning Roadway. Lv, Pengfei; Ju, Minghua; Zhang, Jiaxu; Pang, Lei; Yang, Kai; Liu, Kaiyuan; Liu, Mengyuan Jan 1, 2021 5335
Damage Characteristics of Polymer Plates under the Impact of the Near-Field and Contact Underwater Explosion. Liu, Shucan; Zhao, Xiaohua; Fang, Hongyuan; Du, Xueming; Xue, Binghan Jan 1, 2021 8545
Investigation on Physicomechanical Properties and Constitutive Model of Tuff in Mila Mountain Tunnel under Dry and Saturated Conditions. He, Zhihao; Pei, Xiangjun; Cui, Shenghua; Sun, Wentai; Luo, Luguang; He, Chengruiwei Jan 1, 2021 6014
Study on Broken Floor Rock Mass by Mining Underground Pressure. Sun, Ming; Guo, Chen; Zheng, Wenxiang; Duan, Huiqiang Report Jan 1, 2021 4410
The Ultrasonic P-Wave Velocity-Stress Relationship and Energy Evolution of Sandstone under Uniaxial Loading-Unloading Conditions. Zhang, Long; Zhang, Zetian; Zhang, Ru; Gao, Mingzhong; Xie, Jing Jan 1, 2021 6276
Two-Step Method for Millimeter-Wave Antenna Performance Assessment in 5G Smartphones. Fernandes, Filipa S. S.; Rom, Christian; Rodrigues, António; Svendsen, Simon; Jagielski, Ole Jan 1, 2021 9325
Experimental Study on the Difference of Shale Mechanical Properties. Liu, Qi; Liang, Bing; Sun, Weiji; Zhao, Hang Jan 1, 2021 7715
The Method of Determining Excavation Damaged Zone by Acoustic Test and the Application in Engineering Cases. Sun, Qian-Cheng; Guo, Hao-Sen; Xu, Zhi-Hua; Liu, Yue; Xu, Xiao Jan 1, 2021 5884
Deterioration of Physical and Mechanical Properties of Rocks by Cyclic Drying and Wetting. Zhang, Zhizhen; Niu, Yixin; Shang, Xiaoji; Ye, Peng; Zhou, Rui; Gao, Feng Jan 1, 2021 10121
Variations on Reservoir Parameters of Oil Shale Deposits under Periodic Freeze-Thaw Cycles: Laboratory Tests. Li, Rui-heng; Sun, Zhong-guang; He, Jiang-fu; Liao, Zhi-wei; Li, Lei; Qian, Fang Jan 1, 2021 6290
Experimental Investigation on the Correlation between Dynamic Ultrasonic and Mechanical Properties of Sandstone Subjected to Uniaxial Compression. Sun, Yunjiang; Zuo, Jianping; Shi, Yue; Li, Zhengdai; Mi, Changning; Wen, Jinhao Jan 1, 2021 5632
Experimental and Theoretical Investigations of Hard Rocks at High Temperature: Applications in Civil Engineering. Luc Leroy, Mambou Ngueyep; Marius, Foguieng Wembe; François, Ngapgue Jan 1, 2021 14899
Artificial Intelligence Method for Shear Wave Travel Time Prediction considering Reservoir Geological Continuity. Liu, Shanshan; Zhao, Yipeng; Wang, Zhiming Report Jan 1, 2021 6371
Three-Dimensional Simulations of Offshore Oil Platform in Square and Diamond Arrangements. Nouri, Saliha; Hafsia, Zouhair; Boulaaras, Salah Mahmoud; Allahem, Ali; Alkhalaf, Salem; Vazquez, Al Jan 1, 2021 4584
Influence of Freeze-Thaw Cycles on Acoustic Emission Characteristics of Granite Samples under Triaxial Compression. Su, Zhandong; Geng, Ke; Zhou, Fubiao; Sun, Jinzhong; Yu, Huayan Jan 1, 2021 6139
Experimental Study on the Anisotropic Characteristics and Engineering Application of Tight Sandstone. Wei, Yuanlong; Liu, Wei; Hou, Zhenkun Jan 1, 2021 7066
Intensity Distribution of Partially Coherent Array Finite Airy Beams Propagating in Atmospheric Turbulence. Jin, Long; Zhang, Zirui; Wang, Nuo; Liu, Zixin; Deng, Yuwei; Fu, Yanhua Jan 1, 2021 3847
Investigations into the Rock Dynamic Response under Blasting Load by an Improved DDA Approach. Xie, Biting; Zhang, Xiuli; Wang, Hao; Jiao, Yuyong; Zheng, Fei Jan 1, 2021 4932
An Efficient Semianalytical Modal Analysis of Rectangular Waveguides Containing Metamaterials with Graded Inhomogeneity. Weng, Qianru; Lin, Qian; Wu, Haifeng Jan 1, 2021 5245
Seismic Optimization of High Cantilever Multianchor Pile Strengthening Soil Slopes against Earthquakes. Wu, Honggang; Pai, Lifang; Lei, Hao Jan 1, 2021 9121
Research on 2.4GHz Wireless Channel Propagation Characteristics in a Steel Ship Cabin. Tu, Wanli; Xu, Hong; Xu, Yiqun; Ye, Qiubo; Shen, Mingxian Jan 1, 2021 5531
Solitary Wave Diffraction with a Single and Two Vertical Circular Cylinders. Hafsia, Zouhair; Nouri, Saliha; Boulaaras, Salah Mahmoud; Allahem, Ali; Alkhalaf, Salem; Vazquez, Al Report Jan 1, 2021 4119
