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Project to support access rights to drinking water and sanitation in Fada N'Gourma (Eastern Region). Nov 15, 2016 140
United Kingdom : Secretary of State for Wales announces new deal on water in Wales. Nov 15, 2016 257
Water powers for Wales are welcomed. Nov 15, 2016 269
Use The Hydraulic Potential Of The Torrents Of Barberine, Water Black And Side Valley. Nov 11, 2016 509
Human rights perspective and prospects in the Nile Basin. Nov 6, 2016 9577
Esign Of Drinking Water, Connecting Networks Of Regional Planning. Oct 17, 2016 316
WSC Releases 2016 Update to Publication on Groundwater Rights in the U.S. Oct 17, 2016 453
Rfp - Water Rights Consultant. Sep 27, 2016 141
South Africa : Water Issues in Emalahleni Symptomatic of National Problem. Sep 16, 2016 224
European Commission urged to withdraw patronage from Israeli water conference. Conference news Sep 7, 2016 316
Esign Of Drinking Water, Connecting Networks Of Regional Planning. Aug 24, 2016 312
United States : Reclamation Extends Comment Period for Crow Tribe MR&I Water Supply Project Draft EA. Aug 9, 2016 143
United States : Akin Gump Joins Crow Tribe in Celebrating Full Enforceability of Landmark Water Settlement. Jul 21, 2016 265
Water Rights Consulting and Legal Services. Jul 16, 2016 103
10 Barrel ban banished. Brief article Jul 1, 2016 128
A blast from the past: the public trust doctrine and its growing threat to water rights. Smith, Milan D., Jr. Jun 22, 2016 9455
Come and "take" it: whooping cranes, Texas water rights, Endangered Species Act liability, and reconciling ecological scientific testimony within the context of proximate causation. Miller, Brett A. Author abstract Jun 22, 2016 6094
Come and "take" it: whooping cranes, Texas water rights, Endangered Species Act liability, and reconciling ecological scientific testimony within the context of proximate causation. Miller, Brett A. Jun 22, 2016 13340
United States : Katie Brossy Selected As One of Bisnows Top Lawyers Under 40. Jun 15, 2016 419
Provision of sanitation water rights for indigenous. Jun 10, 2016 101
Contract attorney services for government law, water rights and other legal matters. May 16, 2016 135
Contract attorney services for government law, water rights and other legal matters. Apr 30, 2016 133
Contract Attorney Services for Government Law, Water Rights. Apr 29, 2016 107
In Major Water Case, Win for Ranchers is Loss For Cities. Feb 19, 2016 920
Title, surveying, appraisal and water rights. Dec 13, 2015 105
#5278 water rights. Oct 27, 2015 123
Canada : ALTERRA POWER to acquire water rights for 4 Hydroelectric Projects. Oct 22, 2015 134
India denying Pakistan's water rights violation of international water agreements: Rabbani. Oct 13, 2015 309
A missed opportunity for whooping cranes - and western water authorities - on the Texas Gulf Coast. Sandford, Jonah Sep 22, 2015 7261
Provision of judicial processing water rights. Jul 21, 2015 105
Budapest iii. district csillaghegyi bay is flood control projects related to water rights and the preparation of tender documentation licensee design plans. Jul 2, 2015 239
Markets vs. drought: is parched California fertile ground for property rights and prices for water? Bailey, Ronald Jul 1, 2015 1124
Premier: Syria and Iraq have rights to Euphrates water which Turkey has no right to deny. Jun 17, 2015 199
Turkey's rivers cry for life in Murat Germen's photos. Apr 20, 2015 601
Water Ruling Cuts State's Power in Droughts. Apr 2, 2015 1039
United States : INTERIOR SECRETARY enters into water agreement for NORTHERN NEVADA. Mar 3, 2015 133
United States : Interior Secretary signs water-rights agreement for NORTHERN NEVADA. Mar 2, 2015 136
United States : FLATHEAD water rights contract receives approval from MONTANA WATER Commission. Jan 15, 2015 183
