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Articles from Washington Monthly (December 1, 2005)

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Title Author Type Words
A star is born. Peters, Charles Brief Article 80
Are you listening, Judy Miller? Peters, Charles Brief Article 177
Blue beard: a revealing look at why Lincoln's depression didn't cost him politically. Guelzo, Allen C. Book Review 1075
Bush's ownership society: why no one's buying. Glastris, Paul Cover Story 3833
Head of the class. Churchill, John Letter to the Editor 567
How to succeed in Washington 101. Peters, Charles Brief Article 137
Ill informed: how drug companies convince Americans they're sicker than they are. Brownlee, Shannon Book Review 1707
Just to be safe, brush up on your side stroke. Peters, Charles Brief Article 302
Laying down the law school. Peters, Charles Brief Article 185
Missed manners: Lynne Truss thinks people are getting ruder. She can shove it. Austin, Elizabeth Book Review 1598
New balance: what other countries can do about American power. Clarke, Jonathan Book Review 1711
Northwest by northeast. Peters, Charles Brief Article 120
Novak's sources. Peters, Charles Brief Article 151
Player of choice: how ex-NARAL head Kate Michelman learned to play by Washington's rules--and was taken down by them. Saletan, William 1288
Scold war: by putting families, not individuals, at the center of his philosophy of freedom, Sen. Rick Santorum misreads two centuries of American political thought. Galston, William A. Book Review 2016
Taking charge: attention credit card companies: when we want you to charge us hidden fees, we'll let you know. Douglas, Derek 2790
The case against the case against political appointees. Peters, Charles Brief Article 348
The chief justice as hired gun. Peters, Charles Brief Article 304
The early-warning economy: the time to think about helping displaced workers is before they lose their jobs. Sperling, Gene 2429
The joy of flex: employees shouldn't need an excuse to get flexible work schedules. Employers should need a reason not to give them. Kornbluh, Karen 1627
The new progressivism. 199
There goes the neighborhood: the last low-rent office building in downtown D.C. smokes out the National Organization for Women, US-Ukraine Foundation, a private eye, and The Washington Monthly. Larson, Christina 1601
These things take time--lots of time. Peters, Charles 288
Viewer discretion: parents should be able to pay for Nickelodeon without having to pony up for MTV. Roth, Zachary 1955
You own you: when identity thieves open an account in your name, it should be the bank's problem, not yours. Drum, Kevin 2343

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