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Water golf.

Wat-er you going to do today? Feeling spray-fun Try this hose-and-ball game to have a hot time and cool down at the same time,


A hose

A large, fairly light ball, like a beach ball

Obstacles that you can get wet, like bicycles, buckets, or yard equipment



1. Set up a play area with the hose at the start line, and out-of-bounds lines on each side and parallel to the start line about 60 feet away (that's about 20 giant steps).


2. Identify obstacles that the ball should touch and others that it shouldn't on the way to the goal.

3. Take turns using the hose to spray the ball through the course and into a receptacle at the end.


4. If the ball goes over the out-of-bounds lines or touches a no-touch obstacle, you're out for that round.


5. Whoever sprays the ball through the course and into the "hole" the fastest wins.


6. Or assign point values to the touch obstacles and penalties to the no-touch obstacles, and decide the winner by who piles up the highest score.

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