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Northumbrian Water to install drainage pipe to reduce sea water contamination in Cullercoats Bay; It is hoped this could be the end of Cullercoats' water contamination worries. By, Austen Shakespeare Sep 20, 2022 588
LASEPA dispenses eco-friendly materials, exchanges 'trash for cash' in Itedo community. Sep 19, 2022 943
New Initiative to Solve the Problem of Treatment of Water Contaminated with Crude Oil: Polish-Omani scientific cooperation. By: Times News Service Sep 19, 2022 749
The danger of drinking unclean water. Sep 14, 2022 615
Lifting fracking ban is taking us backwards, says mayor. Sep 10, 2022 187
Rural Architectural Planning and Landscape Optimization Design under the Background of Ecological Environment Protection. Wu, Wei; Wang, Xuan; Liu, Dan; Su, Heng Sep 9, 2022 6597
Rubber bullets, teargas used during Katima demolitions. Sep 8, 2022 361
ADB to Support Preservation of Guilin in PRC. Sep 8, 2022 259
Emerging pollutants in water pose risks. Sep 8, 2022 813
Evaluation of different Starch Binders on physical quality of fish feed pellets/ Avaliacao de diferentes aglutinantes de amido na qualidade fisica de racoes para peixes. Karim, A.; Naila, B.; Khwaja, S.; Hussain, S.I.; Ghafar, M. Sep 7, 2022 3867
Awareness Level of Business Students regarding Drinking Water Safety and Associated Adulteration Accidents: A Multinomial Logistic Regression Approach. Zahid, R. M. Ammar; Khurshid, Muzammil; Khan, Wajid; Hong, Ziyue; Kasule, Hawa Aug 29, 2022 7772
Working toward China's 'dual carbon goals'. Aug 27, 2022 212
Collaborative Innovation Mechanism of Water Pollution Control Industry Chain Based on Complex Scientific Management. Yuan, Quan; Peng, Ting; Ming, Junren Aug 27, 2022 6987
Working toward China's 'dual carbon goals'. Aug 26, 2022 213
Almost out. Aug 26, 2022 185
NESREA Busts Ring Of Foreign Miners, Water Pollutants In Osun, Launches Investigation. Aug 25, 2022 438
Liz Truss accused of having 'sewage on her hands' as discharge 'doubled' after budget cuts; The Tory leadership frontrunner presided over efforts to slash £235m from the Environment Agency's budget when she was at Defra. By, Lizzy Buchan Aug 23, 2022 735
Political row after 'storm sewage' sparks water pollution alerts on Teesside beaches; Visitors to a number of Teesside beaches were advised not to swim due to high pollution levels. By, Alex O'Leary Aug 22, 2022 916
'Nothing out of the ordinary' or 'I won't let my kids in': Beachgoers on Saltburn water pollution; Despite the pollution risk warning, many visitors were spotted on Saltburn beach and in the sea. By, Alex O'Leary Aug 22, 2022 912
Mass death of fisheries in the marshes of Dhi Qar. Aug 21, 2022 177
Population and environment. Aug 17, 2022 422
Vital to store water and to use it wisely; letters. Aug 16, 2022 204
It's vital to store water and to use it wisely. Aug 16, 2022 198
Liberia: EPA Drops Water Pollution Claim against Bea Mountain. Aug 12, 2022 556
Future of Water/Wastewater Treatment and Management by Industry 4.0 Integrated Nanocomposite Manufacturing. Uwamungu, Jean Yves; Kumar, Pawan; Alkhayyat, Ahmed; Younas, Tasaddaq; Capangpangan, Rey Y.; Alguno, Aug 11, 2022 6894
Liberia: Wetlands Under Severe Threat. Aug 10, 2022 692
Bangladesh's environment at risk from improper e-waste management. Aug 7, 2022 749
Blue-water claim mum's mission to help her blind son; GERMAN SPECIALISTS GIVE BOY NEW HOPE Family's school poison row. Jennifer Hyland Aug 7, 2022 363
Egypt to Raise Awareness About Water Pollution Risks. Cairo - Asharq Al-Awsat Aug 6, 2022 251
Egypt launches major cleanup campaign along the Nile on September 17. Egypt Today staff Aug 5, 2022 344
Water Quality Prediction Based on SSA-MIC-SMBO-ESN. Kang, Yan; Song, Jinling; Lin, Zhuo; Huang, Liming; Zhai, Xiaoang; Feng, Haipeng Aug 3, 2022 6425
Abnormal Concentration Detection Method of Chemical Pollutants Based on Multisensor Fusion. Song, Wei Aug 2, 2022 6569
Fatty acid profile variations after exposure to textile industry effluents in Indian Major Carps/ Variacoes do perfil de acidos graxos apos exposicao a efluentes da industria textil nas principais carpas indianas. Zulqurnain; Sultana, S.; Sultana, T.; Mahboob, S. Jul 31, 2022 3987
