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Watson, Jude. Disappearance: A Premonitions Mystery.

WATSON, Jude. Disappearance, a premonitions mystery. Scholastic. 202p. c2005. 0439-69688-7. $6.99. JS

Gracie lives with her Aunt Shay and cousin Diego on beautiful Beewick Island in Washington State. Shay and Diego have opened their lives and home to Gracie and helped her to grieve her mother's death. When a dead body is discovered, the father who left Gracie and her mother when Gracie was just three years old reappears, and life on the island shifts into suspicion mode. Since Gracie has lived on the island less than a year, she is still learning her way around the physical and social climate, figuring out how to connect as a newbie with kids who have known each other their whole lives. Gracie also has visions, premonitions of the past and future. As Gracie starts to realize her visions are connected to the dead body, the pieces of her father and Shay's past come together. Gracie learns that her father lived on the island 20 years before and that her mother fell in love with him then. She also learns that Shay's love of the island and her protection of its wetlands are also connected to the dead body and her father. Gracie must think fast to put the pieces together before time runs out and there is more than one dead body on Beewick Island. Holley Wiseman, MLS, Columbus, OH
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Author:Wiseman, Holley
Article Type:Book review
Date:Mar 1, 2006
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