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Watch All Of Larry David's 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' Insults At Once With This NSFW Supercut.

Even the most casual of Curb Your Enthusiasm viewers know that hardly a scene goes by without producer and star Larry David spewing some sort of offensive barbat strangers, at other characters, at innocent children. He can't get through even the most routine of interactions without leaving a trail of insulted bystanders in his wake, and he doesn't care at all. It's why I can't watch the show without being in a constant state of full-body cringe.

My nightmare has apparently been realized, because now you can watch all of it at once, thanks to the patient individual with a high pain threshold who put together Larry David's Curb Your Enthusiasm Insult Supercut. The most memorable lines are on there, devoid of context or plot, in their purest state. It's like insult nirvana, with a lot more cursing.

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Author:Butnick, Stephanie
Publication:Tablet Magazine
Date:Jan 27, 2014
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