Chemical and microbiological properties of Lake Aygir in Turkey and usage of drinking, fisheries, and irrigation/ Propriedades quimicas e microbiologicas do lago Aygir na Turquia e uso de bebidas, pescarias e irrigacao. Cavus, A.; Sen, F. Jul 31, 2022 6156
Novel PSO Optimized Voting Classifier Approach for Predicting Water Quality. Agrawal, Shweta; Jain, Sanjiv Kumar; Khatri, Ajay; Agarwal, Mohit; Tripathi, Anshul; Hu, Yu-Chen Report Jul 30, 2022 7025
Kalonzo pledges to prioritise cleaning of Athi river if Azimio wins. Jul 28, 2022 442
'Pollution busters' a click, call or WhatsApp away. Jul 28, 2022 778
'EIA compliance vital to stop environmental degradation'. Jul 21, 2022 416
Stop dumping factory waste into Chandona Barasia River, demand locals. Jul 21, 2022 206
DEC discusses Environment Plan. Jul 21, 2022 271
Unsafe water responsible for 60 per cent of diseases in developing countries - Minister. Jul 20, 2022 417
60 per cent of diseases from unsafe water, says Minister. Jul 20, 2022 438
Civic bodies coordination, accountability must to avert illegal constructions, encroachments: Experts. Jul 19, 2022 887
Water and Sanitation calls for prevention of water pollution during Mandela Day. Jul 19, 2022 437
Water and Sanitation calls for prevention of water pollution during Mandela Day. Jul 19, 2022 437
Intelligent Measurement and Analysis of Sewage Treatment Parameters based on Fuzzy Neural Algorithm with ARM9 Core CPU. Ma, Yaqi Jul 18, 2022 6023
Civic bodies coordination, accountability must to avert illegal constructions, encroachments: Experts. Jul 18, 2022 883
Diarrhea outbreak confirmed in Davao City. Jul 18, 2022 525
Blue-green algae, other parasites found in bathing sites in Estonia. Jul 12, 2022 340
Groundwater Suitability Evaluation Using Entropy Weightage Quality Index (EWQI) Model and Human Health Cancer Risk Assessment of Heavy Metal in Eastern India. Saw, Shivam; Singh, Prasoon Kumar; Mahato, Jaydev Kumar; Patel, Rohit; Dhopte, Deepak Naresh; Asenso Report Jul 12, 2022 5627
Department of Water and Sanitation calls on the public to clean rivers during Mandela month. Jul 6, 2022 420
Rain is a blessing but not for everyone. Jul 5, 2022 430
Redefining Waters of the United States (WOTUS): Recent Developments. Gatz, Laura; Bowers, Kate R. Report Jul 1, 2022 20603
Fly Over the Dye. Jul 1, 2022 318
The Importance of Sensors in Water Quality Research and Monitoring. Hjort, Robert; Gomes, Carmen Jul 1, 2022 2089
Effect of Cu Doping on ZnO Nanoparticles as a Photocatalyst for the Removal of Organic Wastewater. Khalid, Awais; Ahmad, Pervaiz; Khan, Abdulhameed; Muhammad, Saleh; Khandaker, Mayeen Uddin; Alam, Md Jun 30, 2022 7249
In EPA's Bea Mountain investigation: Residents alarm over delay. Jun 30, 2022 340
Effect of Corn Stalk Biochar on the Evolution of Water Evaporation and Cracking of Soil. Zhang, Dingyang; Lv, Qihang; Xu, Xinyang; Li, Bin; Sun, Min Jun 23, 2022 4961
Are Oysters Good for You? Benefits and Dangers. Jun 23, 2022 1151
Water Gap: Most Indian reservations do not have enforceable water quality standards--a regulatory hole that leaves tribes vulnerable to serious environmental pollution. Darrell, Jack Jun 22, 2022 3691
Cleantech in combatting climate change in Cambodia. Jun 18, 2022 1172
Pollution Affects Marine Life at Gunjur Lagoon. Jun 16, 2022 321
Ulaanbaatar residents consume an average of 150 million liters of water per day. Jun 15, 2022 624
Bioethics and environmental degradation. Jun 13, 2022 569
A silent killer in our midst. Jun 13, 2022 449
Short Communication - Sub-lethal Effects of Chlorpyrifos on Glutathione S-Transferase Activity and Total Protein Contents of fish, Labeo rohita. Siddique, Qaisra; Abdullah, Sajid; Naz, Huma; Abbas, Khalid; Shafique, Laiba; Liu Qingyou Report Jun 12, 2022 2175
Industrial units without treatment plants to be sealed, warns minister. Jun 11, 2022 308
Selangor Water Management Authority orders factory to stop effluent release after pollution detected in Sungai Langat. Jun 11, 2022 267
