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Watchit; A week on the box with Saturday's Paul English.

The Muppets Sky 1, Monday Supergirl Sky 1, Thursday If you can remember them from first time around, you're probably too old for it the second time.

That's what they say about Doc Martens. Add to that Supergirl and The Muppets, both subjects of reboots in the last couple of weeks.

Supergirl was originally a mid-80s franchise cash-in after the success of Chris Reeve's Superman movies, with Faye Dunawaye and Peter O'Toole (yes, really). Whatever this new one is - a composite of Ugly Betty, Ally McBeal, and Smallville - it's not as bad as that.

It visits the familiar origins story, the disclosure story and the first rescue story in ways we're more than familiar with, with doffs of the cap to the original Richard Donner 1978 superhero flick. There's even a cameo for Dean Cain, from the saccharine New Adventures of Superman TV franchise.

But the legacy references aren't all what they should be. Famous snapper Jimmy Olsen, or James as he now refers to himself, drew parallels between Supergirl's first appearance and her Kryptonian cousin's.

"His was a plane, too," he said. My inner geek's showing, here, but no, his was a helicopter. The plane came after that. Apart from the computer generated action - remember when actors did stunts? - this was enjoyable sci-fi bubblegum.

The Muppets, though - and I can't believe I'm saying this - sucks. They're not making a variety theatre show now, they're making a chat show. And Miss Piggy hosts it like a hellish diva, not her former porcine moll with a headache. It's all done as a behind-the-scenes mockumentary. And the accents are funny. And why is Bunsen wearing a labcoat if he's now working as a TV executive? While Supergirl isn't made for a man in his late 30s, The Muppets, ironically, is. It's made by Prady and Kushell, whose credits include American Dad, Big Bang Theory and 3rd Rock From The Sun. And as much as seeing Statler and Waldorf again was like visiting old pals, even they'd agree that some things are better left alone.

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Date:Oct 31, 2015
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