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Watch and wear.

I turned 13 recently, but I don't feel any different now that I am a teenager. During my last birthday, however, one gift I received made me really happy and excited. I'm talking about the Loomey Time Watch, which is especially designed for Rainbow Loom bracelets. I love this watch because it is cute and handy, and best of all, it requires me to make loom bracelets to be able to wear it. It's another reason to be creative and to keep my hands busy. Besides, I don't like to wear a watch with leather straps.

My Loomey Time watch is white and the type that glows in the dark. What's nice is it isn't only the watch face that lights up. The soft silicone watch holder or frame glows too. When the lights are out, it has a bluish hue, while the watch face has a greenish hue. There are also other versions of the watch. The regular type comes in cool colors such as Bubblegum, Green, Grape, Raspberry, Lemon Yellow, Teal, Black, and Blueberry. If you're a girly-girl or if you prefer a dressier watch, then the jewel-studded/bling type is for you. For those who want variety, or like to change their watch holders from time to time, it's best to get the Loomey Time 3-Pack, which consists of a watch plus two interchangeable frames in different colors.

All Loomey Time watches have three holes above and below the watch face for attaching assorted types of loom bracelets. You can choose to make thick, solid bracelets or separate bands for your watch straps. I decided to make three disconnected fishtails with rainbow colors because I want it to look like I have three beautiful bracelets stacked on my wrist when I'm wearing my watch.

The fishtail is the easiest to make among the loom bracelet styles but there are several other attractive bracelet styles you can create and use as straps for the Loomey Time Watch. Examples of these styles are the Zippy Chain, Triple Fishtail, Ladder, and Starburst (please refer to picture). And don't worry. It's no sweat to attach the loom bands and make the watch straps especially if you have already created many loom bracelets. But just in case you need help, check out You can likewise visit the official Rainbow Loom website ( to learn more about loom bracelet styles and skills.

Of course after making the straps and securely attaching them, I wore my pretty and practical new watch to school. I don't have to worry about it getting confiscated by the teacher because students like me are allowed to wear a watch during classes (except when it's P.E. time). I think I was the first student in my school to have a Loomey Time Watch because my classmates kept admiring it. They kept asking too where I got my watch. A couple of my teachers even asked about it. Well, if like me, you love crafting loom bracelets and wearing an eye-catching and useful accessory as well, then this is the perfect watch for you.

The Loomey Time Watch is available at Toy Kingdom and at


Straps the author made for her Loomey Time watch.

Loomey Time watch with three separate loom bands bracelet

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Date:Jul 25, 2014
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