Study on the Dispersion of Radionuclides under Different Hydrological Conditions of Spent Fuel Shipping in Daya Bay. Chen, Liwei; Chen, Weihua; Lin, Jiazhen; Chen, Chunhua; Luo, Yalin; Tao, Longlong Jun 10, 2022 5500
Bioethics and environmental degradation. Jun 9, 2022 587
'We stand by our findings,' EPA tells Bea Mountain. Jun 7, 2022 251
Finite Element Study on Temperature Field of Underwater Dredging Devices via the Artificial Ground Freezing Method. Wu, Yuwei; Zeng, Hui; Hu, Jun; Ren, Xingyue; Xue, Xiang Report Jun 7, 2022 5156
Liberia: Bea Mountain Rejects EPA's 'Water Pollution' Claims. Jun 6, 2022 882
Chakpi River Cleaning Drive marks World Environment Day 2022 celebration. Jun 5, 2022 212
DC South chairs meeting to control water borne diseases. Jun 3, 2022 163
NFEH calls for resolution of environment issues in Pakistan. Jun 3, 2022 557
Tobacco industry worsening global pollution, deforestation, says expert. Jun 2, 2022 197
Cost-Sharing Mechanism of Water Pollution Control in Main and Subbasins Based on Stackelberg Game Model. Yang, Yaohong; Liu, Ying; Dai, Jing; Zeng, Yi Report Jun 2, 2022 6020
Housing min. participates in IFAT fair in Munich. Jun 1, 2022 260
Conservation in the News: Comparing News Coverage of Nutrient Reduction in Agricultural and Non-agricultural News Outlets in Iowa. Witzling, Laura; Wald, Dara M.; Williams, Eric Report Jun 1, 2022 7812
Learning to live with water scarcity. admin May 30, 2022 1155
Water contamination found at 29 places. May 29, 2022 458
11,000 litres of water to make one litre of milk? New questions about the freshwater impact of NZ dairy farming. Mike Joy May 29, 2022 904
Prediction of the Impact of Land Usage Changes on Water Pollution in Public Space Planning with Machine Learning. Lei, Baojie; Myung-Soo, Kim; Nurjahan, Report May 29, 2022 6396
Sex Talk: The mathematics of sex. Written by Carolyne Nakazibwe May 29, 2022 680
We need a plan to deal with climate change. May 28, 2022 297
Nema on spot over L.Victoria pollution by Chinese textile company. Written by THE OBSERVER TEAM May 27, 2022 957
With AI and Digital Twin to a sustainable water management. May 27, 2022 651
Bea Mountain: No abnormal condition at plant. May 25, 2022 249
Recent Advances and Perspectives on the Sources and Detection of Antibiotics in Aquatic Environments. Zeng, Yanbo; Chang, Fengqin; Liu, Qi; Duan, Lizeng; Li, Donglin; Zhang, Hucai May 25, 2022 11487
Water pollution is on the rise, warns environment prefect. May 24, 2022 959
Ministry urges conservation of groundwater resources. May 22, 2022 242
Vacate wetlands, zone farmers and embrace agribusiness. May 22, 2022 725
Ministry urges conservation of groundwater resources. May 22, 2022 242
Stop putting lives of patients at risk; RECORD VIEW. May 20, 2022 290
City conducts study to tackle water pollution in Hout Bay. Report May 19, 2022 585
Pollution responsible for 9 million deaths worldwide in 2019. May 19, 2022 371
Pollution killed nine million in 2019, new study reveals. EMILY BEAMENT Press Association May 18, 2022 488
Contaminated water, unhealthy food posing serious health hazards. May 16, 2022 967
Characterization of Fabricated Gold-Doped ZnO Nanospheres and Their Use as a Photocatalyst in the Degradation of DR-31 Dye. Verma, Neha; Jagota, Vishal; Alguno, Arnold C.; Alimuddin,; Rakhra, Manik; Kumar, Pawan; Dugbakie, B May 16, 2022 4874
Tap water contamination alert for estate residents. STAFF REPORTER Reporter May 14, 2022 930
Liberia: ArcelorMittal Needs to Be Seriously Checked and Monitored to Ensure Its Environmental Propriety. May 12, 2022 659
Liberia: Penalizing ArcelorMittal for Pollution. May 10, 2022 1159
Maritime Ministry, NTB gov't to tackle pollution in Bima Bay. Apr 29, 2022 313
Maritime Ministry, NTB gov't to tackle pollution in Bima Bay. Apr 28, 2022 308
Pollution fears halt glamping site plan. Apr 27, 2022 297
BoI, UNIDO Partners to Boost Industrial Energy Efficiency. Apr 26, 2022 616
BoI, UNIDO Partners to Boost Industrial Energy Efficiency. Apr 25, 2022 618
Determination of shear strength parameters of compacted high plasticity clay soils based on different laboratory tests. Yilmaz, Burak; Turkoz, Murat Apr 22, 2022 3071
BOI, UNIDO Collaborate On Industrial Energy Efficiency. Apr 21, 2022 408
