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Contaminated water, unhealthy food posing serious health hazards. May 16, 2022 967
LATEST COMPANY NEWS. May 12, 2022 20419
Copper Adsorption Using Hydroxyapatite Derived from Bovine Bone. Kong, Lingchang; Liu, Xin; Lv, Guocheng; Liu, Tianming; Zhang, Peijun; Li, Yuxin; Chen, Bin May 6, 2022 6172
The application of GIS in visualization of geotechnical data (SPT-Soil Properties): a case study in Eskisehir-Tepebasl, Turkey. Civelekler, Ebru; Pekkan, Emrah Case study May 5, 2022 4571
Fracking a giant missed opportunity; LETTERS. May 3, 2022 357
Um al-Bared Dam: Latest bid to protect Central Sinai from torrential rains, reuse in agriculture. Egypt Today staff Apr 30, 2022 269
Natural gas and fracking the future; Get in touch - tell us what you think Email: Twitter: @WalesOnline Facebook: Post: Media Wales, 6 Park Street, Cardiff CF10 1XR. Apr 30, 2022 361
Natural gas and fracking the future. Apr 30, 2022 353
Graphene Oxide Nanoadsorbent for the Removal of Fluoride Ion from Groundwater: Adsorbent Performance and Adsorption Mechanism. Chufa, Bayisa Meka; Gonfa, Bedasa Abdisa; Anshebo, Teketel Yohannes Apr 27, 2022 6624
Groundwater Risk Assessment of a Rock Cave Type Landfill with Nontraditional Solid Waste. Huo, Chenchen; Guo, Lijie; Wu, Weifang; Yang, Runsheng; Zhao, Yue; Lei, Mingxin; Shi, Linfeng Apr 27, 2022 5347
Identification of Mine Water Source Based on AHP-Entropy and Set Pair Analysis. Zhao, Xianming; Xu, Zhimin; Sun, Yajun Apr 27, 2022 5810
Dynamic and Static Reserve Recharge Characteristics of a Dewatering Well Seepage from an Aquifer Bottom by Sand Tank Seepage Experiment. Wang, Wenxue; Xue, Jingyuan; Qingyang, Hao; Jiang, Tong; Dong, Jinyu Apr 26, 2022 5619
Study on the Migration Pattern of Concentrated Brine in Underground Concentrated Brine Storage Reservoir: A Case Study in Ling Xin Mining Area. Hu, Xiaolong; Li, Xiaolong; Huang, Hui; Song, Xidong; Gao, Jun; Wu, Shaoxue; Kong, Guocai Case study Apr 26, 2022 8442
Water Scarcity in Kashmir. Apr 24, 2022 200
Water Scarcity In Kashmir. AYESHA RAZAQ-Azad Kashmir. Apr 23, 2022 204
Investigation of the impact of the implementation of the coastal aquifer management plan on nitrate pollution in Gaza Strip Aquifer using modeling techniques. Jaroun, Abdallah; Gunal, Ayse Yeter Apr 22, 2022 4764
Partial 10-day closure of roundabout announced. Apr 21, 2022 186
Study on Dynamic Stability Prediction Model of Slope in Eastern Tibet Section of Sichuan-Tibet Highway. Ye, Tangjin; Shu, Tao; Li, Junjie; Zhao, Penghui; Wang, Ying Apr 21, 2022 7755
Windhoek residents urged to get authorisation before sinking a borehole. Apr 20, 2022 296
Al-Sisi directs achieving rational management, safe use of groundwater in Egypt. Sarah El-Sheikh Apr 18, 2022 527
Pindi faces water shortage, load-shedding. Apr 17, 2022 369
Inorganic Pollutants into Groundwater: From Geochemistry to Treatment. Apollaro, Carmine; Fuoco, Ilaria; Criscuoli, Alessandra; Figoli, Alberto Apr 16, 2022 2249
How inland and coastal waterways influence climate. Apr 15, 2022 690
FG advocates synergy to mitigate exploitation, maximise groundwater potential. Apr 14, 2022 743
Nigerian government advocates synergy to mitigate exploitation, maximise groundwater potential - Minister. Apr 14, 2022 743
Preventing infections. Apr 13, 2022 344
Oil exploration affects agri land, groundwater. Apr 13, 2022 195
Groundwater management encouraged by prioritizing scientific approach. Apr 13, 2022 360
LLWDP-II aims to eradicate water crisis. Apr 12, 2022 529
Analysis of the Influence of the Distribution and Development of Soil Caves on the Stability of High-Voltage Transmission Tower Foundations. Zhou, Yingbo; Zhou, Li; Duan, Zhiqiang; Ke, Fangchao; Liu, Huan Apr 12, 2022 7507
Numerical Simulation of a Two-Dimensional Groundwater Pollute Transport Problem Using Incompressible Steady-State Navier-Stokes Equations and Diffusion-Convection Equations. Nyende, Jacob; Enyogoi, Isaac; Mango, John; Kasumba, Henry Report Apr 12, 2022 11138