When every drop counts: addressing hydrologic connectivity as a climate change issue. Lindsey, Max Dec 22, 2014 10514
Water Rights and Storage Acquisition. Nov 7, 2014 201
San Vicente Diversion and Pipeline. Oct 11, 2014 211
Fighting for water rights. Wilson, Kyle; Speicher, Steve; Bachman, Brett; Gifford, Todd; deLorimier, Mike, Jr.; Keadle, Haygood Letter to the editor Oct 1, 2014 1198
"Water for life". Oct 1, 2014 421
The human right to water. Brief article Oct 1, 2014 134
Implementing the Human Right to Water and Sanitation: Contribution to core business of WaterLex. Sep 17, 2014 371
Water Rights Settlement. Sep 3, 2014 289
Concierge Auctions to sell 'The Best of the West' with Anselmo Vineyards ranch property. Aug 15, 2014 1074
United States : U.S. Forest Service Seeks Public Comment on a Proposed Rule Addressing Ski Area Water Rights on Forest Service Lands. Jun 19, 2014 457
Canada : KINROSS GOLD CORP plans to amend existing water agreement. Jun 12, 2014 273
March Organized near Jericho In support of Palestinian Water Rights. Mar 15, 2014 214
State rejects water rights bid. Mar 15, 2014 666
Taking groundwater. Owen, Dave Feb 1, 2014 6096
Taking groundwater. Owen, Dave Feb 1, 2014 21712
Egyptians' right to clean water being violated: ECESR. Jan 25, 2014 268
Ranchos Water Co. acquires water rights to increase supply reliability. Jan 7, 2014 503
Provide alternative solutions and administrative courts to / as user / as the area of ??influence tinguiririca river, with irregularities in the state of your rights to use of surface water. Nov 5, 2013 123
Govt will protect Pakistan's water rights: Asif. Oct 26, 2013 243
The National Youth Project: right to water. Locke, Brianna Oct 1, 2013 529
Procurement of services for the regulation of water rights of indigenous people in the region of magallanes and chilean antarctica. Sep 26, 2013 110
Water Rights Restricted Along the San Saba. Sep 6, 2013 605
Yaqui Indians claim aqueduct in Sonora state infringes on tribal water rights. Navarro, Carlos Jul 31, 2013 1633
Yemen, UNICEF review efforts to encounter child recruitment. Jul 13, 2013 139
Exploration, design, documentation, planning and water rights and environmental remediation work. Jul 5, 2013 117
Shale oil and gas state regulatory issues and trends. Kulander, Christopher S. Jun 22, 2013 17129
Reconciling the carbon market and the human right to water: the role of suppressed demand under clean development mechanism and the gold standard. Williams, Mark; Murthy, Sharmila Jun 22, 2013 21228
UAE favours Arab states' right to safe water. Jun 7, 2013 200
UAE stands for Arab states' right to safe and healthy water, says MoEW. Jun 6, 2013 208
Lakitelek - thermal design and construction of water rights. Feb 27, 2013 168
Audio: Bill Aims to Calm Interstate Tension Over Water Rights. Feb 13, 2013 128
Is required to engage the services of a professional who serves in part, provided technical support functions for the implementation of the securities sanitation water rights of the commune of birth. Feb 1, 2013 135
Water services. Jan 18, 2013 107
Changing Face of Water Rights speaker Bill Weathersby, CEO of Energy Water Solutions, Addresses Hydraulic Frack Water Recycling at Texas Bar Course. Jan 16, 2013 578
Vidler Water Company and City of Scottsdale Reach Agreement to Sell Land and Water Rights for Two Golf Courses in Scottsdale, Arizona. Dec 5, 2012 237
Lake Columbia Water Rights Granted to Tomlin Infrastructure Group. Nov 12, 2012 532
Keeper Springs(TM) Natural Spring Water Donates More Than $145,000 To Waterkeeper Organizations Nationwide. Nov 12, 2012 963
Veneta begins work on new water supply. Oct 26, 2012 786
Dam removal in the Pacific Northwest: lessons for the nation. Blumm, Michael C.; Erickson, Andrew B. Sep 22, 2012 11321
Dam removal in the Pacific Northwest: lessons for the nation. Blumm, Michael C.; Erickson, Andrew B. Sep 22, 2012 18052