Honda's recycling project aims to lessen land, water pollution. Apr 18, 2022 441
Drug pollution detected in Uganda water bodies. Apr 16, 2022 1061
Drug pollution detected in Uganda water bodies. Apr 16, 2022 1046
'City facing diseases due to water contamination'. Apr 13, 2022 315
'Karachi facing diseases due to water contamination'. Apr 12, 2022 317
'Better environment means better health' -- CHR. Apr 7, 2022 258
Health minister blames water pollution for Dhaka diarrhoea outbreak. Apr 7, 2022 255
Toxic waste. Iqra Jamal Apr 4, 2022 279
Toxic waste. Apr 4, 2022 275
Lecturer's invention helps clean river banks. Apr 1, 2022 478
Multidrug-Resistant Bacteria and Enterobacteriaceae Count in Abattoir Wastes and Its Receiving Waters in Limbe Municipality, Cameroon: Public Health Implications. Esemu, Seraphine Nkie; Aka, Tendongmo Kinsley; Kfusi, Achah Jerome; Ndip, Roland Ndip; Ndip, Lucy Ma Report Mar 31, 2022 6863
Role of Phytonanotechnology in the Removal of Water Contamination. Gole, Apurva; John, Diya; Krishnamoorthy, Karan; Wagh, Nilesh S.; Lakkakula, Jaya; Khan, Mohd Shahna Mar 29, 2022 14621
Forever Chemicals: What Are They? Vedant J, Writer Intern Mar 27, 2022 493
Dera people call for steps against Indus pollution. Mar 24, 2022 294
Commissioner urges people to save water in a message on Water Day. Mar 23, 2022 218
Commissioner urges people to save water in a message on Water Day. Mar 23, 2022 218
Red Hill: The Fight for Clean Water in Hawai'i. Uesugi, Kate Mar 22, 2022 1337
UNICEF Nigeria Warns Millions at Risk of Water Contamination Ailments. Mar 21, 2022 415
New water technology may solve scarcity of water resources during the dry season. Papa, Antonio G. Mar 18, 2022 951
Activists demand West Berkshire Council do more to stop Thames Water dumping sewage in rivers; Campaigners also want MPs to explain why they voted against plans to tighten pollution rules. By, Niki Hinman Mar 16, 2022 553
Experimental Study on the Principle of Oxygenation and Oxygenation Performance of Surface Blade Aerator. Xing, Pu; Yu, Chen; Li, Kangkang; Wu, Hui Mar 16, 2022 6746
LATEST COMPANY NEWS. Mar 16, 2022 19562
Comprehensively probe pollution along Laut Panjang coast: Walhi. Mar 9, 2022 301
The phosphate problem which is 'paralysing' planning developments puts this affordable housing scheme on hold; Projects which might add to water pollution in special areas of conservation in Wales are affected. By, Richard Youle Mar 7, 2022 646
Spatiotemporal Variations of Water Pollution-Intensive Enterprises and Influencing Factors in China's “Two Control Zone” Policy Using Spatial Statistics and Spatial Autoregressive Models. Dai, Fuqiang; Zhang, Xia; Li, Qing; Liu, Hao Report Mar 4, 2022 8643
Osere Stream Channel Turning Into Refuse Site, Open Defecation In Ikirun. Feb 25, 2022 420
Kromdraai Mine taken to task for water pollution. Feb 24, 2022 421
Discarded masks showing up more on Korea's beaches-green group. Feb 21, 2022 570
Homeowners face new driveway rules which could ban paving in front of houses; The new measures could impact homeowners and builders and bring more green spaces and less solid paving in efforts to help clean up Britain's waterways. By, Laura Sharman Feb 19, 2022 473
President Radev, Environment Minister Sandov Intend to Pool Efforts in Environmental Protection. Feb 16, 2022 220
Plastic's pernicious ramifications. MUHAMMAD AFZAL SHAIKH-GAMBAT Feb 14, 2022 315
Drive for clean, green Lahore launched. Feb 14, 2022 202
Ambient water quality: The Nigerian roadmap. Feb 13, 2022 1360
Drive for clean, green Lahore launched. Feb 13, 2022 252
Plastic's pernicious ramifications. MUHAMMAD AFZAL SHAIKH-Gambat. Feb 12, 2022 316
Strengthening Participatory Organization launched a campaign. Feb 12, 2022 724
Politics of pollution. Aneeqa Bashir Feb 11, 2022 875
We are coming for you, Abala tells encroachers. Feb 5, 2022 218
Water pollution. SYED MISAM ABBAS-Islamabad. Feb 4, 2022 269
Factory in Butterworth fined RM10,000 for discharging waste into public drain, says Penang DoE. Feb 1, 2022 189
Helping the suburbs reduce water pollution. GRACE KINNICUTT Capitol News Illinois Jan 30, 2022 755
Helping the suburbs reduce water pollution Reduce:. GRACE KINNICUTT Capitol News Illinois Jan 30, 2022 755
