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Washington Week '91.

National officers and directors from PVA's 33 chapters met February 25-28 in Washington, DC, to conduct the organization's semiannual business and to support National President Victor S. McCoy Sr. as be testified before the joint meeting of the Senate and House Veterans' Affairs Committees. Delegates took advantage of their presence in the nation's capital to share PVA's concerns with appropriate senators and representatives, both on the hill and at a gala reception (to be covered next month).

Semiannual Meeting



F-91-A-1: Additional Staff for

President & Executive Committee

The PVA national staff position of executive assistant to the Executive Committee (hired, terminated, evaluated, and supervised by the president) was approved.

F-91-A-2: Deputy Executive Director

The staff position of deputy executive director was approved and will be funded in the FY 1992 budget. A new management structure chart was adopted.

F-91-A-3: General Counsel

The management structure of PVA was revised to increase the accountability of general counsel to the elected leadership. The new chart reflected this change.

F-91-A-4: Chief Financial Officer

The directors voted to increase the accountability of the organization's chief financial officer to the elected leadership. The new management structure chart reflected this change, and relevant revisions to PVA's bylaws and Administrative Guide were adopted. (*)

F-91-A-5: Executive Committee

Bylaw Revisions

PVA's bylaws were revised to reflect the Executive Committee's responsibility of insuring that policies established by the board of directors (BOD) are followed. (*)

F-91-A-6: National Staff

Structure Chart

PVA's national staff structure chart, as approved by the BOD, will be included in the Administrative Guide. (*)

F-91-A-7: Policies Governing the

Executive Director

PVA's bylaws and Administrative Guide were revised to reflect changes in policies regarding the executive director. (*)

F-91-A-8: Administrative Change

to Bylaws

Article I of PVA's bylaws were amended to more closely reflect the purposes of the organization. (*)

F-91-A-9: Vote of PVA's BOD

PVA's bylaws regarding the organization's stand on issues of relevance to members were amended. (*)

A-91-A-10: Policy for

Compensating President

When He Leaves Office

The Executive Committee has the authority to provide a gift to each outgoing president, the value of which will not exceed one twelfth of the president's annual salary while in office.

F-91-A-11: Senior Benefits

Advocate Program

A Senior Benefits Advocate Program was established to monitor the care provided to PVA's membership.

F-91-A-12: Senior Benefits

Advocate Training Program

PVA's national medical affairs director will work under the direction of the associate executive director for veterans' benefits and will develop a comprehensive medical training program to help PVA's service officers and chapters adequately monitor the health care provided to members.

F-91-A-14: Agenda Items--Chapter


PVA's bylaws were changed to add "Chapter Problems" as a permanent agenda item at BOD meetings. (*)

F-91-A-15: Vote to Remove PVA

National Director

PVA's bylaws regarding the vote required to remove a PVA national director were changed. (*)

F-91-A-16: Change to PVA's

National Fiscal Procedures

The annual PVA audit will be presented for review and explanation at the next regularly scheduled Executive Committee meeting. PVA's chief financial officer and a representative of the auditing firm will attend the meeting and be available to respond to questions. The national treasurer, through the chief financial officer, will distribute the audit to all members of the BOD for discussion at their winter meeting.

F-91-A-17: Personnel Policies &

Procedures Manual

The Executive Committee will review PVA's Personnel Policies & Procedures Manual and report suggested changes at the 1991 Annual Convention. As the official employment policy manual for PVA, it is the ruling document on all matters relating to employee rights, responsibilities, benefits, etc. Changes to the manual will be approved by the BOD.

F-91-A-18: Executive

Committee Action

Affirming the actions of the Executive Committee, the BOD rescinded Resolutions M-90-A-5 (Sale of 801 Eighteenth Street), M-90-A-6 (Lease of 1212 New York Avenue), and J-87-A-19 (Building Search). All efforts to acquire new office space are suspended until authorized by the BOD.

F-91-A-20: Activity Reports

Biannual Chapter Activity Reports, as required in the Chapter Administration Manual, are discontinued.

F-91-A-22: Chapter Name Change

Virginia Chapter, Paralyzed Veterans of America, has changed its name to Virginia-Mid-Atlantic Chapter, Paralyzed Veterans of America.

F-91-A-23: Chapter Name Change

Delaware Paralyzed Veterans Association, Inc., is changed to Delaware-Maryland Paralyzed Veterans Association, Inc.

F-91-A-24: Rescission of A-89-O-10

Resolution A-89-O-10 (requiring PVA to be a charter member and assist in the formation of the National Institute of SCI Research and Care) was rescinded.


F-91-B-1: President's Salary

Each year, during the budgeting session, PVA's Executive Committee will include in the budget submitted to the BOD a recommendation on salary for the national president.

F-91-B-3: Yale Core Funding

Money from a special donor fund-raising program operated by PVA will be used to support core funding needs at the PVA/EPVA Center for Neuroscience & Regeneration Research at Yale University.

F-91-B-4: Finance Committee

A Financial Committee will be formed to develop a written policy on the management and investment of PVA's assets, subject to the approval of the BOD. The committee--composed of the national president, executive director, treasurer, chief financial officer, and three others--will meet on a regular basis and will advise the president and Executive Committee on PVA's assets and their distribution.


F-91-C-1: Fund-raising Mailings

A copy of every fund-raising mailing by PVA through PEP, PVA-3, the in-house program, or any other fund-raising campaign will be sent to each of the chapters and to members of the BOD.


F-91-D-1: Rehabilitation Act of 1973

Reauthorization of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, insuring its continuation and conformity with the provisions and spirit of the Americans With Disabilities Act of 1990, will be a priority for the Government Relations Department during the next legislative session. PVA will cooperatively participate in the legislative process with other disability rights organizations to effect the necessary reforms, in keeping with existing PVA policy.

F-91-D-3: Disincentives in


PVA's Government Relations Department will take an aggressive role in developing and promoting legislation that will reduce or eliminate federal and state employment disincentives for PVA members.


F-91-O-1: Dwain Taylor Award

for Volunteer Service

The section of the Administrative Guide referring to the Dwain Taylor Award for Volunteer Service was amended. (*)

F-91-O-2: Rescind Fine for

Lateness of Annual Report

After review of all relevant dates the fine levied against Bayou chapter for lateness of their annual report was adjusted to a lesser amount.

F-91-O-5: PVA Hymn of Mourning

PVA adopted the hymn entitled "Here Rests in Honored Glory," written by Professor Donald B. Miller of Onondaga Community College, Syracuse, NY, as the organization's official hymn of mourning. This is subject to approval by general counsel of an appropriate royalty agreement between Professor Miller and PVA.

F-91-O-6: Building Renovation

The Executive Committee will take the necessary action to implement renovation of PVA's National Headquarters at 801 Eighteenth Street, NW, in Washington, DC. All expenditures associated with the renovation will be reported to the Executive Committee, and a report will be provided to the board of directors at the 1991 Annual Convention.

F-91-O-7: Speedy Awards

The Speedy Award will be presented to a living PVA member each year. When the occasion arises, a second award will be given posthumously to a deceased former member.

F-91-O-8: Host an Accessibility

Conference With the Hotel and

Motel Industry

The national advocacy staff will explore the feasibility of hosting a national conference on hotel and motel accessibility, including projected costs, and will report their findings to the BOD at the 1991 Annual Convention.

(*) More complete information about changes to PVA's bylaws and/or Administrative Guide is available from your local chapter office or from the executive assistant to the Executive Committee, in Washington, DC.
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