Equity and the Colorado River compact. Robison, Jason A.; Kenney, Douglas S. Sep 22, 2012 10434
Equity and the Colorado River compact. Robison, Jason A.; Kenney, Douglas S. Sep 22, 2012 18446
Strife on the Nile: the battle for water rights. Moon, Sarah Sep 22, 2012 1174
Saudi Arabia Calls for Supporting Right of Access to Safe Drink Water. Sep 20, 2012 161
"Water rings" make watering a snap. Neal, Philip Jul 1, 2012 107
NEW FROM WALES. Jun 30, 2012 201
Less water, same leaks. Jun 18, 2012 360
General Moly Announces Nevada State District Court Order Supporting Nevada State Engineer's Approval of Mt. Hope Water Rights. Jun 14, 2012 635
Oman : SOHAR FREE ZONE inks water services deal with MAJEES TECHNICAL SERVICES. May 31, 2012 187
Freezone Sohar, Majis ink pact. May 30, 2012 532
Water Services Agreement Signed. May 29, 2012 224
Eureka Moly Looks Forward to Upcoming Water Rights Appeal Hearing after Eureka County Rejects Good Neighbor Offer. Mar 21, 2012 837
National mobilization in defense of water in Peru. Chanduvi, Elsa Jana Feb 24, 2012 1559
Protect McKenzie water. Editorial Feb 23, 2012 648
Palestine, France Discuss Preparations for Water Forum. Feb 9, 2012 147
Palestine, France Discuss Preparations for Water Forum. Feb 9, 2012 147
French Min. meets Palestinian, Mediterranean Union officials. Feb 8, 2012 190
Growing crops and saving water in the west. Jan 1, 2012 1170
The legacy of Schodde V. Twin Falls Land and Water Company: the evolving reasonable appropriation principle. Tarlock, A. Dan Jan 1, 2012 13633
Legal convergence of East and West in contemporary American water law. Abrams, Robert Haskell Jan 1, 2012 14145
Water rights, markets, and changing ecological conditions. Adler, Jonathan H. Jan 1, 2012 10167
Defining riparian rights as "property" through takings litigation: is there a property right to environmental quality? Craig, Robin Kundis Jan 1, 2012 19686
Public funding programs for environmental water acquisitions: origins, purposes, and revenue sources. Benson, Reed D. Jan 1, 2012 25816
Wilderness, water, and climate change. Zellmer, Sandra Jan 1, 2012 33210
Oregon's public trust doctrine: public rights in waters, wildlife, and beaches. Blumm, Michael C.; Doot, Erika Jan 1, 2012 24285
Washington Supreme Court Sides with JZ Knight Against City of Yelm in Water Rights Case. Dec 15, 2011 673
Women's Earth Alliance: training women in water and sanitation. Kramer, Melinda Dec 13, 2011 357
Judge Rules in Favor of Klamath Tribes in Water Rights Case. Dec 13, 2011 562
Bombay Slum Dwellers Fight for Water, Captured by Video Volunteers' Community Video. Dec 9, 2011 796
Policies on water and sanitation hailed. Jacobs, Clemencia Oct 28, 2011 446
Afghans rebuff Iran's complaints about dam. Sep 30, 2011 234
South Sudan seeks membership of the Nile Basin Initiative. Sep 25, 2011 889
Suleiman speech at UN: Lebanon committed to UN decisions and STL--will uphold territorial water rights. Sep 22, 2011 665
Tonkon Torp Attorney Pens Timely New Book on Oregon Water Law. Sep 22, 2011 376
Mastering the evidence: improving fact finding by international courts. Payne, Cymie Sep 22, 2011 15676
No taps, no toilets: First Nations and the constitutional right to water in Canada. Boyd, David R. Sep 1, 2011 22983
Israel Exploits 90% of Shared Water Resources, says Official. Aug 28, 2011 972
Two Rivers Completes Financing and Expands Irrigated Farmland Portfolio by 2,500 Acres. Aug 24, 2011 877
Boenning & Scattergood Completes Second Capital Raise for Colorado Water Rights and Farming Development Company. Aug 24, 2011 403
Growing crops and saving water in the west. Comis, Don Aug 1, 2011 1169
Open House Featuring Systems Designed to Keep Colorado Farms in Profitable Operation and Allow Alternative Uses for Water Rights. Jul 27, 2011 377
GAP could harm Kurdistan economy. Jul 16, 2011 723
Home ownership a pipe dream. Jacobs, Clemencia Jul 15, 2011 524