Minister relaunches pollution prevention plan as oil seeps into Rayong beach. Jan 30, 2022 205
Justices to weigh limits on reach of Clean Water Act. Associated Press Jan 26, 2022 209
Citrus sinensis and Musa acuminata Peel Waste Extract Mediated Synthesis of TiO[sub.2]/rGO Nanocomposites for Photocatalytic Degradation of Methylene Blue under Visible Light Irradiation. Olana, Mulugeta Hirko; Sabir, Fedlu Kedir; Bekele, Eneyew Tilahun; Gonfa, Bedasa Abdisa Jan 25, 2022 9548
Workable definitions of 'airsheds' in S. Asia urged. Jan 23, 2022 201
Water firm issues statement following mystery dog illnesses across England; Yorkshire Water posted a response over reports. By, Megan Banner & Rachel Hains Jan 21, 2022 216
Let's raise a glass to return of tequila fish. MICHAEL GREEN Jan 20, 2022 774
Water Keepers Bangladesh: Shyampur water has worst water quality. Jan 19, 2022 377
Farmers, miners clash in Umzingwane. Jan 17, 2022 449
Give hardworking farmers the credit they deserve. Jan 9, 2022 153
We'd be lost if there were no farmers. Jan 6, 2022 153
Numerical Modeling the Flood and Pollutant Transport Processes in Residential Areas with Different Land Use Types. Fang, Shulin; Ji, Yongpeng; Zhang, Mingliang Jan 6, 2022 6870
Israel Embassy accelerates stop pollution campaign. Jan 5, 2022 324
Water Management Programs Are Key to Managing Legionella Growth and Spread. Curtiss, Elaine; Hils, Janie; Kunz, Jasen Jan 1, 2022 1188
Effect of Land Use on Some Physical and Chemical Water Quality Parameters in the Sub-watersheds of Big Melen Stream. Citgez, Tarik; Karagul, Refik; Ozcan, Mehmet; Ozbayram, Ali Kemal Report Jan 1, 2022 6677
Environmental Systems Modelling and Analysis under Changing Conditions. Wang, Xander; Yang, Aili; Fenech, Adam; Cheng, Huiyan Dec 9, 2021 974
Bacteriological Analysis of Household Water at the Source and Point of Consumption at Karwar, India. Kukanur, F. Sneha; Sriprada, N.S.; Gouda, Sheetal Meghana, R.; Naveen, G.; Kotian, Swapna Clinical report Dec 1, 2021 5266
Association between Semen Microcystin Levels and Reproductive Quality: A Cross-Sectional Study in Jiangsu and Anhui Provinces, China. Xu, Dihui; Yu, Wen; Ma, Yuhan; Luo, Yang; Xu, Guanghui; Xiang, Zou; Chen, Yabing; Han, Xiaodong Report Dec 1, 2021 3357
Pronuclear Environmentalists: An Introduction to Ecomodernism. Gray, Terry M. Dec 1, 2021 4153
Environment minister: River conservation initiatives to be intensified as part of the National River Trail project. Nov 30, 2021 204
Bizarre: Anxiety as petrol surfaces in Ibadan community wells, stream. Nov 20, 2021 1577
Electricity production through plant. Laila Noor Nov 14, 2021 547
MS demands answers over 17-year raw sewage saga; FARM&COUNTRY Water company says it has no funding to fix the issue as'low impact and low frequency'. WITH ANDREW FORGRAVE By ANDREW FORGRAVE Rural Affairs Editor Nov 11, 2021 723
Water pollution of Pakistan. Saba Baran-Turbat, Kech Nov 11, 2021 490
River Fest to be observed November 27 to save Buriganga. Nov 10, 2021 358
Drinking Water Pollution in Quetta. Nov 5, 2021 698
Let's address climate change in Uganda. Nov 5, 2021 288
Progress Toward Global Eradication of Dracunculiasis, January 2020-June 2021. Hopkins, Donald R.; Weiss, Adam J.; Roy, Sharon L.; Yerian, Sarah; Cama, Vitaliano A. Nov 5, 2021 5220
A Review on Measurement of Concentration of Heavy Metals in the Muscles of Mugil cephalus. Fehmeeda Afzal, Sonia Tariq, Ashraf Nadeem, Samiullah, Jafar Iqbal, Khalil Hasni, Muhammad Aslam and Oct 30, 2021 6963
MDA Proposes N38bn For Environmental Preservation In 2022. Oct 25, 2021 367
Green Campus Project of IUB. Dr. Abid Rasheed Gill Oct 23, 2021 847
Experts: Balu River can be decontaminated with joint efforts. Oct 15, 2021 304
Bacteria trial helps boost hens' health and reduces ammonia. Oct 12, 2021 470
New approach is helping poultry farming; Trial at Farming Connect demonstration site optimises the environment in hen sheds. ANDREW FORGRAVE Rural Affairs Editor Oct 7, 2021 535
Tyson Fury sarcastically responds to Deontay Wilder "cheat" claims ahead of trilogy bout; Fury has made a reference to TV show Peaky Blinders when questioned about Wilder's glove tampering claims, saying they were loaded with "horseshoes and dynamite". By, Ben Davies Oct 6, 2021 559
