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Articles from Washington Monthly (December 1, 2007)

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"The Insurance Hoax" by David Dietz and Darrell Preston, Bloomberg Markets, September 2007. 284
A Q&A with Jim Webb: the senator sounds off on prison reform, life on Capitol Hill, and avoiding fights in bars. Francis, David Interview 1277
About Schmitt. Brownstein, Ronald; Schmitt, Mark Letter to the editor 788
America the invincible: the roots of Bush's disastrous foreign policy. Drum, Kevin 1847
Anthropolitics: Dana Milbank explains why Scott McClellan resembles the sin-eating goddess of the Aztecs. Malanowski, Jamie 1443
Boring Bob? Rustad, Lynne; Lestina, Wendy Letter to the editor 140
Brian Roehrkasse please leave the building: why the DOJ's spokesperson dishonors the department. Cummins, Bud 2376
Capital ideas. Peters, Charles 113
Clean Energy LLC: solving global warming is possible--and profitable. Branson, Richard 957
Clueless. Peters, Charles 184
Concede this. Peters, Charles 166
Drip grind: Taylor Clark's weak case against Starbucks. Taussig, Doron 1906
Driving me crazy. Peters, Charles 338
Earn a Lott. Peters, Charles 128
Factual fiction. Peters, Charles 112
Fire power. Peters, Charles 242
Fortress Hillary. Peters, Charles 229
Hard lessons from Head Start. Peters, Charles 161
He thought she must have won the lottery. Peters, Charles 220
I'm sure I saw that anthrax around here somewhere ... Peters, Charles 153
Mecca deal: how a botched Saudi hostage crisis paved the way for al-Qaeda. Caryl, Christian 1372
Norman's conquest: why Rudy Giuliani loves Norman Podhoretz. Heilbrunn, Jacob 4071
Not my problem. Peters, Charles 164
Obama vs. Huckabee. Peters, Charles 196
Ode to Obama. Peters, Charles 221
One way to save insurgents the trouble. Peters, Charles 106
Preparing for the "Youtubes". Nussbaum, Jeff; Schnure, Eric 690
Prime reporting, sub-prime timing. Peters, Charles 214
School for scandal. Peters, Charles 211
The army's other crisis: why the best and brightest young officers are leaving. Tilghman, Andrew Cover story 6124
The middle kingdom's dilemma: can China clean up its environment without cleaning up its politics? Larson, Christina Company overview 5658
The Monthly interview: Philip Zimbardo. Laufer, Peter; Kounalakis, Markos Interview 1172
The politics of resentment. Glastris, Paul 1373
The rebel realist: how Joschka Fischer reinvented Germany. Hammer, Joshua 1360
The rich, the poor, and the funny money. Peters, Charles 161
The schools the Taliban won't torch: one ingenious aid program is stabilizing the toughest parts of Afghanistan. The U.S. is cutting its funding. Warner, Gregory 2888
The unbearable inanity of Tim Russert. Yglesias, Matthew 1644
Unsettling: dark truths about the Israeli occupation. Levy, Daniel 2182
Us vs. them fund-raising. Peters, Charles 100
Washington's secret. Peters, Charles 88
We'll miss the great carbon monoxide flavor. Peters, Charles 172
What liberals can't see about the surge. Peters, Charles 211
When Petraeus stumbled. Peters, Charles 206
Where would Jesus jet? Peters, Charles 250
Why conservatives hate Bush: it's not because he's an ideological heretic. It's because he's a loser. Greenberg, David 2300

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