General Moly Announces Water Rights Approval for Mt. Hope Project. Jul 15, 2011 1021
NAMIBIA : Independent UN expert urges Namibia to expand access to sanitation services. Jul 12, 2011 386
Transitioning to a sustainable energy economy: the call for national cooperative watershed planning. Drobot, Ann E. Jun 22, 2011 33547
In Austin, Growing Water Needs and Conservation. Jun 22, 2011 1551
Hakeem calls for enacting agreement with Turkey guaranteeing Iraq's water rights. Jun 1, 2011 200
General Moly Provides Project Update. May 12, 2011 1056
Celebrate Earth Month with Atelier Aveda Salons. Apr 1, 2011 642
Ten pots in thirty minutes: the daily struggle for water in Mumbai. Cox, Priti Gulati; Cox, Stan Mar 22, 2011 2684
Boenning & Scattergood Completes Investment Banking Transaction Involving Colorado Water Rights and Farming Development Company. Mar 3, 2011 399
Rethinking responsibility in radiography: some ethical issues in South Africa. Etheredge, Harriet Report Mar 1, 2011 3269
Views from our website. Feb 15, 2011 359
Bellingham asks state to ban new wells in Lake Whatcom watershed. Feb 1, 2011 506
Midway Obtains Water Rights for Pan Gold Project, Nevada. Jan 10, 2011 1221
Reforming a western institution: how expanding the productivity of water rights could lessen our water woes. Behnampour, Leila C. Jan 1, 2011 14623
Demosprudence in comparative perspective. Ray, Brian Jan 1, 2011 30485
The right to clean water is absolute. Dec 31, 2010 318
The economic institutions of water. Libecap, Gary Dec 22, 2010 3089
A new look for CLF: John Kassel talks about why we need it and why now. Kassel, John Dec 22, 2010 576
Mughsayl Beach among top 10 destinations. Dec 21, 2010 442
Water rights are key for Bridgeport. Fehrenbacher, Lee Nov 1, 2010 1513
Nailing down water rights. Oct 31, 2010 582
Al-Moallem: Israel's Drawing of Masada Water Violation of International Law,C*International Community, UN Called on to Halt Such Violations. Oct 25, 2010 293
Amnesty: Illegal Israeli Settlement Plans Threaten Palestinian Human Rights. Oct 19, 2010 573
Economic downturn leads to new threats of water privatization. Price, Nancy Sep 22, 2010 1120
The development of water rights in Colorado: an empirical analysis. Penn, David A.; Zietz, Joachim Sep 22, 2010 7150
Climate change adaptation: a collective action perspective on federalism considerations. Glicksman, Robert L. Sep 22, 2010 18633
The right to water: world water scarcity makes the right to access a key question. Carlson, Sheryle Reprint Aug 21, 2010 1773
The right to water. Gombos, Shannon Aug 17, 2010 348
Children have right to clean water; VOICE OF THE NORTH. Aug 3, 2010 245
Philippines : Security Bank signs P200M term loan. Jul 27, 2010 247
World Water Activists Urge the UN General Assembly to Vote for the Human Right to Water and Sanitation. Jul 23, 2010 851
Open House Featuring Systems Designed to Keep Colorado Farms in Profitable Operation and Allow Alternative Uses for Water Rights. Jul 15, 2010 369
Abul Gheit tries to convince Ethiopia to Amend position on water rights. Jul 9, 2010 335
UN Set to Finally Recognize Fundamental Human Right to Water. Jul 8, 2010 483
SABESP Announces Agreement and Contract with the Municipality of Sao Paulo. Jun 23, 2010 659
Upstream states challenge Egypt's dominance over Nile waters. Jun 16, 2010 999
Group objects to Veneta water plan. Jun 16, 2010 887
Selling EWEB water to Veneta is a win-win for both cities. Jun 7, 2010 775
It's easy to get in trouble in Europe's water sector. Haworth, David; Rigg, Paul; Adendoorf, Lee; Marseilles, Makki; Berry, E. Blake; Labedays, Florence; Jun 1, 2010 1208
Cairo "receives assurances" from Nile basin countries on water rights. May 27, 2010 614
Veneta's water deal perused by Eugene. May 13, 2010 794
A global water apartheid: from revelation to resolution. Kornfeld, Itzchak May 1, 2010 13657