Energypac webinar emphasizes significance of saving our rivers, transportation and its safety. Oct 3, 2021 258
Cancer child given 'accidental overdose'. KATHARINE HAY Oct 2, 2021 205
Pakistan waste water treatment. Sep 28, 2021 294
Parents set to speak out at hospital inquiry; Public hearing into infection cases at sick kids' hub. EDEL KENEALY Sep 22, 2021 426
Thirsty for Justice. Loftus-Farren, Zoe Interview Sep 22, 2021 2355
Survey of Microplastics in Synthetic Versus Natural Fiber Laundry Effluent. Sep 22, 2021 244
20-year masterplan to revive Dhaka's rivers in the works. Sep 18, 2021 709
Evaluation of Phytoremediation Potential of Vetiver Grass (Chrysopogon zizanioides (L.) Roberty) for Wastewater Treatment. Mahmoudpour, Mahdi; Gholami, Siamak; Ehteshami, Majid; Salari, Marjan Sep 16, 2021 6814
Penang Water Supply Corp calls for stricter penalties to avoid raw water pollution issues. Sep 6, 2021 240
210m-litre water wasted at auto service stations in Peshawar. Sep 3, 2021 164
Air Selangor: Water cuts again in 463 areas in Selangor and Putrajaya. Sep 3, 2021 258
Geophysical mapping of residual pollution at the remediated Incukalns acid tar lagoon, Latvia. Karuss, Janis; Lamsters, Kristaps; Porsnovs, Dmitrijs; Zandersons, Viesturs; Jeskins, Jurijs Report Sep 1, 2021 6292
Toxic exposure legislation gains steam. Sep 1, 2021 200
Redefining Waters of the United States (WOTUS): Recent Developments. Gatz, Laura; Bowers, Kate R. Report Sep 1, 2021 18768
EFFECTS OF PH, TEMPERATURE, IONIC STRENGTH AND ORGANIC MATTER ON TRICLOCARBAN SOLUBILITY. Ivan, Georgeta Ramona; Ion, Ion; Capra, Luiza; Ion, Alina Catrinel Sep 1, 2021 4728
Experts: Increasing youth engagement vital to protect rivers. Aug 31, 2021 446
Mega projects spur economic growth, but ruin environment and livelihoods. Aug 30, 2021 979
In Sabah, district office says will conduct periodic monitoring to avoid recurrence of smelly piped water in Papar. Aug 26, 2021 257
From the past pages of dawn: 1971: fifty years ago: Sea water pollution. Aug 24, 2021 236
DWS continues to implement measures to address water pollution. Aug 17, 2021 590
A Fix for Fixtures: Addressing Lead Contamination in West African Drinking Water. Seltenrich, Nate Aug 1, 2021 1196
Tertiary hospital sewage as reservoir of bacteria expressing MDR phenotype in Brazil/Esgoto de hospital terciario como reservatorio de bacterias expressando o fenotipo MDR no Brasil. Zagui, G.S.; Tonani, K.A.A.; Fregonesi, B.M.; Machado, G.P.; Silva, T.V.; Andrade, L.N.; Andrade, D. Aug 1, 2021 3928
DENR asks Manila Bay LGUs to regulate fish pens, cages. Jul 26, 2021 431
Egypt's Environment Ministry launches network to monitor water pollutants. Daily News Egypt Jul 25, 2021 296
A 'charter for the environment'. Syed Mohammad Ali Jul 24, 2021 583
Joining hands for dolphins. Jul 19, 2021 328
De Nora finalises deals of ultraviolet and chlorine dioxide disinfection technologies. Jul 13, 2021 412
Air Pahang deploys 300 static water tanks to Keratong, Rompin. Jul 11, 2021 245
DENR urges PCG to tighten watch on ships' discharge of wastewater. Jul 7, 2021 460
Gauteng residents urged to save water despite above average dam levels. Jul 6, 2021 191
Technical body approves revised PC-I of three sewage treatment plants. Jul 6, 2021 501
Noiseless Lagos has been a very successful campaign Ayokunle. Interview Jul 4, 2021 1563
Truth, Transparency, & Accountability. Halloran, Kate Jul 1, 2021 984
Green Synthesis of Dyes and Appliance on Silk by Using Metamordating Technique. Shamsheer, Bushra; Mughal, Tahira Aziz; Yousaf, Zubaida; Yasin, Hamna; Riaz, Nadia; Aftab, Arusa; Za Jul 1, 2021 4616
DIRECT FROM THE PRIVATE WATER NETWORK: Lessons Learned From Evaluating the Effectiveness of the Private Water Network. Tariq, Reem; Bare, Gina; Bliss, Jesse; Labbo, Rebecca; Dyjack, David T. Jul 1, 2021 2172
Environmental Medicine Update: Racial and Economic Disparities and Environmental Health. Marchese, Marianne Jul 1, 2021 2298
