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LIVE BY NIGHT Cert 15 ...

Digital today, disc May 22 Ben Affleck won the Best Film Oscar for the hostage romp Argo in 2012, a film he also directed and starred in. He goes one further with this 1920s mobster movie by doing all those jobs and adapting the screenplay as well. Sadly, his labours were in vain as it was neither a box office nor critical success, failing to bother the awards and scoring only PS17million on a PS50m budget.This is a deceptively poor return as Affleck is always watchable, the film looks great and although it offers nothing new it's a decent watch.

MAN DOWN Cert 15 ..

Digital and disc today This is the drama that hit headlines when it made only PS7 at the UK box office. It's not quite as bad as all that, and certainly its heart is in the right place. Though sombre and sluggish, it serves to highlight the plight of veterans who suffer PTSD.

Shai LaBeouf's typically introverted and intense performance sees him engaged in a macho grunt-off with Jai Courtney.

They play best buds who patriotically sign up for the Marines and tour Afghanistan. On return, LaBeouf's family are missing and the pair set off to find them.


Digital Monday, disc May 29 Kate Beckinsale slips back into her latex and leather catsuit as the renegade warrior vampire, Selene. But the fifth film in this franchise lacks bite. She's being hunted by vampires and werewolves who want to exploit the powers of her young daughter in their eternal war.

There's plenty of blood-splattering video game-style action and the stunt team do sterling work. Filming in Prague gives a gothic feel and it cost half as much as the previous one. It certainly shows in the consistently shoddy CGI.

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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:May 12, 2017
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