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Articles from Washington Monthly (October 1, 2007)

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"Trashing the Truth" by Susan Greene and Miles Moffeit, Denver Post, July 23-26, 2007. 302
Best care everywhere: here's an idea: a civilian VA for the uninsured, and maybe the rest of us. Longman, Phillip 4022
Groundhog day. Glastris, Paul 866
Hear, hear. Chiquoine, Alec; Sachs, Richard C. Letter to the editor 288
Low-paid, liberal, nonprofit yuppies unite: you have nothing to lose but your chains. Taussig, Doron 3209
Newtered: Gingrich's Congress emasculated the one agency capable of controlling health care costs and improving quality. Time to reverse the procedure. Brownlee, Shannon 5314
No complaint left behind: an enterprising journalist finds fault in a rare educational success story. Carey, Kevin 1468
Party smashers: Washington was supposed to celebrate Rachel Carson's 100th birthday this year. Then the GOP got the invite. Larson, Christina 1157
R.J. Hillhouse. Kounalakis, Markos; Laufer, Peter Interview 1181
Sorry, that's classified: even Cheney's pliant hagiographer can't find the vice president's inner human. Malanowski, Jamie 1360
The myth of Aqi: fighting Al-Qaeda in Iraq is the last big for keeping U.S. troops in the country. But the military's estimation of the threat is alarmingly wrong. Tilghman, Andrew Cover story 4196
Tilting at windmills. Peters, Charles 3139
Unhealthy obsession. Thompson, Adam; Klein, Ezra Letter to the editor 516
What's the big idea? Democrats are scrambling for a new paradigm. Maybe they don't need one. Drum, Kevin 2068
When WMD meets office space: how petty bureaucratic jealousies in the intelligence world led to the invasion of Iraq. Ackerman, Spencer 1813
Why is Bob Herbert boring? The perils of punditry for the powerless. Frank, T.A. 3973

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