Risk Assessment of Arsenic and Cadmium in Groundwater of Talukas Ghorabari and Mirpur Sakro, Sindh, Pakistan. Abdul Raheem Shar, Ghulam Qadir Shar, Shafi Muhammad Wassan, Zubeda Bhatti, Abida Ali Shar and Noor- Jun 30, 2021 4949
Characterization of Alpha Bismuth Trioxide Nanoparticles and their Application for Catalytic Degradation of Xylene Cyanol FF Dye in Aqueous Solution. F. Akbar Jan, Rahat Ullah, Umar Shah, Muhammad Saleem, Naimat Ullah and Muhammad Usman Jun 30, 2021 3772
Snail clearout caused trail of destruction along river; DWR CYMRU FINED PS180,000 AFTER UNTREATED SEWAGE SPILL KILLED THOUSANDS OF FISH IN 9KM OF WATERWAY. GLYN BELLIS Daily Post Correspondent Jun 24, 2021 340
'Throw-away' mentality. Jun 22, 2021 844
WB approves over $440m for water, sanitation services in Punjab. Jun 21, 2021 609
World Bank approves $442m loan. Jun 20, 2021 256
WB approves $442m for improving access to water, sanitation services. Jun 20, 2021 579
World Bank approves $442m loan. Shahbaz Rana Jun 20, 2021 698
Pollution, a constant problem. Jun 18, 2021 172
Measuring the Pollutants in a System of Three Interconnecting Lakes by the Semianalytical Method. Ghosh, Indranil; Chowdhury, M. S. H.; Aznam, Suazlan Mt; Rashid, M. M. Jun 15, 2021 5020
Water purifiers market is expected to surpass $68.09bn by 2026. Jun 14, 2021 448
Pollution regulations threaten to 'cripple' Welsh farming; One farmer said new regulations will cost him PS70,000 and likely put him out of business after more than 60 years. Political editor Ruth Mosalski reports. Ruth Mosalski reports Jun 11, 2021 1163
Defusing a hazardous bomb. Jun 6, 2021 1464
'Sewage threat' t at' to park's wildlif; SHOCK REPORT REVEALS WATER WARNING FOR 'NATURAL HERITAGE' OF BEAUTY SPOT. NICK HORNER News Reporter Jun 2, 2021 375
Time To Protect Our Environment In Nigeria Is Now -Akande. Jun 1, 2021 659
Sources and Risk Factors for Nitrate and Microbial Contamination of Private Household Wells in the Fractured Dolomite Aquifer of Northeastern Wisconsin. Borchardt, Mark A.; Stokdyk, Joel P.; Kieke, Burney A., Jr.; Muldoon, Maureen A.; Spencer, Susan K.; Report Jun 1, 2021 17354
Quantitative Microbial Risk Assessment for Contaminated Private Wells in the Fractured Dolomite Aquifer of Kewaunee County, Wisconsin. Burch, Tucker R.; Stokdyk, Joel P.; Spencer, Susan K.; Kieke, Burney A., Jr.; Firnstahl, Aaron D.; M Report Jun 1, 2021 9784
Limnological Characteristics Reveal Metal Pollution Legacy in Lakes near Canada's Northernmost Mine, Little Cornwallis Island, Nunavut. Sivarajah, Branaavan; Michelutti, Neal; Wang, Xiaowa; Grooms, Christopher; Smol, John P. Report Jun 1, 2021 4467
Tracing the source of heavy metal pollution in water sources of tourist attractions based on GIS remote sensing/Trazabilidad de la contaminacion por metales pesados en fuentes de agua de atracciones turisticas a traves del Sistema de Informacion Geografica. Mo, Jianghong; Tian, Xinling; Shen, Wei Jun 1, 2021 8632
Authority, Afar and Oromia Regions Ink Agreement to work Jointly on Awash River Resource Management. May 29, 2021 309
Well Water Radium Study: The Story of Howard County, Maryland. Collins, Sarah E.; Nixon, Bertram F.; Curtis, Johnia Report May 26, 2021 3805
Food waste and It's Environmental impact. Roomana Hafeez May 25, 2021 1264
Water pollution. May 16, 2021 201
Conservation project brings native oysters back to the Clyde in yacht marina nurseries; Thousands of wild oysters are making a new home in the Clyde as part of a ground-breaking reintroduction project that aims to bring back the native species to waters around the UK where they were once common. Ilona Amos May 14, 2021 670
Scottish Water fined thousands after admitting its water pollution killed 500 fish; Scottish Water has been fined [pounds sterling]6,700 after admitting an incident of water pollution which resulted in the deaths of at least 500 fish. Douglas Barrie May 10, 2021 431
Renfrewshire children caught up in infection scandal at hospital; Young patients from the area among those who suffered. EDEL KENEALY May 7, 2021 524
Alarming Situation of Water Pollution in Pakistan. May 6, 2021 1091
Plastic pollution. RAGNI LUND-Sindh. May 6, 2021 317
'Plastic Pollution in Pakistan'. Aylia Nayab May 3, 2021 799
