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Water relief on the horizon for Katjinakatji residents.

Residents of Katjinakatji village in the Kavango West Region scramble for water as the only borehole left is busy drying up.

Councilor of the Mankumpi Constituency Lukas Muha told Nampa on Tuesday Katjinakatji has been suffering from lack of water now for a while and that it is time something is done to help the community of this village.

Muha said he approached the national water utility NamWater in 2016 on the issue and in the same year, they responded that six boreholes were going to be drilled at the village.

'After a year the six boreholes were drilled but then the project was abandoned right after that. Up to today, these boreholes were never installed,' the councilor explained.

Muha said he decided to follow up on the matter by writing numerous letters to the water utility and all response he got is that the project is huge and would require a lot of money.

'Now, as a result, the people of Katjinakatji are suffering. Currently, there is only one borehole giving water and just two weeks back I was informed the borehole is drying up,' he stressed.

This the councilor said can be confirmed by officials from the department of rural water supply who went to look at the borehole.

Muha said it would be better if NamWater could install one borehole whilst waiting for funds to install the rest of the boreholes at least as a temporary measure.

The residents he pointed out wait for the borehole to at least yield more water during the day and throughout the night and then scramble for water early in the morning where many go and queue up with containers to collect the rest of the water left in the ground.

'The situation is very bad and needs urgent attention,' Muha said.

Public Relations Officer of NamWater Johannes Shiwedha said he only knows that there is something in the pipeline that is coming up as part of the drought relief program.

He said NamWater has identified ten villages in the Zambezi, and the two Kavango regions to drill boreholes in reaction to lack of water in those areas.

'I tend to think this area is also covered,' he said.

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Publication:The Namibia Press Agency NAMPA (Windhoek, Namibia)
Date:Aug 13, 2019
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