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Articles from Washington Monthly (January 1, 2002)

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A Perilous Progress: Economists and Public Purpose in Twentieth Century America. (Econ Artists). Galbraith, James K. Book Review 881
At The Hands Of Persons Unknown: The Lynching of Black America. (Strange Fruit). Coates, Ta-Nehisi Book Review 1422
Buck Up, Suck Up ... And Come Back When You Foul Up. (Little League Insights). Crowley, Michael Book Review 811
Christian sacrifice. (Letters). Swart, Stanley L. 195
Coloring The News: How Crusading For Diversity Has Corrupted American Journalism. (Yellow Journalism). Mnookin, Seth Book Review 1372
Comrades in arms: meet the former Soviet mobsters who sell terrorists their guns. Silverstein, Ken 5335
Cresent And Star: Turkey Between Worlds. (Crescent wrenched: Turkey is America's strongest ally in the Islamic world. Can we save it from self-destructing?). Mason, Whit 2353
Fabio gets his walking papers: can Harlequin rekindle romance in a post-feminist world? Marsh, Katherine 4207
Lines of fire: the only thing standing between you and a deadly oil pipeline accident is Washington's most hapless regulatory agency. Pekow, Charles 3971
Making service pay. (Letters). Jennings, Wendell 145
Mandating disaster. (Letters). Merrifield, John 158
Men's harem. (Letters). Pizzoli, Frank 173
Never cry Wolf. (Letters). Hagadorn , Susan M. 149
No joke. (Letters). Herzberg, Jack 206
Pay-per-view press. (Letters). Simonds, Wes 177
Special Providence: American Policy and How It Changed the World. (Imaginary Isolationists). Mosettig, Michael D. Book Review 887
Stack And Sway: The New Science of Jury Consulting. (Trial by Jury Consultant). Samuels, Dorothy Book Review 1077
Stillwater: A Novel. (Critical Mass.). Hart, Gary Book Review 623
The City In Mind: Meditations on the Urban Condition. (Cul-de-Sacked). Wemple, Erik Book Review 1058
The Corset: A Cultural History. (Of Corset Matters). Larson, Christina Book Review 1052
The other college rankings ...: when it comes to national service, America's "best colleges" are its worst. Green, Joshua Statistical Data Included 5120
The State Of The Union Address Bush should give in 2002. Reed, Bruce 1853
Them: Adventures with Extremists. (Extremist Sports). Heard, Alex Book Review 1142
Theodore Rex. (Moose Tracking). Schaffer, Howard B. Book Review 1339
Tilting at Windmills: False Whoops * Senior Screeners * Amorous Profs Palm Trees in Jalalabad * Canned Peas in Cameroon. Peters, Charles 3352
Tom Daschle's Hillary problem: if the senate majority leader runs for president, what will voters think of his lobbyist wife? Mencimer, Stephanie 4271
Turkey Unveiled: A History of Modern Turkey. (Crescent wrenched: Turkey is America's strongest ally in the Islamic world. Can we save it from self-destructing?). Mason, Whit 2353
Welcome to Hooverville. (Letters). Krampitz, Edwin, Jr. 171
Who's who. Threadgill, Susan Brief Article 758
Worth your kid? (Letters). Polner, Murray 149

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