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Water issues.

Byline: A.G. Habib-Karachi

THIS is with reference to the report 'DHA residents paying hefty water tax despite getting no supply via lines' (Sept 30). When we came to live in DHA Phase IV about 17 years ago, our underground tank was always full, but then the Cantonment Board Clifton (CBC) installed valves at every street corner and would open the same in selected areas with influential inhabitants, depriving the other residents of the locality.

Whenever a resident would file a complaint, a CBC man would come to check on the day the valve was opened and a letter would come after a few days, informing that the household had received so much water on the day of supply, and the CBC cannot supply more due to shortage.

The CBC would conveniently omit figures of supply and frequency of such days. The fact is the valve was opened on the day of checking and then perhaps in weeks and sometime even in months. The trend continues to date.

Similarly, bowsers are given only to persons who have contacts or know the tact of greasing the right palm.

Recently, the parliamentary secretary of the Ministry of Maritime Affairs has written to the CBC to the effect that adequate water supply through pipelines was the responsibility of the CBC for which water meters shall be installed which would resolve the issue of tax collection on the basis of water supplied.

Having said this, I suggest that the CBC should hand over pipe-water supply and bowsers over to some reliable NGO or some welfare organisation.

The CBC/DHA should only give the framework and guidelines to the water distribution nominee.

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Author:A.G. Habib-Karachi
Publication:Dawn (Karachi, Pakistan)
Date:Oct 9, 2021
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