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Watchit; A week on the box with Saturday's Paul English.

Wimbledon Sunday, BBC1 It was a "where were you when..." moment. About four feet in the air at Hillhead Tennis Club in Glasgow, in my case.

Like Murray, I could barely remember what I'd just watched and I hadn't lifted my eyes off the screen the whole time.

It's churlish to whine about the commentary when something so momentus has happened, but I can't let this go. BBC sports editor David Bond comparing it to England winning the World Cup.

I'd have absolved Alex Salmond for his schoolboy flag japes if he pulled up behind Bond with another Saltire, this time on his bare behind for such trash talk.

Another thing. I interviewed Andrew Castle for this magazine in 2006. He said, when asked about the Henman Hill/ Murray Mount conundrum: "I won't be calling it Murray Mount until the day Andrew Murray does better than Tim has at Wimbledon." Let's hope his words are as good as Andy's forehand next year.

T at 20 Sunday, BBC2 One of the contributors to Scottish documentary flick We Are Northern Lights said T in the Park is too readily dismissed as a festival for neds. He argued it was a major national cultural experience. Agreed. Of course, there's a minority of menaces. But it's the population of Paisley in a field drinking beer, not a candle-lit procession. This was a life-and-times rollback, sparking memories of buses home from Strathclyde Park and breathtaking Balado sunsets.

I've loved and hated it, been soaked and sunstroked by it, sung and worked at it, I've grown up with it.

Happy birthday old pal.
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Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Jul 13, 2013
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