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Water residuals to reduce soil phosphorus. (reprint, 2006).


Water residuals to reduce soil phosphorus. (reprint, 2006)

DeWolfe, James.

IWA Publishing


89 pages




Sponsored by three utilities concerned with managing water treatment residuals (WTRs) generated by drinking water treatment facilities, this research study examines their possible beneficial use for improved nutrient management of agricultural lands by controlling the release of phosphorous from agricultural soils. The conclusions evaluate the level of phosphorous reduction achieved when aluminum- and iron-based WTRs are incorporated in high phosphorous soils, when WTRs are blended with organic materials, and when WTRs are applied to a surface during rainfall. The sponsors are Pennsylvania American Water Company, Tulsa Metropolitan Utility Authority, and Denver Water. No index is provided. This is a reprint of the 2006 original edition.

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Date:Jun 1, 2008
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