Research on the Attenuation Characteristics of AE Signals of Marble and Granite Stone. Wang, Haiyan; Ma, Ji; Du, Feng; Wang, Gongda; Zhang, Quan; Li, Xiaoshen Dec 24, 2020 8057
Comparison of High Impedance Textured Substrates for Suppression of Surface Waves in Microstrip Antennas with Solid and Hollow Metallic Pins. Roy, Manidipa; Mittal, Ashok Report Dec 1, 2020 4410
Investigation of soil characterization in Hatay Province in Turkey by using Seismic Refraction, Multichannel Analysis of Surface Waves and Microtremor /Caracterizacion del suelo en la provincia de Hatay, Turquia, a traves de los metodos Refraccion sismica, Analisis Multicanal de Ondas Superficiales y Microtemblores. Kurtulus, Cengiz; Sertcelik, Ibrahim; Sertcelik, Fadime; Livaoglu, Hamdullah; Sas, Cuneyt Dec 1, 2020 6385
Analysis of Vibration and Noise for the Powertrain System of Electric Vehicles under Speed-Varying Operating Conditions. Deng, Chenghao; Deng, Qingpeng; Liu, Weiguo; Yu, Cheng; Hu, Jianjun; Li, Xiaofeng Nov 23, 2020 5471
A Comparative Study on the V[sub.S30] and N[sub.30] Based Seismic Site Classification in Kahramanmaras, Turkey. Naji, Dalia Munaff; Akin, Muge K.; Cabalar, Ali Firat Report Nov 4, 2020 5862
Artificial beach can't stand natural forces. Nov 2, 2020 561
PHYSICAL PARAMETERS, TENSILE AND COMPRESSIVE STRENGTH OF DOLOMITE ROCK SAMPLES: INFLUENCE OF GRAIN SIZE. Lakirouhani, Ali; Asemi, Farhad; Zohdi, Afshin; Medzvieckas, Jurgis; Kliukas, Romualdas Nov 1, 2020 5758
An Investigation into the Diffraction Effects of Building Facade for Propagation Modelling. Zhang, Yujia; Lim, Soo Yong Report Nov 1, 2020 3574
Photonic-Crystal Substrates for Harmonic Suppression in Multi-Band Smart Devices. Siddiqui, Omar; Atta, Raghied; Amin, Muhammad; Abutarboush, Hattan Report Nov 1, 2020 4017
Analysis of Surface Wave Attenuation in Double-Layer Magnetic Absorbing Sheet for Wide Frequency Range Application. Li, Yinrui; Yang, Jiaji; Li, Dongmeng; Gong, Wei; Wang, Xian; Gong, Rongzhou Report Nov 1, 2020 3542
Comparison of Fluid Pressure Wave between Biot Theory and Storativity Equation. Li, Guangquan; Liu, Kui; Li, Xiang Oct 28, 2020 5347
Dynamic Tensile Test of Granite and Its Tensile Sensitivity. Man, Ke; Song, Zhifei; Liu, Xiaoli Oct 23, 2020 3922
Inland Real Estate Acquires Long Beach Beachfront Multifamily Property. Oct 21, 2020 164
Simulation Model of Bottom Hole Dynamic Pressure and Reservoir Dynamic Stress in Hydraulic Fracturing with Pulse Injection. Zhu, Ge; Dong, Shimin Report Oct 20, 2020 6330
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NTT Docomo offers a glimpse into the future with 6G launch planned for 2030. Chris Kelly Jan 26, 2020 229
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PU awards five PhD degrees. Aug 18, 2019 185
Punjab University awards five PhD degrees - Press Release issued by University of the Punjab. Aug 17, 2019 247
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ASEAN meeting highlights conservation of wetlands, protection of migratory birds. May 30, 2019 386
An Empirical Model of the Effects of Ionospheric Electron Density Variations on HF Radar Processing. Akl, Marie Jose Abi; Jangal, Florent; Darces, Muriel; Helier, Marc Report May 1, 2019 7483
Full Wave Indoor Propagation Modelling Using the Volume Integral Equation. Kavanagh, Ian; Brennan, Conor Report May 1, 2019 6980
Spreading of Four-Petal Lorentz-Gauss Beams Propagating through Atmospheric Turbulence. Chang, Shuai; Song, Yansong; Dong, Yan; Dong, Keyan Report May 1, 2019 2270
Health Monitoring of Bolt Looseness in Timber Structures Using PZT-Enabled Time-Reversal Method. Zhao, Ze; Chen, Pengcheng; Zhang, En; Lu, Guoyun Apr 30, 2019 3656
Vibration Failure of Young Low-Temperature Concrete Shaft Linings Caused by Blasting Excavation. Xie, Lidong; Dong, Zhaoxing; Qi, Yanjun; Qiu, Ruohua; He, Qiang Apr 30, 2019 7369
A Study on the Normal Transmission of a One-Dimensional P-Wave across a Single Nonlinear Joint in a Rockmass. Sun, Dening; Li, Yuanhui; Chen, Xu; Yang, Qinglin Report Apr 30, 2019 6068
Effect of Hydrothermal Coupling on Physical and Dynamic Mechanical Properties of Sandstone. Zhang, Rong-rong; Yuan, Pu Apr 30, 2019 6893

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