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Water-Based Trade Paint Formulations.

Water-Based Trade Paint Formulations By Ernest W. Flick (Noyes Publications, Mill Road at Grand Avenue, Park Ridge, NJ 07656, 1988, 697 pp., US$64.00). The book is a compilation of 562 water-based trade sales paint formulations and is an excellent addition to the author's book of industrial formulations.

Formulations are provided for a large range of trade sales products. Exterior coatings listed include white paints, trim enamels and tint bases with varied glosses. A similar selection of interior coatings is presented with the addition of various textured finishes. Stains, fire retardant coatings and primers are also included, in a separate section of the book.

The author has included, where available, a full range of descriptive information with each formulation. The properties listed include; viscosity, solids, density, pH, gloss, sag resistance, ease of application, grind, etc.

To aid formulators unfamiliar with the raw materials listed, a section of the book lists materials by trade name with their chemical description and the supplier's name. Further, a list of suppliers' addresses has been included to help the coating formulator to obtain more information.
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Date:May 1, 1989
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