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Water-soluble antioxidant from Rosemary.

Vitiva introduces AquaROX, a water-soluble antioxidant rosmarinic acid with a concentration up to 70 percent for the health-oriented food processing markets. The product is completely soluble in water with multiple concentrations ranging from 5 to 70 percent of active ingredient. Rosmarinic acid is a well-known antioxidant but until now only relatively low concentrations products were commercially available. Rosemarinic acid also has antimicrobial and antimycotic properties. AquaROX can be used in all water-based applications for such products as energy beverages and bars, breakfast cereals and savory applications such as dressings or sauces. In many cases, it blends with other natural antioxidants to provide synergistic effects and is suitable for applications where it is important to preserve stability. AquaROX is highly concentrated and it contains fewer ingredients that can affect the organoleptic characteristics of food. Vitiva also offers a full range of deodorized oil-and water-soluble rosemary extracts at higher and lower concentrations and in powder and liquid forms.

Vitiva SI; Markovci, Slovenia; 386-2-7888-733;

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Title Annotation:NEW INGREDIENTS
Publication:Food Processing
Date:Feb 1, 2006
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