Nigeria and World Water Day (2). Apr 7, 2022 1113
World Water Day: Dangote, Others Make Case For Ground Water Protection. Apr 7, 2022 483
World Water Day: Dangote, Others Make Case For Ground Protection. Apr 6, 2022 443
World Water Day: Dangote, others urge businesses to protect groundwater. Apr 6, 2022 449
Evaluation of Hydrogeochemical Processes in Groundwater Using Geochemical and Geostatistical Approaches in the Upper Bengal Basin. Islam, Md. Shajedul; Mostafa, M. G. Apr 6, 2022 13142
Assessment of Groundwater Potential Zones of Upper Blue Nile River Basin Using Multi-Influencing Factors under GIS and RS Environment: A Case Study on Guder Watersheds, Abay Basin, Oromia Region, Ethiopia. Duguma, Timketa Adula; Duguma, Gemechis Adula Case study Apr 4, 2022 12669
Field Pull-Out Test and Analysis of Fiberglass Anchors in Sanshandao Gold Mine. Wang, Qingbiao; Hu, Zhongjing; You, Hongyue; Xu, Haolin; Bai, Lujie; Yang, Shanghuan; Zhang, Ming Apr 4, 2022 4873
World Water Day: How Kaduna Regulates Its Groundwater - KADSWAC. Apr 4, 2022 1655
Groundwater Depletion. Apr 4, 2022 576
King and Queen open groundwater project in Kanchananburi. Apr 4, 2022 206
UET organises conference on 'Hydrology, Water Resources'. Conference news Apr 3, 2022 295
Call for efforts to raise awareness on groundwater resources. Conference notes Apr 3, 2022 257
UET organises conference on 'Hydrology, Water Resources'. Conference news Apr 3, 2022 295
Out of water. Apr 2, 2022 160
Testing Correspondence between Areas with Hydrated Minerals, as Observed by CRISM/MRO, and Spots of Enhanced Subsurface Water Content, as Found by DAN along the Traverse of Curiosity. Djachkova, M. V.; Mitrofanov, I. G.; Nikiforov, S. Y.; Lisov, D. I.; Litvak, M. L.; Sanin, A. B. Apr 1, 2022 6860
SECMC denies poisoning groundwater in Thar. Mar 31, 2022 326
Water shortages. Abu Rehan Mar 28, 2022 455
Looming threat. Mar 28, 2022 474
Pakistan's watershed moment. Mar 27, 2022 1037
'Coal rush in Thar depleting and poisoning groundwater resources. Mar 27, 2022 475
Pakistan's watershed moment. Mar 27, 2022 2042
WASA to install 10 more tube wells. Mar 27, 2022 184
Action to tackle global water crises. SONAM PENJOR Mar 27, 2022 720
CDA taking special measures to improve uninterrupted water supply. Mar 26, 2022 380
There is high potential of groundwater in Turkana - study. Mar 25, 2022 490
Ogun partners Nestle to address water sustainability challenges. Mar 25, 2022 572
Falling water table a looming danger. Mar 25, 2022 923
Falling groundwater levels could trigger water scarcity in Lahore. Mar 25, 2022 574
Federal Govt Has Drilled 400 Boreholes, Rehabilitated 190 Others -Minister. Mar 25, 2022 348
Water shortage is staring in the face. Mar 24, 2022 453
New UN report looks underfoot, to solve global water crises. Mar 24, 2022 635
Addis Ababa University Celebrates the International Water Day. Mar 24, 2022 435
World Water Day 2022: Groundwater. Mar 24, 2022 260
AWARE and TDH Germany observe World Water Day in Tharparkar. Shoukat Ali Mar 24, 2022 265
'Awareness Of Water Conservation Underscored'. Mar 24, 2022 179
UVAS organizes event to mark World Water Day. Mar 24, 2022 178
UVAS organizes event to mark world water day. Mar 24, 2022 179
World celebrates Water Day on March 22. Mar 23, 2022 256
World celebrates Water Day on March 22. Mar 23, 2022 256
Al-Haq, on World Water Day, says Israel's 'water-apartheid' denies Palestinians' rights to adequate water. Mar 23, 2022 825
African have enough groundwater reserves to thrive for 50 years - WaterAid. Mar 23, 2022 250
AngloGold Ashanti initiates programme to protect ground water. Mar 23, 2022 407
HCM City stresses need to protect depleting groundwater sources. Mar 23, 2022 323
Experts call for change in behaviours to save water. Mar 23, 2022 212
Water Day observed with call to use it judiciously. Ali Raza Mar 23, 2022 458
Experts call for saving water resources, change behaviors towards water. Mar 23, 2022 437
Speakers Stress On Saving Water For Future Generation. Mar 23, 2022 246