General Moly Announces Nevada District Court Remands Mt. Hope Water Rights Decision Back to State Engineer. Apr 26, 2010 792
Minister stresses Egypt's right to Nile water in Parliament. Apr 20, 2010 404
Egypt reasserts Nile water rights. Apr 20, 2010 306
Economic analysis - Water Resources for the Powerful? Apr 19, 2010 1093
The competition for water: striking a balance among social, environmental, and economic needs. Bjornlund, Henning Apr 1, 2010 15519
Keepers of the water: MN metro's groundbreaking program women and water rights. Bessler, Carol Mar 22, 2010 1013
Sharing the burden of water supply protection: restricting development rights in order to protect water supplies increases a community's property values but decreases the value of downzoned properties. Dehring, Carolyn A.; Depken, Craig A., II Mar 22, 2010 3333
Dams and politics in Turkey: utilizing water, developing conflict. Jongerden, Joost Mar 22, 2010 3809
Andhra stuck with Krishna's downside. Mar 22, 2010 319
Research and Markets: Sustainable Management of Water Resources in Agriculture. Mar 17, 2010 405
Andes water dispute illustrates balance between climate, livelihood. Fraser, Barbara J. Mar 5, 2010 716
Arab league pleads for preserving, developing water resources. Mar 4, 2010 224
Over 7 mln children in Egypt deprived of basic rights, says study. Feb 18, 2010 658
Harrison Resource Corporation Announces One of the Largest Commercial Land and Water Rights Portfolios in Colorado History. Feb 17, 2010 658
Feeling browned off about blue-sky thinking, or just need to touch base? Offices differ in their use of jargon. Jan 8, 2010 885
SPLM's Edward Lino says Abyei not bothered by messeriya cries. Jan 6, 2010 354
Australian farmers battling a decade of drought. Jan 4, 2010 1381
The economic urgency of water rights. Ahenakew, Lee Jan 1, 2010 756
A delicate balance: Connecticut's minimum water flow statute. Kaufman, Bryce Jan 1, 2010 4939
Water falls; On the web. Dec 10, 2009 331
Jordan takes part in ESCWA regional workshop. Dec 1, 2009 193
FBC licenses new technology. Nov 26, 2009 163
Sleiman urges government to implement reforms. Nov 16, 2009 715
Freshwater Launches FW Private Label Water Activation Brand. Nov 13, 2009 433
Water cut fears for schoolkids. Nov 12, 2009 162
Amnesty: Palestinians Denied Fair Access to Water. Oct 27, 2009 1237
Palestinians denied fair access to water: new Amnesty International report to be released next week. Oct 21, 2009 104
Satellites track landAAEs consumption of water. Oct 12, 2009 960
Fitch Rates New Braunfels (Texas) Utility System Revs 'AA-'; Outlook Stable. Oct 1, 2009 735
Springboks are quick to play down their chances of a dominant performance in the Tri-Nations now. Sep 2, 2009 328
EPA takes new steps to improve water quality. Sep 1, 2009 210
The Dead Sea is for us: Palestinian youth affirm their right to the Dead Sea despite Israeli actions. Aug 21, 2009 558
The Dead Sea is for us: Palestinian youth affirm right to walk on beach despite Israeli actions. Aug 21, 2009 558
Syria, Jordan agreed on common border demarcation. Aug 8, 2009 151
Rethinking robotic deployment: put away your spreadsheets of specifications and start thinking about process advantages that can be realized through the application of robots. Vasilash Gary S. May 1, 2009 913
The water crisis in Biantyre City and its impact on women: the cases of Mabyani and Ntopwa, Malawi. Chipeta, Lucy Case study May 1, 2009 8117
The impact of institutional degradation on pastoral livelihoods in the Horn of Africa: the case of the Borana of Ethiopia. Ogbaharya, Daniel G. Report Mar 22, 2009 9832
Avoiding the problem of the commons in a communist society: the role of water rights in the enforcement of environmental law in China. Schiller, Sonja Jan 1, 2009 11352
