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Waterborne Systems Additives from Polacryl.

Stamford, CT-based Polacryl, Inc. has introduced two additives specifically designed for waterborne systems applications. The first, Polacryl BR 200, is a sob vent-free polyurethane thickening agent used to adjust the rheology and aid in the leveling of solvent-free latex coatings. According to the company, its rheological properties enable formulators to adjust low shear rate viscosity while maintaining good high shear rate viscosity in most systems. In addition, BR 200 can improve color development, water resistance and storage stability while improving anti-settling characteristics and the body of latex resins, according to the company.

The second new additive from

Polacryl is B 123K, a versatile synthetic dispersant/surfactant that provides good water resistance and storage stability for water-based systems. According to the company, Polacryl B123K is semihydrophobic in nature and provides better water resistance than conventional acrylic dispersants in water-based systems with high PVC levels. In addition, B123K is compatible with a wide range of organic pigments and can be used in pigment paste formulations where it provides excellent color development.
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Publication:Ink World
Date:Feb 1, 2001
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