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Articles from Washington Monthly (July 1, 2009)

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Algae soup: biofuels didn't work out so well the first time around. Will the next generation be better? Rice-Oxley, Mark 2378
Athens 2.0. Glastris, Paul 833
Better living through Chemistry: what the rural Midwest's meth epidemic does, and doesn't, say about the global economy. Homans, Charles Book review 1738
Big REDD: right now, there's more money to be made cutting tropical forests down than leaving them standing. Environmental policymakers are trying to reverse that equation. Butler, Rhett 4017
Code red: how software companies could screw up Obama's health care reform. Longman, Phillip Cover story 4184
Coke and me: a Michael Moore-like British journalist investigates the world's top soft-drink maker. Malanowski, Jamie Book review 1653
Cuba notwithstanding: could this summer's hurricanes blow away the trade embargo? Doherty, Patrick C. 1374
Don't worry, honey, you'll make new friends: inside the new class of serial relocators. Taussig, Doron Book review 2125
Forests at their limit: one scientist's ground-level view. Woodwell, George M. 754
Forgotten warrior: unknown outside the military, General William DePuy may have been the most influential soldier since World War II. Ricks, Thomas E. Book review 1219
From Kyoto to Copenhagen: this December, the world community will meet in Denmark to fashion a new climate change treaty. Deforestation is on the agenda. What are the odds of a deal? Adam, David 1807
Golden erring: once the embodiment of America's possibilities, California has become the embodiment of the country's delusions. Frank, T.A. Book review 1621
Introduction change in the air: past efforts to save tropical forests have largely failed. The world community, prompted by rising concerns about climate change, is finally considering a solution that might work. Stone, Roger D. 1550
Jail break: how smarter parole and probation can cut the nation's incarceration rate. Kleiman, Mark A.R. 3313
The Brazilian dilemma: a nation struggles not to exploit its own greatest resource. Leite, Marcelo 1047
The case for Big Ag: industrial farming pollutes rivers, distorts politics, and hurts rural communities. But it might just save the rainforest. Grunwald, Michael 2274
The geekdom of crowds: the Obama administration experiments with data-driven democracy. Homans, Charles 3722
The long hot summer: researchers are starting to make sense of a severe drought that ravaged the Amazon rainforest four years ago. Their findings are terrifying. Brown, Paul 928
Tilting at windmills. Peters, Charles 3704
Winning the good war: why Afghanistan is not Obama's Vietnam. Bergen, Peter 3971

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