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Eyes and Ears by Seymour Simon HarperCollins Publishers, New York 32 pages

Without your eyes and ears, the way you experience the world would be very different. You could feel vibrations from a car stereo, but not hear the music. You could feel the warmth of the summer sun, but not see a sunny day.

Use your eyes to read the book Eyes and Ears and you will learn how these vital sensory tools keep you in contact with the world around you.

You'll learn about your eyes' rods and cones that collect and transfer light of different wavelengths to your brain by way of your optic nerves. And how your optic nerves, even though they're crucial to sight, are also responsible for two small blind spots, one in each eye, that you don't even notice.

Tiny muscles attached directly to your eyeballs are responsible for moving them up, down, and sideways, letting you aim them wherever you want without moving your head. You'll also read about the lens, pupil, and cornea, structures that control how you focus your vision and control how much, or how little, light enters your eye. Too much can be as bad as too little.

Your ears are just as fascinating. Did you know that every sound you hear is transfered from the air by tiny bones? There is much more to your ear than that big flappy part hanging on the side of your head.

Inside, there is the eardrum, the bones of the middle ear, and the fluid-filled semi-circular canals of the inner ear. Tiny hairs deep inside help transfer physical motion to electric impulses for transfer to the brain. It all works together to bring you the quietest whisper and the loudest booming bass drum.
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