ZLHR statement on world water day. Mar 23, 2022 424
Sri Lanka government aims to provide clean drinking water to every person by 2025. Mar 23, 2022 331
Dhaka landfills take heavy toll on agriculture, health. Mar 23, 2022 774
Govt. assures clean drinking water facilities to all by 2025. Mar 23, 2022 344
World Water Day: Federal Govt Drills 400 Boreholes, Rehabilitates 190. Mar 23, 2022 640
World Water Day: Ground water a lifeline for many in drought-hit Turkana. Mar 23, 2022 748
Analysis and Prediction of Stable Height of Capillary Water Rising under Unsaturated Subgrade Soil. Cao, Jianfeng; Mao, Zhihao; Hu, Liqiang; Dai, Yunfei; Luo, Yu; Zhou, Wenwei Mar 23, 2022 4738
Inside Nigeria's commercial hub where potable water is luxury. Mar 22, 2022 1046
Experts warn against over-exploitation of groundwater. Mar 22, 2022 384
Oman's effective groundwater conservation efforts hailed. Mar 22, 2022 326
World Water Day reminds of the importance of water. Christodoulos Mavroudis Mar 22, 2022 217
Kenya: Underground water to alleviate water scarcity in dry regions. Mar 22, 2022 1002
Malawian experts embark on implementing ground water project. Mar 22, 2022 172
Oman faces water deficit of 316 million cubic metres each year. Mar 22, 2022 227
World Water Day: FG drills 400 boreholes, rehabilitate 190 others. Mar 22, 2022 696
Improper defecation challenge to ensuring safe drinking water access. Mar 22, 2022 259
Oman faces water deficit of 316mn cubic metres annually. Mar 22, 2022 436
Turkana residents turn to barren lands to quench their thirst. Mar 22, 2022 805
Water Minister Charges Sector On Maximal Groundwater Asset. Mar 22, 2022 369
We Have Constructed 192 Rural Water Supply Sources In FCT a Minister. Mar 22, 2022 421
Groundwater depletion remains key concern. Mar 22, 2022 596
World Water Day 2022 urges greater attention to groundwater. Mar 22, 2022 328
Balochistan govt completes 64 small dams. Mar 21, 2022 238
Core of Right to Water. Mar 21, 2022 1349
Test private wells to ensure safe drinking water. Submitted by Doug Gucker, Illinois Extension Local Food Systems Small Farms educator Mar 21, 2022 452
Gaza faces water crisis amid groundwater decline: Official. Mar 21, 2022 264
Climate change threatening access to safe water in Northern Ghana-Study. Mar 21, 2022 540
Experts worried by over-exploitation, pollution of groundwater. Mar 21, 2022 504
Government reiterates commitment to address water supply challenges. Mar 21, 2022 467
Enough Drinking Water in Africa for Decades, New Report Reveals. Mar 21, 2022 498
Enough Drinking Water in Africa for Decades, New Report Reveals. Mar 21, 2022 496
Invest in environment to redefine future of planet. Mar 21, 2022 450
Two Numerical Methods for Solving the Schrödinger Parabolic and Pseudoparabolic Partial Differential Equations. Modanli, Mahmut; Bajjah, Bushra; Kusulay, Sevgi Mar 21, 2022 3803
World Water Day 2022 urges greater attention to groundwater. Mar 20, 2022 339
World Water Day 2022 urges greater attention to groundwater. Mar 20, 2022 348
Balochistan govt completes 64 small dams. Mar 19, 2022 240
Balochistan govt completes 64 small dams. Mar 19, 2022 240
Let's deploy technology to address water crisis in the North - CSIR-WRI. Mar 18, 2022 457
Ecosystem-based approaches to save Barind Tract stressed. Mar 18, 2022 444
Hydrogeochemical Characteristics and Geothermometry of Hot Springs in the Tensile Tectonic Region Leizhou Peninsula and Hainan Island in South China. Hu, Hongyu; Lu, Guoping; Lu, Qiuying; Li, Yan; Xie, Linjun; Lin, Xuanhao; Wu, Ming Mar 17, 2022 13173
Hydrodynamic and Geostress Controls on CBM Enrichment in the Anze Block, Southern Qinshui Basin, North China. Liu, Dameng; Zhao, Zheng; Jin, Xiaoming; Yang, Chao; Chen, Wei; Cai, Yidong; Qiu, Yongkai Mar 17, 2022 6136
Displacement Characteristics of a Deep Excavation in Hangzhou Soft Clay. Mei, Yuan; Wang, Lu; Zhou, Dongbo; Fu, Liaoyuan Mar 16, 2022 7259
R8,3m funding agreement digs deep to invest in Cape Town's groundwater. Mar 16, 2022 598
