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Water cost savings.

A partnership between Ciba Speciality Chemicals and Yorkshire Water is set to deliver significant savings at the chemical company's Bradford site.

Ciba is carrying out a major energy saving drive at the factory, which employs, 1200 people, and it sees cutting unnecessary water use as a significant part of that project.

Wasting water is an old problem on industrial sites, but Yorkshire Water is using new technology to identify and then deal with excessive water use at Ciba. It has installed flow monitoring equipment onto water meters throughout the site.

On each meter, a remote logger takes constant readings of water use and automatically sends the information back to the Yorkshire Water control centre using mobile phone technology. This allows Ciba and Yorkshire Water to identify water use peaks and discover the causes. Flow monitoring also automatically triggers alarms if water usage patterns rise unexpectedly and informs Ciba immediately so a leak or other problem can be rectified.

The next step is a strategic water audit throughout the plant. This will involve Yorkshire Water developing a mass balance for all the water and effluent on the site, a sensitivity analysis to understand the major cost drivers, a review of all on site process and production lines to identify opportunities for improvement, and finally a cost/benefit analysis. Water cost savings


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Date:Mar 1, 2004
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