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Watch this space for invaders.

Byline: By Hannah Davies

The invasion has been successful.

Invader ( a French artist who has been posting little mosaics of space invaders around Newcastle ( claims he has completed his mission.

According to the anonymous artist's website, there are now 17 of the mosaics installed across Newcastle and Gateshead.

In July, The Journal reported on the locations of nine of the original invasion sites ( and yesterday we discovered a few of the next eight invaders.

They include new figures on the corner of Pink Lane and Westgate Road in Newcastle, underneath the railway bridge on the corner of Forth Street and Westgate Road and at the Side, above Newcastle Accommodation Bureau.

They form part of a new exhibition at Gateshead's Baltic gallery, called Spank the Monkey, which opens this week.

The exhibition also features notorious graffiti artist 'Banksy', who recently painted an elephant, and works inspired by manga comics, surfing and skateboarding. The space invader mosaics, made of ceramic tiles, have appeared in different locations across the globe from London to Tokyo to Los Angeles over the past few years .

They are called Space Invaders after one of the early video games from 1978 and they are created by an anonymous French artist known only as Invader.

On his website,, he records: "Invasion of Newcastle: successful".

Using small ceramic tiles, Invader cements together mosaic images inspired by traditional Space Invaders, aliens and bonus spaceships.

Sometimes characters from other video games such as the Pac Man and Super Mario series are created.

A new mosaic next to the Baltic features a Pac Man ghost.

Most of the mosaics tiles are small and placed in places such as the walls of buildings, signpost bases and stairwells in urban environments.

In some rare cases the Space Invaders are as large as murals.

The form has spread throughout the world since the first mosaic was placed in the 1990s.

Now it is thought there are Space Invaders in more than 30 cities over five continents.

The Spank the Monkey exhibition is billed as "The first serious international examination of urban and suburban art bridging the gap between the street and the traditional art space."

* Spank the Monkey opens on Wednesday and runs until January 7, 2007.

On the trail

THE Space Invaders have landed at the following locations on Tyneside:

High Bridge, Newcastle ( next to the old entrance to Waygood Gallery.

Above the newsagent on the corner of Pudding Chare, off the Bigg Market, Newcastle.

Northumberland Street, Newcastle.

The steps walking up to The Sage Gateshead from Baltic Square.

Next to Waterstone's, near Grey's Monument, Newcastle.

Above Heartbreak Soup on the Newcastle Quayside.

Pilgrim Street, Newcastle, opposite Popolos, on the deserted concrete office block.

In The Baltic, Gateshead, on the side of the stairs.

Just below the Side sign on the Side by the Quayside, Newcastle.

New sightings have been seen at the following:

On the corner of Pink Lane and Westgate Road opposite Cross Street.

On Pink Lane, near to the Jazz Club.

Underneath the railway bridge on the corner of Forth Street and Westgate Road.

Next to the Quayside below the railings on the side of the Baltic Flour Mill.

On the Side above Newcastle Accommodation Bureau.
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Publication:The Journal (Newcastle, England)
Date:Sep 25, 2006
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