Assessment of Groundwater Quality Using Water Quality Index from Selected Springs in Manga Subcounty, Nyamira County, Kenya. Wekesa, Alice Makonjo; Otieno, Calford Mar 14, 2022 4794
No way to respond to a climate crisis; letters. Mar 11, 2022 157
No way to respond to climate emergency. Mar 11, 2022 157
Rock Deformation Estimated by Groundwater-Level Monitoring: A Case Study at the Xianshuihe Fault, China. Zhao, Yuqing; Zhang, You-Kuan; Liang, Xiuyu; Shi, Zheming; Yang, Yonglin; Li, Feifei Case study Mar 10, 2022 9546
Identification and Genome Analysis of an Arsenic-Metabolizing Strain of Citrobacter youngae IITK SM2 in Middle Indo-Gangetic Plain Groundwater. Verma, Akshat; Murugan, Prem Anand; Chinnasamy, Hariharan Vedi; Singh, Abhas; Matheshwaran, Saravana Report Mar 10, 2022 11106
Work at aquifer recharge site resumes after security measures increased. Mar 8, 2022 525
Transparency in Rohingya response management demanded. Mar 7, 2022 377
ICT Admin Seals 10 Illegal Tube Wells In Tarnol. Mar 7, 2022 357
Boreholes to nowhere. Mar 7, 2022 415
ICT admin seals 10 illegal tubewell in Tarnol. Mar 7, 2022 350
IPCC report: Half the world is facing water scarcity, floods and dirty water - large investments are needed for effective solutions. Mar 1, 2022 1073
Investigation of Land Subsidence Due to Fluid Withdrawal. Mar 1, 2022 175
Prediction Model of the Slope Angle of Rocky Slope Stability Based on Random Forest Algorithm. Xie, Hongyang; Dong, Jianjun; Deng, Yong; Dai, Yiwen Report Mar 1, 2022 4724
Carcinogenic Risk of Pb, Cd, Ni, and Cr and Critical Ecological Risk of Cd and Cu in Soil and Groundwater around the Municipal Solid Waste Open Dump in Central Thailand. Aendo, Paweena; Netvichian, Ramnaree; Thiendedsakul, Piriyaporn; Khaodhiar, Sutha; Tulayakul, Phitsa Feb 28, 2022 10000
The Population Size and Distribution of Diurnal Large Wild Mammals in the Southern Great Rift Valley, Ethiopia. Kassa, Yacob; Tekalign, Wondimagegnehu Feb 27, 2022 4132
Modelling Groundwater Flow and Contaminant Migration in Heterogeneous Fractured Media at a Municipal Solid Waste Landfill in Nanjing Lishui, China. Sun, Xiaochang; Jiang, Yin; Huang, Yong; Su, Yue; Miao, Kehan Feb 27, 2022 9032
Approximately 60pc Arable Land In Sindh Under Water-Logging, Senate Body Told. Feb 26, 2022 673
Parliamentarians call for sustainable use of groundwater. Myra Imran Feb 25, 2022 168
Legislatures emphasize need for use of groundwater resource. Feb 25, 2022 476
Extension Service: Test private wells to ensure safe drinking water. Submitted by Douglas B. Gucker Feb 23, 2022 406
Extension adviser: Test private wells to ensure safe drinking water. Submitted by Douglas B. Gucker Feb 23, 2022 406
AFAN Urges Private Sector To Boost Year-round Farming With Water Ventures. Feb 22, 2022 497
Corrosion Investigation of Rock Anchors Served over 10 Years in Underground Powerhouse of a Hydropower Station. Yin, Tao; Sun, Xingsong; Wang, Yujie; Zhao, Yufei Feb 22, 2022 7530
Drive for clean, green Lahore launched. Feb 14, 2022 202
Drive for clean, green Lahore launched. Feb 13, 2022 252
Aboitiz Infra advocates better water management. Feb 12, 2022 236
Strengthening Participatory Organization launched a campaign. Feb 12, 2022 724
MoU signed for joint research to control salinity in soil, groundwater. Feb 8, 2022 387
MoU signed for joint research to control salinity in soil, groundwater. Feb 8, 2022 386
Varsities, govt team up to solve soil salinity. Feb 8, 2022 194
Chinese irrigation tunnel project in Xinjiang hits snag: too much water. Feb 6, 2022 1037
Murunj Dam to generate 12 MW cheap electricity. Jan 31, 2022 205
Geothermal Resource Exploration in Magmatic Rock Areas Using a Comprehensive Geophysical Method. Zhu, Jie; Jin, Sheng; Yang, Yang; Zhang, Tianyu Jan 28, 2022 7785
Groundwater resources will solve regional conflicts, says IGAD official. Jan 27, 2022 531
Governor seeks collaboration with IWMI to prepare water data. Jan 22, 2022 326
Punjab Governor, IWMI join hands to tackle water problems. Jan 22, 2022 325
