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Watchit; A week on the box with Saturday's Paul English.

Byline: Paul English

The Casual Vacancy Sunday, BBC1 It's the eyes. Every time I see Rory Kinnear in anything, I'm reminded of a certain factory manager who stops his employees shelling peanuts and starts them shelling boxes of Wonka bars in search of a Golden Ticket instead.

It's distracting. Especially at the start of this Sunday night drama.

Especially now that we all watch TV with a tablet or a laptop or a phone to hand.

It meant I very quickly went from wondering why Rory's character was suffering blackouts in the bathroom to surfing for old "where are they now?" clips of Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory.

Veruca Salt's dad played by Rory's dad, the brilliant Roy Kinnear, who died after falling off a horse in 1988, for the curious. But none of this'll help you with the plot of this curious Sunday nighter from the pen of Harry Potter's JK.

With Michael Gambon and Julia McKenzie, it started with the tedious feel of a Sunday night John Nettles-y potboiler in the bucolic English countryside.

Only, it wasn't bucolic for very long, what with the drug addicts and class snobbery and corporate corruption and rebellious teenagers.

In fact, by the time young Glasgow actor Brian Vernel (by the way, you'll be seeing a lot more of him) was skinning up in a shed and telling his classmate about sex and death being all that mattered, we were closer to Shameless than Midsomer.

Then Rory's character started communicating from beyond the grave on social media, by which point thoughts of Golden Tickets and everlasting gobstoppers had been long forgotten and a repeat viewing for next week had been guaranteed.

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