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Watchit; A week on A week on Athe box with the box with Saturday's aturday's Paul aulEnglish.

Winterwatch Monday BBC2 Insane Fight Club II Wednesday BBC1 "Who wouldn't rub their backside on a cold log at this time of year," quoth rascal wildman Chris Packham in the opening episode of Winterwatch.

Michaela Strachan said she wasn't putting her hand up for it. This isn't Big Brother.

An otter caught on a night-cam crossing the River Dee was, though. Scent marking, they call it. The sort of thing Katie Hopkins does too, no doubt.

Martin Hughes-Games was sent out to be buried in the Highland snow. On the face of it, this was pseudo-science to illustrate the hardiness of the ptarmigan, a bird which buries itself in snow to stay warm.

But actually this was an attempt by some BBC producer to pipe excitable Martin down a bit.

There's something good for the soul about nature telly at this time of year. It's endlessly remarkable how hardy these animals are.

Same can be said for Jack Jester, Grado and the motley crew of the Insane Championship Wrestling scene in Glasgow.

Like the Highland wildlife, they also had their trials of endurance, most notably the Geordie Shore boys, who Jester saw off like a yellow-eyed stag on the hillside. Good for a laugh, if not necessarily the soul.


WILD T D T I TI TMES... Winterwatch team ... Winterwatch team

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Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Jan 24, 2015
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