Experimental Study on Temperature Field Evolution Mechanism of Artificially Frozen Gravel Formation under Groundwater Seepage Flow. Wang, Tian-liang; Zhang, Fei; Wang, Yang; Wu, Zhen; He, Ya-meng; Yue, Zu-run Report Jan 20, 2022 5222
Dynamic Response and Fatigue-Life Analysis of High-Speed Railway Tunnel Base with Defects. Wang, Zhiwei; Ma, Weibin Report Jan 20, 2022 9901
Murunj Dam to generate 12 MW cheap electricity. Jan 17, 2022 206
Open dumping of waste causes infectious diseases. Jan 14, 2022 477
Julian Harness calls on Governor Balochistan. Jan 13, 2022 217
EPA moves to crack down on coal ash storage ponds. MATTHEW DALY Associated Press Jan 12, 2022 322
Murunj Dam to generate 12 MW cheap electricity. Jan 10, 2022 206
Murunj Dam to generate 12 MW cheap electricity. Jan 8, 2022 206
Origin and Circulation of Springs in the Nangqen and Qamdo Basins, Southwestern China, Based on Hydrochemistry and Environmental Isotopes. Qin, Xiwei; Ma, Haizhou; Zhang, Xiying; Hu, Xiasong; Li, Guorong; Cheng, Huaide; Han, Jibin Jan 6, 2022 13919
Saving Vital Resources: Conserving Arkansas's Groundwater and Agricultural Production. Jan 3, 2022 985
Two new dams being built in N Sharqiyah. Jan 2, 2022 246
WELL WISHES: How thirsty cash crops could uproot vulnerable Californians. Philpott, Tom Jan 1, 2022 1292
City did not have duty to disclose environmental contamination. Blair, Benjamin A. Jan 1, 2022 964
Mature petroleum hydrocarbons contamination in surface and subsurface waters of Kizilirmak Graben (Central Anatolia, Turkey): Geochemical evidence for a working petroleum system associated with a possible salt diapir. Ozdemir, Adil; Palabiyik, Yildiray; Karatas, Atilla; Sahinoglu, Alperen Jan 1, 2022 7790
Solar De-salination of Water. Qamar, Rizwan Ahmed; Mushtaq, Asim; Ullah, Ahmed; Ali, Zaeem Uddin Technical report Jan 1, 2022 4007
Treatment of Sugarcane Industry Waste Water by Combination of Chemical Coagulation and Activated CarbonManufacturing of Small Scale Water Treatment Plant for Household. Panhwar, Aijaz; Faryal, Khalida; Kandhro, Aftab; Brohi, Nazir; Ahmed, Kamran; Iqbal, Mansoor Technical report Jan 1, 2022 2800
Assessment of Cadmium Toxicity in Drinking Water of Eight Talukas of Upper Sindh. Noor Ul Hassan Shar and Ghulam Qadir Shar Dec 31, 2021 3217
Evaluation of Groundwater Quality for Heavy Metals by Using Chemical Indices Approach in Karachi, Pakistan. Aziz Ur Rahman, Haq Nawaz Abbasi and Muhammad Owais Dec 31, 2021 2568
Analysis of Structural Response of Subway Shield Tunnel Lining under the Influence of Cavities. Shi, Yufeng; Chen, Zhaoyang; Wei, Duqiang; Zhang, Tao; Zhou, Xuming; Zhao, Xiushao; Hu, Junhao Dec 29, 2021 9293
Spectroscopic Determination of Fluoride Using Eriochrome Black T (EBT) as a Spectrophotometric Reagent from Groundwater. G/Mariam, Atinafu; Diro, Abebe; Asere, Tsegaye Girma; Jado, Demelash; Melak, Fekadu Dec 28, 2021 6059
Body to regulate groundwater extraction, KWSB tells court. Dec 25, 2021 418
VC SAU emphasizes controlling salinity, groundwater in Sindh. Dec 25, 2021 423
VC SAU emphasizes controlling salinity, groundwater in Sindh. Dec 25, 2021 423
Influence of Humidity State on Dynamic Resilient Modulus of Subgrade Soils: Considering Repeated Wetting-Drying Cycles. Xin, Gongfeng; Zhang, Anshun; Wang, Zijian; Shen, Quanjun; Mu, Minghao Dec 14, 2021 5394
Alkhorayef awarded $35m storm water maintenance contract by Jeddah Municipality. Gavin Davids Dec 13, 2021 152
Alkhorayef awarded $35m storm water maintenance contract by Jeddah Municipality. Gavin Davids Dec 13, 2021 171
Alkhorayef lands Jeddah stormwater maintenance contract. Dec 12, 2021 169
PM briefed on Indian dam plan and 'inevitability' of Ravi project. Dec 12, 2021 742
City's landfill site reaches capacity. Dec 11, 2021 632
RPS wins again at Qeeri contest. Dec 10, 2021 166
Pakistan running dry. Dec 9, 2021 243
President calls for sensitizing nation about careful use of water. Dec 7, 2021 284
HCM City nears goal of reducingA groundwater exploitation. Dec 6, 2021 435