International arbitration - ICSID jurisdiction under NAFTA - Bayview Irrigation District v. United Mexican States, ICSID Case No. ARB(AF)/05/1, award 19 June 2007. Shapiro, Nick Dec 22, 2008 2939
The public management of water resources in South Africa. Pienaar, G.J.; van der Schyff, E. Report Jun 22, 2008 7429
Aboriginal communities denied rights to safe drinking water. Couture, Joe Jun 1, 2008 1779
From universal prescriptions to living rights: local and indigenous water rights confront public-private partnerships in the Andes. Boelens, Rutgerd Report Mar 22, 2008 8016
On thin ice: water rights and resource disputes in the Arctic Ocean. Gunitskiy, Vsevolod Essay Mar 22, 2008 5284
The appraisal of water rights: valuation methodology. Herzog, Steven J. Cover story Mar 22, 2008 6541
The appraisal of water rights: their nature and transferability. Herzog, Steven J. Jan 1, 2008 4998
Thou shall not covet thy neighbor's water: a look at the journey both Texas and the Middle East must embark upon to solve the kinks in their water regulation. Frederick, James A. Jan 1, 2007 10677
Interest on overpayments by S corporations. Metrejean, Cheryl T. Nov 1, 2006 636
The first half century of western water reform: have we kept faith with the rivers of the west? Wilkinson, Charles Sep 22, 2006 4595
Sometimes a great notion: Oregon's instream flow experiments. Achterman, Gail Sep 22, 2006 15074
The mirage of Indian reserved water rights and western streamflow restoration in the McCarran amendment era: a promise unfulfilled. Blumm, Michael C.; Becker, David H.; Smith, Joshua D. Sep 22, 2006 26892
The use of state instream flow laws for federal lands: respecting state control while meeting federal purposes. Amos, Adell Louise Sep 22, 2006 24921
"Adequate progress," or rivers left behind? Developments in Colorado and Wyoming instream flow laws since 2000. Benson, Reed D. Sep 22, 2006 15305
At the confluence: Oregon's instream water rights law in theory and practice. Pilz, Robert David Sep 22, 2006 18381
The Nez Perce water rights settlement and the revolution in Indian country. Hays, Alexander, V Jun 22, 2006 15997
Who's minding the water in Southern Alberta? Wenig, Michael M. Editorial Dec 1, 2005 839
Judicial regrets and the case of the Cushman Dam. Rodgers, William H., Jr. Jun 22, 2005 9049
The new water wars: on the Missouri and rivers further east, dying industries control the flow and leave emerging businesses high and dry. Lambrecht, Bill May 1, 2005 4314
Return Palestinian water rights if not land: a proposal. Frederiksen, Harald Mar 22, 2005 3222
"The Supreme Court of Science" speaks on water rights: the National Academy of Sciences Columbia River report and its water policy implications. Benson, Reed D. Jan 1, 2005 26407
Frankenstein and pitbull? Transmogrifying the Endangered Species Act and "fixing" the San Juan-Chama Project after Rio Grande Silvery Minnow v. Keys. Hasenstein, Ethan R. Sep 22, 2004 22583
Snapple USA. Dobie, Monica May 1, 2004 109
Water grab? Springs, Pueblo vie for Arkansas River to slake different thirsts. Luzadder, Dan Oct 1, 2003 1488
Water dispute resolution in the West: process elements for the modern era in basin-wide problem solving. Cosens, Barbara A. Sep 22, 2003 32490
The anatomy of a deal: a close look at the World Bank's plans to privatize Ghana's water system. (Word Bank/IMF Privatization Mania). Weissman, Robert Sep 1, 2002 5312
Unquenched thirst: There's no end in sight for the U.S.-Mexico water dispute. (Spotlight). Lee, Morgan Brief Article Jul 1, 2002 715
The Tulare case: water rights, the Endangered Species Act, and the Fifth Amendment. Benson, Melinda Harm Jun 22, 2002 20114
Western property rights victory. (Insider Report). Brief Article Feb 25, 2002 295
Priority: the most misunderstood stick in the bundle. Hobbs, Gregory J., Jr. Jan 1, 2002 9390
Tough choices: endangered species are keeping some landowners thirsty. Raloff, Janet Dec 1, 2001 2493
