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Articles from Washington Monthly (January 1, 2013)

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A dedicated life: Shirley Sherrod's ongoing battle for racial cooperation in Georgia. Cooper, Ryan 1329
A great president for blacks? If you think Obama hasn't delivered for African Americans, take a closer look at his record. van Zuylen-Wood, Simon 1900
A house divided: why do middle-class blacks have far less wealth than whites at the same income level? the answer is in real estate and history. Sugrue, Thomas J. Essay 2761
A new role for parole: African Americans suffer from high rates of incarceration and crime. here's how to drastically reduce both. Kleiman, Mark A.R. 2919
A second emancipation: one hundred years after Lincoln signed the proclamation, Martin Luther King Jr. tried unsuccessfully to get president John F. Kennedy to issue a second one. that failure changed the course of history. Branch, Taylor; Edwards, Haley Sweetland Essay 2255
America's twentieth-century slavery: the horrifying, little-known story of how hundreds of thousands of blacks worked in brutal bondage right up until World War II. Blackmon, Douglas A. Essay 3474
An arranged marriage: why Eisenhower distrusted, but needed, Nixon. Rudalevige, Andrew Brief article 1524
Class no longer dismissed: why some conservatives are warming to socioeconomic school integration. Kahlenberg, Richard D. Book review 1580
COIN operated: in Iraq and Afghanistan, General David Petraeus applied all the lessons learned in Vietnam-except for the one that mattered most. Colarusso, Laura M. Book review 2300
Color-blind medicine? Longman, Phillip 989
Deconstructing reconstruction: the tumultuous decade that followed the civil war failed to enshrine black voting and civil rights, and instead paved the way for more than a century of entrenched racial injustice. Lemann, Nicholas Essay 2065
Did Hurricane Sandy save Obamacare? How disaster relief justifies the welfare state. Farber, Dan Book review 1395
Dixie's enemy within: how the ideology of white supremacy undermined the south's own war effort. Woodard, Colin Critical essay 1587
Emmett and Trayvon: how racial prejudice in America has changed in the last sixty years. Anderson, Elijah Essay 1939
Fuel to the fire. Wells, Neil Letter to the editor 237
Introduction: race, history, and Obama's second term. Glastris, Paul Editorial 1361
Is inequality shortening your life span? white, black, or brown, we'd all live longer in a more equal, less status-driven society. Longman, Phillip Essay 3682
Lincoln died for our sins: the greatest impediment to achieving racial equality is the narcotic belief that we already have. Cobb, Jelani 3032
Lincoln: no hero to native Americans. Black, Sherry Salway Column 445
Prison's dilemma: even if every convict were rightly sentenced, America's vast, racially skewed incarceration system would still be morally indefensible. Loury, Glenn C. 1451
Red, white, and black: three generations of African American politicians. Gillespie, Andra 2491
Reflections on race in America. 2263
Rumors of land: the unfulfilled dream of "forty acres and a mule.". Ehrenfreund, Max Column 782
The American dream, redeemed: how to make homeownership a safe bet for minority borrowers. Cramer, Reid Column 954
The new white Negro: what it means that family breakdown is now biracial. Sawhill, Isabel 2420
The next affirmative action: want to help minority college students? make the entire higher education system more accountable. Carey, Kevin 1774
Thenceforward and forever free, mostly: deserving of neither blanket condemnation nor blind exaltation, Lincoln's emancipation proclamation was a brave compromise. Masur, Louis P. 3036
Tilting at windmills. Peters, Charles Column 2811
To live longer, move to a new zip code. Longman, Phillip 419
What drinking problem? Roche, Michael; McClain, Joe; Mote, Christopher Letter to the editor 479

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