HCM City nears goal of reducingA groundwater exploitation. Dec 6, 2021 237
A Case Study of Thaumasite Sulfate Attack in Tunnel Engineering. Xu, Chongbang; Zhou, Xingyu; Wang, Hualao; Gao, Xiaojing; Li, Xuefeng Case study Dec 6, 2021 5680
Analysis of Hydrogeochemical Characteristics of Tunnel Groundwater Based on Multivariate Statistical Technology. Peng, Chen; Liu, Yuanming; Chen, Huiyu; Yuan, Qiaowei; Chen, Qingzhi; Mei, Shilong; Wu, Zhonghu Dec 6, 2021 8176
Investigating the effects of groundwater level changes on GNSS observations in the Konya Closed Basin/Investigacion de los efectos del cambio en el nivel de aguas subterraneas a partir de observaciones de sistemas globales de navegacion por satelite en la Cuenca de Konya, Turquia. Erdogan, H.; Oktar, O.,; Gezgin, C.; Poyraz, F.; Arslan, N.; Yilmaztiirk, F. Dec 1, 2021 6744
EAC bans dumping of electronic waste, calls for recycling. Nov 29, 2021 1214
Agriculture Minister calls for plan to protect public water domain. Nov 29, 2021 155
Low-lying Mekong Delta deals withA worsening land subsidence. Nov 28, 2021 736
Commissioner Zhob Division directs for timely completion of development projects. Nov 9, 2021 180
No groundwater regulatory framework in Pakistan, Senate body informed. Nov 5, 2021 750
Lack of Water Management in Quetta City. Nov 4, 2021 502
Farm to Faucet? Agricultural Waste and Private Well Contamination in Kewaunee County, Wisconsin. Nicole, Wendee Report Nov 1, 2021 1525
Housing versus farming. Oct 21, 2021 607
Govt finalises groundwater charges for cement and other industries. Oct 19, 2021 731
IWMI suggests CDA to make rainwater tanks mandatory for new housing schemes. Oct 19, 2021 453
Country representative of IWMI suggests rain-water storage tanks for new housing schemes. Oct 18, 2021 364
Country representative of IWMI suggests rain-water storage tanks for new housing schemes. Oct 18, 2021 362
Both RUDA and CBD are flagship real estate projects of Govt to promote smart, self-sustaining, clean and green housing: PM Imran Khan. Oct 15, 2021 394
Better water resource planning needed by setting medium, long term goals. Oct 15, 2021 341
IWMI suggests rainwater tanks mandatory for new housing schemes. Oct 15, 2021 526
Fresh water Mongla's most precious commodity. Oct 8, 2021 590
Middle East's first biogas facility now operational: Al Rawabi. Oct 4, 2021 514
Environmental Medicine Update: Are You Testing Your Patients for Arsenic? Marchese, Marianne Oct 1, 2021 2681
Ground water shared community asset, housing societies need to ensure sustainable use: EPA. Sep 29, 2021 524
PepsiCo, WWF-Pak to launch community water project. Sep 26, 2021 175
Why the Middle East and North Africa must switch to sustainable water management. Caline Malek Sep 26, 2021 1459
Wasa to implement foreign-funded project. Sep 25, 2021 507
Study finds 6[degrees]C cooling on land during the last ice age, with implications for future global warming. Sep 22, 2021 245
Novel Lanthanum Doped Magnetic Teff Straw Biochar Nanocomposite and Optimization Its Efficacy of Defluoridation of Groundwater Using RSM: A Case Study of Hawassa City, Ethiopia. Amibo, Temesgen Abeto; Beyan, Surafel Mustafa; Damite, Tsegaye Markos Case study Sep 22, 2021 9610
Dams construction must to increase farm production: governor. Sep 21, 2021 157
Flash floods affect nine provinces amid heavy rain and swollen rivers. Sep 21, 2021 316
PrimeWater expands services in San Carlos City with Phase 2 of Joint Venture Agreement. Sep 15, 2021 375
Over 27,000 feet pipeline laid for Kehkashan water supply scheme. Sep 14, 2021 319
Punjab Irrigation Dept prepares to safeguard water resources. Sep 12, 2021 212
Farmers restore native grasslands as groundwater disappears in Texas. TAMMY WEBBER Associated Press Sep 12, 2021 811
Geophysical mapping of residual pollution at the remediated Incukalns acid tar lagoon, Latvia. Karuss, Janis; Lamsters, Kristaps; Porsnovs, Dmitrijs; Zandersons, Viesturs; Jeskins, Jurijs Report Sep 1, 2021 6292