Conflict comes to roost! The Bureau of Reclamation and the federal Indian trust responsibility. Shepherd, Harold Sep 22, 2001 24288
Privatization Tidal Wave: IMF/World Bank Water Policies and the Price Paid by the Poor. Grusky, Sara Sep 1, 2001 3998
... And now for the Murray. Blanch, Stuart Brief Article Dec 1, 2000 651
Endangered Species Act enforcement and western water law. Filippi, David E. Sep 22, 2000 15692
Managing reputations. Brief Article Jun 1, 2000 513
Water Costs Will Rise as Availability Diminishes. Brief Article Apr 1, 2000 323
High Court Clarifies Equal Protection's Scope; Keeps Limit on Local Liability. Parnas, Susan M. Brief Article Mar 6, 2000 792
Stakeholders and Water Rights in Montana: An Introduction. Horwich, John Dec 22, 1999 1029
Water Law and the American West. Cross, Raymond Dec 22, 1999 2987
Industry and Hydroelectric Water Rights. Franz, Holly Dec 22, 1999 1916
Water Rights/Fights in the Agricultural Community. Moore, Jim Dec 22, 1999 2878
To clear the muddy waters: tribal regulatory authority under section 518 of the Clean Water Act. Cutler, Regina Sep 22, 1999 11295
Blue gold: the political economy of water trading in Canada. Freeman, Aaron Apr 1, 1999 2686
The 1997 water rights settlement between the state of Montana and the Chippewa Cree tribe of the Rocky Boy's Reservation: the role of community and of the trustee. Cosens, Barbara A. Dec 22, 1998 17450
Maintaining the status quo: protecting established water uses in the Pacific Northwest, despite the rules of prior appropriation. Benson, Reed D. Dec 22, 1998 20284
Beneficial use, waste, and forfeiture: the inefficient search for efficiency in western water use. Neuman, Janet C. Dec 22, 1998 39345
Partial forfeiture of water rights: Oregon compromises traditional principles to achieve flexibility. Koehl, Krista Dec 22, 1998 16276
Federal acquisition of water through voluntary transactions for environmental purposes. Simon, Benjamin M. Oct 1, 1998 6459
A case for the extension of the public trust doctrine in Oregon. Yates, Scott B. Jun 22, 1997 17171
Instream rights & invisible hands: prospects for private instream water rights in the Northwest. Sterne, Jack Mar 22, 1997 19360
Water for growing communities: refining tradition in the Pacific Northwest. Carpenter, Janis E. Mar 22, 1997 11198
Western Water reports 84% revenue and 52% asset increase in 1996. Jul 5, 1996 861
Redefining federal public lands in Alaska. Nockels, Joan M. Case Note Jun 22, 1996 17455
Water rights and the common wealth. Freyfogle, Eric T. Mar 22, 1996 14035
Seven myths of Northwest water law and associated stories. Blumm, Michael C. Mar 22, 1996 8674
A watershed issue: the role of streamflow protection in Northwest river basin management. Benson, Reed D. Mar 22, 1996 24442
Leasing water rights for instream flow uses: a survey of water transfer policy, practices, and problems in the Pacific Northwest. Crammond, James D. Mar 22, 1996 18019
Rivers of conflict, rivers of peace. Lowi, Miriam R. Jun 22, 1995 7999
American Indian reserved water rights: the federal obligation to protect tribal water resources and tribal autonomy. Liu, Sylvia F. Mar 22, 1995 18897
Interpreting the ecological integrity myth: a response to Professor Blumm. Hobbs, Gregory J., Jr. Jul 1, 1994 5333
Pinchot, property rights, and western water: a reply to Gregory Hobbs. Blumm, Michael C. Jul 1, 1994 1788
Federal foray into state water rights? Apr 1, 1994 468
Water: whose water is it anyway? Keen, Montague Feb 1, 1994 1574
Ecological integrity, new Western myth: a critique of the Long's Peak report. Hobbs, Gregory J., Jr. Jan 1, 1994 4737
The rhetoric of water reform resistance: a response to Hobbs' critique of Long's Peak. Blumm, Michael C. Jan 1, 1994 6827
The public interest in Western water. Babbitt, Bruce Jul 1, 1993 3503

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