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Watering Made Easy Sprinkler Stations Popping Up All Over.

KINGWOOD, Texas -- "I just got tired of struggling with my lawn sprinkler..." is one reason given by Eric Eden, the president of Watering Made Easy, when asked what inspired him to develop the new "Sprinkler Stations." Apparently Eden is not alone; with their purchases, consumers across the U.S. are showing they want a new solution as well.

A straightforward concept, a Watering Made Easy Sprinkler Station is an underground sprinkler that works with a regular garden hose. Sprinkler Stations collapse level with the ground when they are not in use, out of the way of lawn mowing and other activities. Best of all, they stay aimed between waterings.

"These are perfect for consumers," says Eden. "They are so easy to install, people can do it themselves. The value of a Sprinkler Station registers with consumers because it is permanent solution with a retail price in line with basic surface sprinklers."

No more dragging a sprinkler into the yard and aiming and re-aiming it (while getting soaked), and then moving it to mow the grass. No more buying and collecting a pile of old sprinklers in the corner of your yard. No more bricks holding down your sprinkler or letting a spike bore a hole and fall over.

Place the included Quick Connector on a garden hose, turn on the water and click the hose onto the Sprinkler Station. The sprinkler head pops up and waters your lawn. Unplug the hose when you are finished, and the sprinkler head falls flush with the ground, and stays aimed.

Watering Made Easy offers three models of Sprinkler Stations, designed to water various shapes and areas.

* The Original Sprinkler Station is an impact sprinkler that sprays a large area, 70-foot diameter, part or full circle.

* The Sprinkler Station Jr. sprays a small/medium area, 30-foot diameter, part or full circle.

* The Sprinkler Station Squared can spray a small/medium area, 9 x 18 foot, 4 x 15 foot, or 4 x 30 foot rectangle.

Most people who buy Sprinkler Stations are not considering an automatic underground sprinkler system. They are tired of hassling with a surface sprinkler, but not comfortable with the cost and maintenance of an underground sprinkler system. Some people use a Sprinkler Station to reach a spot that their underground sprinkler system misses.

Watering Made Easy Sprinkler Stations are easy to get too. Lowe's Home Improvement Warehouses carry the Original Sprinkler Station and the Squared Sprinkler Station in all of their stores, along with other websites and retailers across the U.S. Watering Made Easy's website has a search feature to locate retail partners at and also has images and videos of Sprinkler Stations in use.

Watering Made Easy is bringing "Irrigation-Style" watering products to the hose-end sprinkler market. They are actively seeking additional retail partners who believe in offering quality, innovative products. They are also looking for landscape companies to resell and install Sprinkler Stations as well as homebuilders that believe in providing complete solutions for their customers.

Please see for more information. Contact Watering Made Easy at 1-877-280-4485 or by email at
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Date:Jun 13, 2007
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