Late Pleistocene and Holocene groundwater flow history in the Baltic Artesian Basin: a synthesis of numerical models and hydrogeochemical data. Vaikmae, Rein; Parn, Joonas; Raidla, Valle; Ivask, Juri; Kaup, Enn; Aeschbach, Werner; Gerber, Chris Sep 1, 2021 8332
Multivariate statistical analysis of heavy metals and physico-chemical parameters in the groundwater of Karak District, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. Khana, Asif; Naeema, Muhammad; Zekkerb, Ivar; Arianc, Muhammad Balal; Michalskid, Greg; Zeeshana, Sy Sep 1, 2021 4772
Introducing Hydrogeology. Sep 1, 2021 427
Cleaning Up after the Cold War: Experts Call for Action on Abandoned Uranium Mines on the Navajo Nation. Seltenrich, Nate Sep 1, 2021 1073
JULIE MEYERS. Sep 1, 2021 497
Drought in the United States: Science, Policy, and Selected Federal Authorities. Stern, Charles V.; Lipie, Eva; Benson, Lisa S.; Carter, Nicole T.; Humphreys, Elena H.; Sheikh, Perv Report Sep 1, 2021 19820
Assessment of Groundwater Quality and Soil Salinity/Status Under Various Irrigation Systems in Arid Region of Jamshoro District. Memon, Aneela Hameem; Soomro, Abdul Ghani; Memon, Reena Majid; Lashari, Bakhshal Khan; Babar, Muhamm Sep 1, 2021 4919
Prediction of land degradation by Machine Learning Methods: A Case study from Sharifabad Watershed, Central Iran/Degradation de la tierra medida a traves de metodos de aprendizaje automatico: Caso de estudio de la cuenca Sharifabad, en Iran Central. Habibi, Vahid; Ahmadi, Hassan; Jaffari, Mohammad; Moeini, Abolfazl Case study Sep 1, 2021 7385
Depleting groundwater. Aug 30, 2021 327
Alarmingly low groundwater levels spell trouble for twin cities. Aug 28, 2021 585
Senate body discusses groundwater level in Balochistan, KP. Aug 27, 2021 286
Commission urges conservation of groundwater in KP. Aug 26, 2021 465
Eco NGOs blast proposed shooting range near Kouris. Gina Agapiou Aug 20, 2021 593
Eco NGOs blast proposed shooting range near Kouris. Aug 20, 2021 581
Military bases near Chesapeake Bay contaminated with forever chemicals, new report warns. Aug 13, 2021 833
G EPA demands proponents of NPHS project to address EIA concerns. Aug 11, 2021 271
Study on Ground Collapse of Covered Karst Soil Caves by Sudden Drop of Groundwater. Chen, Xuejun; Guo, Ruijian; Tang, Lingming; Zhang, Xiaochen Report Aug 11, 2021 5732
Disaster if groundwater pollution in Kabul not stopped. Abdul Basit Karokhel Aug 10, 2021 692
Water scarcity to haunt Punjab soon. Aug 9, 2021 613
Depleting groundwater. Khan Faraz-Peshawar Aug 7, 2021 238
R71.8 million to address water challenges in drought-stricken Graaff-Reinet. Aug 3, 2021 290
Water and Sanitation on water project to benefit drought-stricken Graaff-Reinet. Aug 2, 2021 301
PCRWR to conduct feasibility for recharging groundwater level. Jul 28, 2021 422
Water crisis exacerbates in Rawalpindi as dams go dry. Jul 25, 2021 519
Invisible resource. Zofeen T. Ebrahim Jul 20, 2021 749
Experts Express Worry Over Frequent Building Collapse In Wet Season. Jul 13, 2021 701
Legislators join hands for achieving SDGs target on water, sanitation by 2030. Jul 8, 2021 404
Ashghal announces Green Award winners. Awards list Jul 6, 2021 307
HCM City plans to improve the water supply system after groundwater restriction. Jul 2, 2021 286
Point- and reach-scale measurements are important for determining accurate seepage rates in controlled flow channels. Grismer, Mark E. Jul 1, 2021 5579
Illinois AG sues company for coal ash pollution. SARAH MANSUR Capitol News Illinois Jun 29, 2021 790
Water to run out 'in 50-60 years' -experts warn of chalk streams crisis; The South East uses more water than the rest of the UK, and we need your help to cut back. By, Laura Tait Jun 28, 2021 337
Water to run out 'in 50-60 years' -experts warn of chalk streams crisis; The South East uses more water than the rest of the UK, and we need your help to cut back. By, Laura Tait Jun 28, 2021 337
Equivalent Continuum Coupling-Based Slope Stability Analysis of Zhouning Pumped Storage Power Station. Lin, Jinhong; Zhu, Yongsheng; Hou, Jing; Pan, Bing; Chu, Weijiang; Huang, Wenhong Jun 28, 2021 7083