Racial stereotyping of indigenous people in the Canadian media: A comparative analysis of two water pollution incidents. Burns, Philippe; Shor, Eran Report May 1, 2021 11837
American Battery Metals files environmental and contruction permits for lithium battery recycling pilot plant in Nevada. Apr 30, 2021 303
Use of Bioballs as an Adsorbent for the Removal of Copper. Hakan Celebi Apr 30, 2021 4633
One-Pot Fabrication of K-Doped g-C3N4/SiO2 Composite with Enhanced Photocatalytic Activity for Degradation of Tetracycline. Min-keng He, Jin Zhang, Fang-yan Chen, Ke-keShu and Yu-bin Tang Apr 30, 2021 3678
Alarming Situation of Water Pollution in Pakistan. Apr 24, 2021 1285
Harare loses 50 percent wetlands in the last decade. Apr 22, 2021 161
Save animals and the planet by going vegan; LETTERS. Apr 21, 2021 224
Diarrhoea outbreak: 8 dead, thousands hospitalized across Barisal division. Apr 21, 2021 728
Characteristics of Flow Movement in Complex Canal System and Its Influence on Sudden Pollution Accidents. Luo, Maoyi; Zhang, Faxing; Song, Zhaoming; Zhang, Liyuan Report Apr 20, 2021 6804
Time for manufacturing sector to go green. Apr 18, 2021 1037
NGO Calls For Justice For Oil Impacted Rivers In Oil Communities. Apr 13, 2021 470
Fire at paint factory does not affect water supply in Selangor, says state exco. Apr 13, 2021 311
Better fish feed reduces pollution, farmers told. Apr 3, 2021 351
'Vital step' to cutting water pollution set to go through; Proposals under discussion with the aim to reduce sewage discharges by September 2022. PETER MADELEY Apr 3, 2021 347
'Vital step' to cut water pollution is given support following campaign. PETER MADELEY Apr 3, 2021 267
How do pesticides affect bats?--A brief review of recent publications/Como os pesticidas afetam os morcegos? --Uma breve revisao de publicacoes recentes. Oliveira, J.M.; Destro, A.L.F.; Freitas, M.B.; Oliveira, L.L. Apr 3, 2021 5776
On High Alert: Rising Risks of PFAS Claims and Litigation Capture New Attention. Chordas, Lori Apr 1, 2021 2836
China sees milestone progress in water resource protection: ministry. Mar 31, 2021 217
Seraiki youth's unique way to highlight Indus pollution. Mar 25, 2021 155
We need to pass strict constitutional protection of water and our right to water. Mar 22, 2021 325
Fatgbems Petroleum rectifies technical issue in Abeokuta outlet. Mar 19, 2021 528
Dumping of waste choking L. Victoria. Mar 18, 2021 416
Malaysian Nature Society says Sungai Ngulang can still be saved, urges Perlis govt to address pollution problem. Mar 15, 2021 282
Johor PKR urges its former Tebrau MP to tackle Sungai Kim Kim pollution now that he has the inside track. Mar 9, 2021 311
US EPA supports water testing services due to use of PFAs at airports. Mar 3, 2021 163
Designing Circularity into Corn-Soybean Systems. Basso, Bruno; Jones, James; Richard, Tom; Sukup, Charles; Verma, Lalit; Matlock, Marty; Mohtar, Rabi Mar 1, 2021 2557
Combating pollution. Sakib Sherani Feb 26, 2021 1113
HCM City approves water supply master plan. Feb 25, 2021 619
Assessment of the Hydrochemical Regime and Safety of Fish in Water Bodies of Karaganda Region, Kazakhstan. Aubakirova, Gulzhan; Adilbekov, Zhanat; Inirbayev, Assylkhan; Zhamanova, Assel; Akhmetov, Aibar Report Feb 24, 2021 2863
Baha Mar's Melia Nassau Beach Closing for Two Years. Feb 19, 2021 253
Baha Mar's Melia Nassau Beach Closing for Two Years. Feb 19, 2021 253
DeepVerge updates on production orders, capacity upgrades. Feb 18, 2021 575
Deepverge announce 'largest order book in Modern Waters' 30 yr history'. Feb 18, 2021 166
A reminder on the problem of pollution in Manila Bay. Editorial Feb 18, 2021 598
QU researchers contribute to new method to remove drug waste from water. Feb 16, 2021 381
QU researchers contribute to new method to remove drug waste from water. Feb 16, 2021 369
QU researchers contribute to developing method to remove pharma wastes from water. Feb 15, 2021 622
QU researchers contribute for new method to remove pharmaceutical waste from water. Feb 14, 2021 393
QU researchers contribute for new method to remove drugs wastes from water. Feb 14, 2021 385

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