Dropping ground water level situation in Balochistan alarming: Governor Yasinzai. Jun 25, 2021 212
Dropping level is alarming, govt to initiate 510 water projects in Balochistan. Jun 25, 2021 449
Alarming drop in ground water level, says Yasinzai. Jun 25, 2021 231
Illinois AG sues company over coal ash pollution in Vermilion County. Sarah Mansur Capitol News Illinois Jun 25, 2021 575
Under-ground water stops falling in Lahore after 1980 PM applauds govt's water conservation policies. Jun 21, 2021 195
Govt's efforts coming to fruition as Lahore's water level stops depleting: PM. Jun 21, 2021 162
Govt's efforts coming to fruition as Lahore's water level stops depleting: PM. Jun 21, 2021 162
Water conservation steps paying off PM. Jun 21, 2021 529
Dadu's civil society concerned over suspension of city's drinking water supply. Ali Asghar Laghari Jun 20, 2021 173
No depletion in groundwater table for two years. Jun 20, 2021 518
Efforts yielding results as Lahore groundwater levels stop plunging Imran. Jun 20, 2021 298
Govt's efforts coming to fruition as Lahore's water level stops depleting. Jun 20, 2021 162
Webinar on water, food security: Degradation of ecosystems due to deforestation, over-exploitation of natural resources. Jun 20, 2021 861
Disrupted rhythms of the Indus. Jun 18, 2021 1018
Foam with 'forever chemicals' used against plant fire. JOHN FLESHER AP Environmental Writer Jun 18, 2021 313
Foam containing 'forever chemicals' used against plant fire. JOHN FLESHER AP Environmental Writer Jun 18, 2021 890
CDA to make it mandatory for all public sector buildings to harvest rain water. Jun 16, 2021 192
CDA to make it mandatory for all public sector buildings to harvest rain water. Jun 16, 2021 192
The Study of Subsurface Land Drainage Optimal Design Model. Bakour, Ahmad; Zhang, Zhanyu; Zheng, Chengxin; A. ALsakran, Mohamed; Bakir, Mohamad Report Jun 16, 2021 6125
HCM City restricts use of groundwater, providesA more clean water for residents. Jun 12, 2021 302
Application of Clustering and Stepwise Discriminant Analysis Based on Hydrochemical Characteristics in Determining the Source of Mine Water Inrush. Liu, Weitao; Yu, Jie; Shen, Jianjun; Zheng, Qiushuang; Han, Mengke; Hu, Yingying; Meng, Xiangxi Jun 8, 2021 8962
Application of Modified Hoek-Brown Strength Criterion in Water-Rich Soft Rock Tunnel. Deng, Xianghui; Wang, Yuncai; Wang, Rui; Xia, Daohong; Zhao, Zhiqing Jun 7, 2021 7965
Sources and Risk Factors for Nitrate and Microbial Contamination of Private Household Wells in the Fractured Dolomite Aquifer of Northeastern Wisconsin. Borchardt, Mark A.; Stokdyk, Joel P.; Kieke, Burney A., Jr.; Muldoon, Maureen A.; Spencer, Susan K.; Report Jun 1, 2021 17354
What will happen to them? Notes on some dragonfly (Odonata) species that are susceptible to the impacts of global warming-induced climate change. Theischinger, Gunther; Miller, Jan; Tang, Cheryl; Huxley, Marion; Jacobs, Steve Report Jun 1, 2021 3800
Ecosystems degradation threatening water, food security: Climate experts. May 31, 2021 611
'Ecosystem degradation threatens water security'. May 30, 2021 871
A V[sub.s]-Based Logistic Regression Method for Liquefaction Evaluation. Yao, Xiaofei; Liu, Lu; Wang, Zhihua; Shen, Zhifu; Gao, Hongmei May 30, 2021 7239
Lower Mekong Basin project underway to ensure water security. May 29, 2021 344
Provincial govt not serious about water shortage in Quetta: BHC. May 29, 2021 475
Analysis of Environmental Controls on the Quasi-Ocean and Ocean CO[sub.2] Concentration by Two Intelligent Algorithms. Zhou, Jialu; Li, Xiaoqiang; Wang, Wenfeng; Chen, Xi Report May 28, 2021 4444
Sustainable Cambodia, Vietnam transboundary groundwater management deliberated. May 27, 2021 184
Groundwater depletion in Barind region threatens regional livelihoods. May 20, 2021 646
Clean Air Metals kicks off environmental baseline data collection at its Thunder Bay North Project in Ontario. May 12, 2021 517

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